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Workday Finance Training | Best workday Finance Course

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Course Description

Workday Finance Training Get interesting & standard notes on the Course by core fundamentals from basic learning skills by CloudFoundation. You can get a career break in a single step within.

It is a web-based ERP-based on-demand Financial and Human Capital Management Software in time.
Workday Finance online training can benefit any employee.

It can provide an introduction to budgeting, cash flow, financial analysis, and asset management and deepen existing knowledge of accounting systems.

Workday Finance courses can improve the efficiency and accuracy of accounting and finance staff and help employees participate knowledgeably in financial decisions.

Get a brief on your Workday Financial Management Training program with the best instructor and get additional 24/7 technical support from our team for any queries.

Get through the workday financials training process now with our trainer’s support to achieve your career goals.

Grab great Job opportunities by seeking the best practical approach in your Certification by reaching out to us & being at a leading Level with the highest salary pay.

A top-notch learning experience is offered by CloudFoundation, providing with all the workday financials training material, as well as the educational workday finance videos.



Course Content

1.Core Concept and Navigation

  • Core Concepts
  • Tenant
  • Basic Navigation
  • Functional Area

2.Organization and Work tags

  • Overview
  • Security Policies
  • Organization
  • Reorganization
  • Create Company
  • Bank Setup
  • Create Bank Routing Rule
  • Organization Hierarchy
  • Cost Center Organization
  • worktags

3.Financial Accounting Setup

  • Setup Currency,
  • Fiscal Schedule
  • Account Set
  • Account Control Rule Set
  • Accounting Posting Rule Set
  • Account Translation Rule Set
  • Default Reporting Book,
  • Journal Reversal Option
  • Company Accounting Details
  • Create Ledger
  • Ledger Period
  • Maintain Ledger Period 
  • Custom Validation.

4.Process Accounting Journals

  • Overview
  • Financial accounting flow
  • Financial Transaction flow
  • Accounting Journals
  • Create Journal
  • Copy, Repost, Cancel Journal
  • Journal Approval Procedure
  • Create Recurring Journal Entry Template
  • Journal Setup

5.Create and Process Journal EIB

  • Create Journal EIB
  • Populate journal information
  • Load Journal EIB  
  • Process Journal.

6.Review Period Close

  • Allocation
  • Revaluation
  • Consolidation
  • Translation
  • Balance carry forward


  • Functional Areas
  • Domain Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Business Process Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Create Security Group
  • View Security Group
  • Security Analysis for Workday Account


  • Overview
  • Supplier setup
  • Create Supplier
  • Spend Categories and Purchase Item

9.Supplier Invoices

  • Overview
  • Security Policies
  • Create Supplier Invoice and Adjustment


  • Overview
  • Customer setup
  • Create Customer
  • Revenue Categories and Sales Item
  • Customer Validation

11.Customer Invoices and Customer Receipts

  • Overview
  • Create Customer Invoices and Adjustment
  • Record customer payment -On account, short payment
  • Create Customer Refund


  • Overview
  • Create settlement run
  • cash flow

13.Close and Report

  • Overview
  • Period close
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting

14.Workday Reporting

  • Overview
  • Reporting terminology


  • Create Expense Report
  • Settlement of Expense Report
  • Create Travel Expense Report
  • Create Spend Authorizations 


❓ What Is Workday Finance?

✅ Workday Finance is a cloud-based financial management software solution designed to streamline and automate financial workflows with accounting, budgeting, forecasting, banking and reporting features that increase performance while decreasing the time and effort spent managing finances.

❓ What are the benefits of Workday finance?

✅ Workday Finance is a cloud-based financial management software offering increased financial visibility, real-time reporting, automated processes, increased efficiency, centralized data management and scalability for growing organisations, with robust compliance and risk management features that enable financial control while driving growth.


❓ Who is Workday Finance Training for?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

❓ What is included in a Workday Finance Training program?

✅ A Workday Finance Training program typically comprises classroom or online training, hands-on activities and access to Workday software for practice and assessment.

❓ How long does a Workday Finance Training program take?

✅This depends on the complexity and scope of your training session – some could take as little as one or two days up to weeks, with others potentially stretching over months or years.

❓ How much does Workday Finance Training cost?

✅ Workday Finance Training costs vary widely based on factors like provider, location and duration; depending on the degree and experience of the instructor as well as a degree of training available it could range anywhere between several hundred dollars up to several thousand.


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