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Course Description

So you want to learn Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)? Great job!

Do you know Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the most trending Analytics course?

There are massive opportunities in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as it leads the Analytics market.

Our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Training course is a job oriented course ie at the end of the course you can
easily clear interviews or on board into an ongoing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) project.

Also the salaries in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is very impressive (Indeed.com report)


✅Lifetime access✅Lifetime video access
✅Real-time case studies✅The project integrated into the Curriculum
✅24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Course Content

1.Getting started


1Welcome to the Course 
2Understanding the Power BI Tools
3Installing Power BI & Connecting to Data
4The “Locale” used in the curriculum
5Working with the query Editor
6Working with the data model and creating a visulaization
7Course outline 

2.Intro to Power BI Desktop

1Overview of workflow  in power bi desktop
2introduction to different views of data model
3taking a closer look at the quesry editor interface
4Required Poer BI Settings

3.An introduction to query editor

  • 1What is quesry Editor ?
    2About the attached data
    3Connecting Power BI Desktop to the data 
    4Editing Rows
    5Understanding Append Queries
    6Editing Columns
    7Replacing Values
    8Formatting Data 
    9Pivoting & Unpivoting Columns
    10Splitting Columns
    11Creating a new Group for the queries
    12Intro Star Schema
    13Dupicating & Referencing Queries
    14Entering Data Manually
    15Merging Queries
    16Creating an Index Column
    17Duplicating Column and extracting info
    18Creating Conditional Columns
    19Performing Basic Mathematical Operations
    20Inmproving Performance and Loading Data into Data Model
    21Module Summary

4.Data & Relationship View

1Module intro
2Query Editor & the data model. Why are they different ?
3Intro to relationships 
4Editing relationships
5Concepts are cardinality
6Croas Filter selection & Many to tmany relationship
7Active properties
8M-Language & DAX. How are they different?
9DAX Basics
10Categorizing Data

5.Working in the report view to visualize our results

1Module intro
2Report view interface
3Creating visuals
4Add tooltips and interactions/markings
5Data color
6Hierarchies & Drill down
7Formatting charts & Sorting
8Introduction to slicers
9Tree maps & Tables
10Types of filters
11Multi-row cards
12Combined visuals & waterfalls
13Module summary

6.Power Bi Service & Power BI Mobile

 1Module Intro
 2Why Power Bi Service ?
 3Comparison Power BI Free & Premium
 4Logging into Power Bi Service
 5Interface overview
 6Importing data from Desktop to Service
 7Dataset menu
 8Working on reports
 9Dashboard overview
10Workspace & Gateways
11Installing Gateways – Personal & On-premise
12Working alone or collaboating with colleagues
13Collaborating in App Workspace
14Sharing the results
15Publishing the app
16Content packs from online services
17Power Bi Mobile Ovcerview
18Excluding dataset from sharing
19Module Summary

7.Other data source

1JSON Data
2Importing data from rest of the APIs
3Setting up a SQL Server
4Importing data from SQL Server

8.Course Round up


❓ Do you offer any discount/offer?

✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

❓ Is there any demo video which I can watch before enrolling to the course?

✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

❓ How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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