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Course Description

Talend training opens your paths to different Big data practices, application integration, data management, and many others.

Usually, it’s an open-source data integration platform consists of ETL features.

Our platform takes you under the new challenges about the Course to bring out the best outcome of Talend.

We provide weekday and weekend training classes under competent trainers with all-time support.

You can also get project assistance with tools to access, and we guide your play with the tools you haven’t implemented yet.

Get your access to preparation courses for Talend certification exams and start building your career with the cloud.


✅Lifetime access ✅Lifetime video access
✅Real-time case studies ✅The project integrated into the Curriculum
✅24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Course Content

1.Data Modeling Concepts

  • Understanding the basics of Data Modeling and its significance.
  • How to deploy Data Modeling in Data Warehouse environment.

2.Deep Dive into Data Modeling

  • The various types of Data Modeling
  • Learning to perform Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Physical Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Understanding the scope and benefits of Data Modeling.

3. Multidimensional Data Modeling

  • The Basic Architecture of multidimensional modeling
  • Deploying cubes to perform multidimensional modeling
  • Understanding the concepts of Facts and Dimensions and the differences between the two.

4. Introduction to Talend

  • The Talend Open Source data integration tool
  • Working with Big Data
  • Understanding the Talend Open Studio.

5. Talend Installation

  • Understanding the installation of Talend
  • System requirements
  • Troubleshooting of common errors
  • Issues related to installation.

6.Talend Key Features

  • Learning about the Talend Architecture
  • Important concepts and features
  • Talend components like Job
  • Workspace
  • Metadata

7.Talend Job Creation

  • Learning to create a Talend Job
  • Working with Delimited file
  • Working with Meta Data
  • Schema for data integration
  • Understanding propagation
  • Deploying of tFilterRow and string filter for creating Jobs
  • Creation of CSV file.

8.Data Management Techniques

  • Deploying Talend Open Studio for Data Management
  • Data quality
  • Integration
  • Understanding the ETL and Data Warehousing concepts.

9.Schema & Data Aggregation

  • Detailed understanding of Talend Job design and its features
  • Learning about tMap
  • Data aggregation techniques
  • tReplicate for performing different operations on a Schema
  • tMap for mapping input and output data.

10.Data Source Connection

  • Working with Data Source Connection
  • Deploying in the database component
  • Creating a connection
  • Database source and target
  • Metadata and schema importing.

11.Talend Routines/Functions

  • Introduction to Talend Functions
  • Calling and deploying the functions
  • Understanding routines
  • Talend Open Studio for XML data processing
  • Date format function.

12.Data Transformation

  • Transforming Data
  • Running the Job
  • Combining Columns
  • Duplicating a Job

13.Working with Metadata

  • Creating Metadata
  • Joining Data Sources.

14.Data Corrections

  • Capturing Rejects
  • Correcting the Lookup
  • Duplicating a Job

15.Data Filtering

  • Filtering Output Data
  • Using Multiple Filters.

16. Context Variables

  • Using Context Variables from Talend Job
  • Repository as Metadata.

17.Graphical Interface of Talend

  • Building Jobs
  • Graphical Jobs
  • Graphical Interface of Talend
  • Talend’s Components
  • Naming Convention


  • Row – Main Connection
  • Row – Iterate Connection
  • Trigger – On sub Job ok Connection
  • Trigger – On Component OK Connection

19.File Management

20.File Management in Talend

21.Connecting Talend with Hadoop

  • Deploying Talend to work with Hadoop
  • Defining the ETL method
  • Hive implementation with Talend
  • Importing data in Hive
  • Hive partitioning
  • Pig in Talend
  • Data loading
  • Parallel data execution.


❓ Do you offer any discount/offer?

✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

❓ Is there any demo video which I can watch before enrolling to the course?

✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

❓ How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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