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Course Description

Workday Recruiting Training Classes: You can now join us in Cloudfoundation and get end-to-end concepts. Workday recruitment module training majorly helps understand the sorting and segregating of people in the recruiting process. Which explicitly plays the role of internal and external core data management in employee recruiting in a better lead of talent-approaching process.

This course explores the Workday recruiting platform, covering topics like optimized positions, applicant experience, onboarding plans, and measuring success. Learn to use Workday efficiently with us to achieve your goals and speed up your workday recruiting module training.

Our curriculum covers talent acquisition, applicant experience, and success measurement. You’ll gain a deep understanding of Workday, learn best practices, and have the tools for successful recruiting.

You will progress to more advanced skills and techniques, starting with the basics. Our trainers help you understand the platform’s theory and application in your context.

The Workday Training for Recruiters guarantees a thorough understanding of the nuances and features of the platform, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, the Workday ATS Demo highlights the seamless integration and advanced capabilities of the applicant tracking system, giving recruiters a firsthand experience of the potential, it holds in streamlining their recruitment processes.

The thorough and informative Workday Recruiter Training, which includes hands-on exercises and real-life case studies, will arm recruiters with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize the workday software in their recruiting strategies.

To get a complete and accessible data output source with primary skills like work functionality, HCM, and planning in advanced level & high Security. Which does work and is less time-consuming.

Get primary programming skills for your Course on the workday recruitment process, where you get exceptional Learning skills through our online Classes, also you will be provided with Workday Recruiting Training Videos, pdf’s which would be helpful to learn about the technology. Join our workday recruiting demo to get to know our expertise.

You can quickly achieve your goal and pass your certification by participating in workday ats training. Now, get more job opportunities with a better lead of access in the Workday recruiting process.


Course Content

1.Recruiting Basics

  • Set Up Recruiting
  • From Prospect to Hire
  • Search Prefixes for Recruiting

2.Recruiting Security

  • Set Up Candidate Security
  • Restrict Access to a Candidate’s Other Job Applications
  • Set Up Candidate Pool Security
  • Configure Segmented Security for Assessment Test Results
  • Segmented Security for Recruiting Questionnaires
  • Configure Segmented Security for Assessment Test Results
  • Configure Segmented Security for Recruiting Questionnaires

3. Recruiting Workflow

• Set Up the Recruiting Workflow

• Configure the Job Application Business Process

• Set Up Assessments for Candidates

• Set Up Background Checks for Candidates

• Automatically Decline a Candidate’s Remaining Job Applications

• Automatically Advance or Decline Candidates

• Automatically Decline Candidates for Filled Jobs

• Add Notification Delays to Recruiting Business Processes

• Configure a Flexible Recruiting Process

4. Interviews

  • Set Up Interviews
  • Set Up Interviews to Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Manage Interviews
  • Configure the Interview Business Process

5. Job Requisitions

  • Set Up Job Requisitions for Recruiting
  • Set Up and Create Confidential Job Requisitions
  • Set Up Primary Recruiters
  • Set Up Spotlight Jobs
  • Find Jobs
  • Configure the Time to Fill Report
  • Create a Custom Time to Fill Report
  • Confidential Job Requisitions, Prospects, and Candidates.

6.Evergreen Requisitions

  • Setup Considerations: Evergreen Requisitions
  • Set Up Evergreen Requisitions
  • Manage Evergreen Requisitions
  • Create and Edit Evergreen Requisitions
  • Close Evergreen Requisitions
  • Create Candidate Eligibility Snapshots
  • Evergreen Requisitions
  • Link Evergreen Requisitions to Job Requisitions
  • Move Candidates Between Evergreen and Job Requisitions.
  • Evergreen Supported Reports

7.Career Sites

  • Setup Considerations: External Career Sites
  • Set Up External Career Sites
  • Set Up Candidate Home Accounts
  • Add Location Hierarchy Facets to Find Jobs
  • Create External Career Sites
  • Create Internal Career Sites for Non-Workers
  • Set Up Internal Recruiting
  • Request Candidate to Create Candidate Home Account
  • Populate Job Applications with LinkedIn Profile
  • Populate Job Applications with SEEK Profiles

8.Recruiting Agencies

  • Setup Considerations: Recruiting Agencies
  • Set Up Recruiting Agencies and Agency Users
  • Enable Self-Management for Recruiting Agencies
  • Create Recruiting Agencies and Agency Users
  • Identify Duplicate Recruiting Agency Candidates
  • Recruiting Agency Management
  • Upload Multiple Workday Accounts for Recruiting Agency Users.
  • Enable Automatic Notifications for Recruiting Agency Users

9.Job Postings

  • Set Up Job Postings
  • Create Job Posting Templates
  • Post Jobs
  • Automatically Unpost Jobs
  • Google Jobs

10.Job Applications

  • Set Up Job Applications
  • Manage Job Applications
  • Set Up Job Application Templates
  • Create Job Application Templates
  • Enable Candidates to Withdraw Their Job Applications


  • Set Up Offers Configure the Offer Business Process


  • Set Up Prospects and Candidates
  • Create Custom Reference IDs for Candidates
  • Identify Recruiting Sources
  • Set Up Notifications for Candidates
  • Enable Candidates to Unsubscribe from Marketing Notifications
  • Manage Prospects and Candidates
  • Set Up Reminders
  • Create Prospects
  • Create Confidential Prospects
  • Take Action on Multiple Candidates
  • Manage Candidate Pools
  • Manage Candidates Using the Candidate List Grid
  • Resume Parsing
  • Find Candidates
  • Candidates by Active Stage
  • Manage Candidates and Prospects

13.Duplicate Candidate Merging

  • Merge or Link Duplicate Candidates
  • Manual Candidate Merging and Linking
  • Automatic Candidate Merging
  • Confidential Candidate Merging

14.Referrals and Endorsements

  • Setup Considerations: Referrals and Endorsements
  • Set Up Referrals
  • Set Up Endorsements
  • Set Up Referral Payment Processes
  • Hide or Require Optional Fields for Referrals
  • Invite Referrals to Apply
  • Manage Unmatched Endorsement Requests


  • Set Up Questionnaires for Recruiting
  • Add Eligibility Questions to Job Applications
  • Change Questionnaires Assigned to Job Requisitions
  • Reuse Questionnaire Across Multiple Job Application Stages

16.Candidate Self - Scheduling

  • Set Up Candidate Self-Scheduling
  • Manage Candidate Self-Schedule Events
  • Configure the Candidate Self-Schedule Event Business Process

17.Recruiting Hub

  • Set Up Recruiting Hub
  • Recruiting Hub

18.Recruiting Compliance

  • Request Personal Information from Candidates
  • Set Up Government and National IDs for Recruiting
  • Set Up Veteran Status Identification for Candidates
  • Collect Candidate Disability Statuses
  • Track Candidate-Related Mass Actions
  • Candidate Diversity Metrics
  • Ethnicity, Gender, and Veteran Status Reporting
  • Stored Candidate Profile Data

19. Recruiting

  • Can I cancel a recruiting event?
  • Can workers share a job posting on their social media network?
  • Can I have the same step multiple times in the recruiting process?
  • Can I correct or rescind a job requisition event when Post Job is a step in the business process?

20.Recruiting Compliance

  • Request Personal Information from Candidates
  • Set Up Government and National IDs for Recruiting
  • Set Up Veteran Status Identification for Candidates
  • Collect Candidate Disability Statuses
  • Track Candidate-Related Mass Actions
  • Candidate Diversity Metrics
  • Ethnicity, Gender, and Veteran Status Reporting
  • Stored Candidate Profile Data


❓ Do you offer any discount/offer?

✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

❓ Is there any demo video which I can watch before enrolling to the course?

✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

❓ How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.


Workday Tutorial for Recruiters




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