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Salesforce Lightning Training – The only Course you need

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Course Description

A Sales Force Field Service Lightning places field workers at the core of customer service, keeping workflows efficient and speedy everywhere they work.

Field Service Lightning also lets you instantly assign work, manage staff members and optimise visit scheduling, giving field workers everything, they need for optimal service provisioning and management.

It automates corporate operations and centralises field service data for fast, effective service; you can assign work, manage staff members and optimise scheduling within one system – ideal for rapid deployment of field service operations.

Field Service Lightning offers field technicians a mobile app for accessing customer contact details and service materials needed for outstanding service delivery.

Field Service Lightning’s characteristics include AI scheduling enhancement and seamless integration into Fusion CRM solutions.

An automated inventory and part management platform provides enhanced visibility and control.

Salesforce Field Lighting features an easy setup process with step-by-step instructions for site use for clients; users can create and edit picklist fields highlighting specific values; to further ease recognition, colour or icon can also be applied to picklist field values to distinguish and highlight them easily.

Field lighting provides users a powerful tool for quickly finding and acting upon critical information, ultimately improving productivity and decision-making capabilities.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides an all-encompassing field service management solution designed to transform service operations with features like scheduling, dispatch, mobile workforce management and real-time insight optimisation for field service operations.

Field Service Lightning streamlines operations, cuts costs and increases customer satisfaction; it has multiple features to do this effectively.

Advanced scheduling and dispatch: Field Service Lightning offers advanced scheduling and information to match technicians with tasks at the right moment in real-time, helping businesses make informed decisions while responding swiftly to changing situations with real-time visibility into service operations.

Mobile workforce management: Field Service Lightning’s mobile workforce management app makes Field Service technicians’ lives easier by giving them access to service information, real-time updates and the flexibility of finishing jobs anywhere at any time.

GPS tracking, route optimisation and real-time communication further boost productivity and worker efficiency.

Customer service and support: Field Service Lightning helps firms provide seamless customer support from initial contact through resolution, with customer self-service options, case administration tools and knowledge base integration, increasing satisfaction while decreasing contact volume.

Incorporating business requirements, Field Service Lightning manages and optimises field service operations for enterprises of any size.

Enhance customer satisfaction, efficiency, and cost savings for enterprises through scheduling, dispatching, personnel management, customer communications management and mobile access solutions that increase real-time field operations visibility to make decisions quickly and enhance performance.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning offers services tailored for HVAC, plumbing, electrical and construction businesses of any size.


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1. Lightning Experience

  • Introduction to Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Introduction to aura framework

2.Migration Assistance

  • Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization
  • Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa

3. Domain Management

  • What is Domain Management?
  • Creating Custom Domain for the organization
  • Configuring Custom Domain
  • Configuring Authentication Setting for your Domain

4.Debugging in Lightning Experience

  • Lightning Inspector
  • Installing Lightning Inspector Extension
  • Enabling of Debug mode in Lightning Components

5.Static Resource

  • What is Static Resource?
  • Steps for Creating Static Resource
  • Stylesheet Creation using Static Resource

6. Lightning Component

  • Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource
  • CSS
  • What is CSS?
  • Types of CSS


  • Creating Namespace for your organization

8.Lightning Resource

  • Creation of Lightning Resource using Console
  • Lightning Application
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Interface
  • Lightning Event

9.Lightning Component Bundle

  • Steps for creating Lightning Component
  • Component
  • CSS Styles
  • Controller
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Re-render
  • Helper
  • SVG File

10. Component IDs

  • Local IDs
  • Global IDs


  • Value Providers
  • Global Providers
  • Global ID
  • $Browser
  • $Label
  • $Locale
  • $Resource

12.Custom Labels

  • What are Custom Labels?
  • Steps for Creating Custom Labels
  • Getting Label in JavaScript
  • Setting Label using Parent Attributes

13. Component Documentation

  • Creating Component Documentation


  • Designing in lightning Experience

15.Lightning Application Bundle

  • Steps for creating Lightning Application
  • Application
  • Controller
  • Helper
  • Style
  • Documentation
  • Renderer
  • SVG
  • Adding of SVG resource to Component Bundle
  • Adding Lightning Component to application
  • Tabs and App Launcher
  • Adding of lightning components to a custom tab(lightning tab)
  • Adding of the lightning page to a custom tab(lightning page tab)
  • Adding lightning components to an app launcher


  • What is Salesforce1?
  • Installing of Salesforce1 Simulator
  • Adding of Custom Tabs to Salesforce1

17.Lightning Experience

  • Lightning Pages
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Adding Lightning Components to Lightning Page

18.Visualforce Pages

  • Displaying of Lightning Application in Visual force Page


  • What is the Event?
  • Creating Custom Component Event
  • Registering an Event
  • Handling Component Event

20.DML Operations

  • Insertion of data into an object
  • Retrieving Data from a particular object

21.AURA Framework

  • Input Components
  • Output Components
  • Lightning Components
  • Force Components
  • Lightning Interface


What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

✅Salesforce Field Service Lightning helps enterprises manage field service by equipping technicians to receive, address and address client issues faster with up-to-date information; technicians and dispatchers can collaborate more efficiently while monitoring field operations in real-time through this platform.

Why field service lightning?

✅ Field Service Lightning (FSL), an advanced service and dispatch management software solution specifically developed for field service professionals, helps streamline field service operations while increasing staff efficiency and improving customer satisfaction and service delivery.

This comprehensive solution helps optimise field operations to increase staff efficiency and enhance customer relations for maximum service delivery success.

What does Salesforce Field Service do?

✅ Salesforce Field Service helps enterprises manage and track field service activities for enterprises by managing personnel management, service appointment scheduling, parts inventory tracking and customer communication – among other benefits.

What is an example of a field service in Salesforce?

✅Businesses can improve efficiency, cost and customer service by scheduling, dispatching and controlling field service operations from one platform.

What comes under field services?

✅Eventually, Field services encompass various activities outside the office or outside a physical office setting.




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