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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification:

AWS Certification helps to gain reliability of their AWS expertise and empowers companies to recognize the skilled IT leadership. It examines our certifications to obtain with proving AWS Cloud expertise.

AWS gives different certifications for engineers, architects and administrators. AWS certification lasts for two years, and IT can recertify their specific certification after it expires.

There are sever types of certification, which are listed below,

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate,
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate,
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, and
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional


Types of AWS certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate:

Prove experience plan, control and share demands in connection with AWS tools. These IT process need be qualified to create and expand extremely accessible and scalable operations in AWS, safety, and troubleshooting ideas. The certification supports IT industries to have hands-on practice of producing and expanding which are accessible and fault-tolerant in AWS operations.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate:

It proves code-level experience for AWS employment proposal, extension and support, along with the knowledge of the AWS architecture. This will promotes possessing more than one year of practice in managing AWS-based applications.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate:

It provides experience of development and processes associated to AWS architecture and its services, which includes application design and data movement. Disciples also maintain basic knowledge about the system administrator, provisioning and operations management. The certification supports more than one year practice with AWS system.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional:

For this certification, it’s a necessary to achieve the Associate-level Certified Solutions Architect exam and should have more than two years practice in sketching and expanding of cloud architectures. IT industries need to express the knowledge of AWS applications, which also includes where to introduce objectives to AWS, and to optimize AWS design for an operation.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional:

Here, for this certification needs applicants to encounter the Associate-level Developer certification exam and have maintained more than two years of practice and succeeding as a AWS architectures. Pupils must include particular ideas required for continuous deployment and automation of AWS processes.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

This certification needs at least one Associate-level certification, minimum five years experience of data analytics and a great knowledge in AWS networking.

Display an excellent experience in network architecture over all the AWS services and tools, also in automation of system methods, information to create, produce and expand services in the AWS cloud.

What will be the Future after the Certification?

Market for AWS certifications owns sky rocketed. There were only few positions which are expected in 2013 for AWS certification, but that figure increased to around 2,000 in 2015 and that will be approximately larger to 10,000 by the end of the year, as per the Burning Glass Technologies.

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There are certain levels of certifications, having particular importance for each level of certification. That you can observe from below,

Foundational level – It validates overall knowledge of the AWS Cloud. It require prerequisite to producing Work or an elective source towards Associate certification.

Associate – It gives technical role-based certifications. No prerequisite.

Professional – It is the greatest level professional role-based certification. For this, appropriate Assistant certification is required.

How to register for the Certification Exam:

Step 1: Register for Certification in my Learning

You should reach out to obtain an exam voucher prior to scheduling your practice or final exams per instructions on slide 10.

For reimbursement of expense and time, please use the links below to register for the respective certification in my Learning. Complete the Vendor Training Request (VTR) form that opens up. In the charge code field, enter your DTE-specific, 8-digit WBSE number. For a missing training DTE-specific WBS Element value in my Learning reach out to your local HR resource

Step 2: Go to the AWS Certification Page

Go to the certifications page at:

Step 3: Login to the AWS Certification Website

Click the AWS Certification Account box.

Step 4: Sign in or Create a New Account at AWS

  • If you have a partner account, you can sign in by clicking ‘Sign in via Portal’.
  • If you do not have a portal account, you have to create and use those credentials to log in to the certification website.

Step 5: Sign in via Partner Portal

Enter your Partner Portal account credentials and click on sign in.

Step 6: Now, Schedule your exam

  • Once you are logged in to the certification account can schedule and manage the exam.
  • To schedule a practice or final exam: Just Click on Schedule New Exam.

  • You will be presented with a scrolling list of available exams.
  • Select the exam you wish to schedule by clicking ‘Schedule Exam’.

Step 7: Now, Complete Registration

  • Select the language for your exam.
  • Find Exam Location nearest you by entering your location and clicking ‘Search Exam Center’.
  • Review the exam centers near you and select from available exam dates and times.
  • Click continue, then schedule exam.

NOTE: For practice exams, you will move to the payment screen after selecting your language. Because the practice exam is taken online, no exam location must be selected.

Step 8: Complete Payment.

  • To pay for the exam, you can enter the Voucher or Discount Coupon in the field provided.
  • Click on Pay Now and your exam confirmation should appear

This completes your registration for the exam.

Hope it’s clear now,

Let’s get start preparing for the exam now.




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