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HL7 Training – HL7 Certification Course

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Course Description

HL7 training provides a framework (and related standards) for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information are offered by HL7 and its members. These standards specify the vocabulary, structure, and data types necessary for seamless system integration, defining how information is packaged and conveyed from one party to another. HL7 standards, which are acknowledged as the most widely used worldwide, enable clinical practise as well as the management, delivery, and evaluation of health services. to learn more about the HL7 standards development procedure.

In hl7 course you can work at your own pace in these instructor-led, asynchronous online courses. Discussions with the lecturer, tutors, and classmates facilitate learning. Weekly homework assignments, tests, examinations, and projects serve as assessments. Spend 6 to 7 hours a week on average.

The greatest and most industry-focused HL7 training is offered by CloudFoundation, helping you advance your professional career. The knowledge and abilities for HL7 project analysis, testing, problem tracking, and activation are provided by our online HL7 training. The HL7 design, trigger ideas, message formatting guidelines, data types, enhanced acknowledgement guidelines, identifiers, and table translation concerns will all be made clear to participants. Coursework includes practical tasks. Additionally, this extensive training helps you develop the necessary skills to carry out your regular responsibilities with ease. Our knowledgeable instructors present the lectures in a more hands-on way so that students can obtain practical experience. Join CloudFoundation to obtain HL7 training from qualified mentors that is specific to your industry.

Fhir hl7 training specifies a variety of healthcare systems can connect with one another using the flexible standards, directives, and techniques laid out by HL7 International. These policies, also known as data standards, are a set of regulations that permit the sharing and consistent processing of data. These data standards are designed to make it simple for healthcare institutions to exchange clinical data. The potential for medical care to be geographically isolated and extremely varied should be reduced thanks to this ability to communicate information.

The HL7 Certification training course is intended for healthcare industry professionals and employers. Professionals who excel might be recognised for their levels of competence. Employers can find new candidates with HL7 experience and assist existing employees in developing their HL7 skills.

It was frequently asked if a non-technical person can pass the HL7 certification test. It is conceivable, even for a technical expert, to make mistakes. The tests are made to make sure that the standard’s key concepts are understood in order for it to be properly applied.


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Course Content

1.Healthcare Messaging Standards

  • Hospital Workflow
  • Why HL7 – Purpose & Scope
  • Development of HL7
  • HL7 Messaging system
  • Understanding HL7 structure
  • HL7 Concepts
  • Encoding Characters

2.Concepts and Principles

  • Trigger Events
  • Message Types
  • Segments/Structures
    1. ADT^A04
    2. MSH

3.Building Messages and Segments

  • Segments/Structures
  1. ADT^A04
  • Segments/Structures
    1. SIU^S12
    2. DFT^P03
  • Segments/Structures – custom Segments
    1. ORM^O01
    2. ORU^R01
  • MDM
  1. QRY
  2. ACK.

4.HL7 Building Blocks (Data Types)

  • Data Types 1 (Alphanumeric/numeric/identifiers)
  • Data Types 2 (Demographic/coded)
  • Data Types 3 (Date-Time/miscellaneous)

5.Mirth Integration Engine

  • Mirth Architecture and Installation
  • Mirth Connect Components
    1. Dashboard
    2. Channels Tasks
  • Alerts
  1. Events
  2. Extensions
  3. Group tasks
  • Mirth Connect Components
  1. Summary tab and Source tab
  • Mirth Connect Components
  1. Source tab and Destination tab
  • Mirth Connect Components
    1. Variables in destination screen
    2. Scripts tab
  • Message view screen its options
  • Message Forms
  1. Raw, Encoded, Transformed, Sent, Response


  • TCP/IP
  • Folders
  • Webservices
  • Database Readers.

7.Mirth Connect – Channel Creations

  • Creating Channels
    1. Explanation of scenario
    2. Folder to Folder – HL7 – pass thru channel with Demo.

8.Mirth Connect – Channel Creations

  • Creating Channels
    1. Explanation of Scenarios
    2. Folder to TCP/IP – HL7 – pass thru channel with demo
  • TCP/IP to Folder – pass thru channel with demo

 Mirth Connect – Channel Creations

  • Creating Channels – Database Reader
    1. Database reader to a Folder
    2. Explanation of message builder Transformer
  • Construct HL7 using msg builder

 Mirth Connect – Channel Creations

  • Creating Channels – Database Writer
    1. Folder to Database writer
    2. Mapping variables of HL7
  • Inserting Data using created variables.

9.XML – E4X

  • XML and how it is read
  • Importance of E4X and how navigation works.

10.Basic Programming (JS sessions include very basic concepts for mirth – not the complete tutorial)

  • JavaScript – Basics 1
    1. Variables
    2. Data Types
  • Operators
  1. Comparisons

Basic Programming (JS sessions include very basic concepts for mirth – not the complete tutorial)

  • JavaScript – Basics 2
    1. If condition
    2. Loops – While/For/For each
  • Functions.

11.Mirth Connect Filters/Transformers

  • Filters
    1. Rule builder
    2. External Script
  • JavaScript
  1. Use case scenarios.

12.Mirth Connect Filters/Transformers

  • Transformers
    1. Destination Set Filter
    2. External script
  • JavaScript
  1. Mapper
  2. Message Builder
  3. Use case scenarios
  • Explanation of Channel Maps.

13.Mirth Connect Transformers

  • Exercises/Assignments.

14.Conformance & Specification

  • Why Conformance?
  • Conformance Profile 1 (Use case/dynamic)
  • Conformance Profile 2 (Static).

15.CCD, FHIR, MU (Birds eye on other aspects of Healthcare standards)

  • What is MU
  • What is HIE
  • CCD
  • FHIR.


❓ Why Should I Learn HL7?

✅ HL7 is one of the most sought-after technologies on the market because of its exacting capabilities and outstanding talent.
It is an open source, free to use platform that is welcoming to developers.
Because it is simple to recruit developers and there is a sizable pool of qualified experts to pick from, this represents a substantial cost-saving element.

❓What is hl7 ?

✅ The standard for information exchange between medical information systems is called Health Level Seven (HL7®). It is widely used and covers information sharing across many functional domains. Interoperability in healthcare is critical and extremely significant.

❓What is an hl7 ?

✅ A framework for the administration, integration, exchange, and retrieval of electronic information across various healthcare systems is provided by the set of clinical standards and message formats known as HL7, or Health Level 7. The organisation that creates and maintains HL7 standards is called Health Level Seven International.

❓What is hl7 interface ?

✅ The terms “HL7” and “interface” can be used to define HL7 interfaces. Healthcare organisations use HL7 to make it possible for clinical applications to communicate with one another. Interconnection or communication between those programmes or systems is what is meant by the term interface.

❓What is hl7 in healthcare ?

✅ Information in the healthcare industry is typically exchanged via the “Health Level Seven” (HL7®) standard. In addition to being widely used, it also facilitates communication across a variety of operational spheres. Achieving interoperability in healthcare is essential and vital.

❓What is HL7 and how is IT used?

✅ The Health Level Seven (HL7) standards facilitate communication and data exchange across healthcare organisations worldwide. In particular, compared to traditional techniques, HL7 facilitates the sharing of healthcare data and helps bridge the gap between health IT systems.

❓What is the meaning of HL7?

✅ Health Level Seven International.

❓What is HL7 example?

✅ One health-related record or piece of data is transmitted each message. Medical records, test results, and payment information are all typical HL7 messages.

❓What is HL7 interface in healthcare?

✅ Health Level Seven (or HL7) is a term for a group of agreed-upon protocols for exchanging patient information across medical institutions. The group, which counts 92 percent of healthcare system providers among its members, develops standards for the secure and reliable transfer of patient information.

❓How many HL7 message types are there?

✅ Even though there are more than 120 possible HL7 segments to utilise in HL7 messages, just four of them are used in this example: MSH, PID, NK1, and PV1. Each HL7 message type makes use of a unique set of HL7 segments.

❓What is hl7 message ?

✅ HL7 messages have a certain hierarchical structure that is tied to a specific triggering event. A “trigger event” is “an event in the actual world of health care (that) triggers the requirement for data to move across systems,” as defined by the HL7 standard.

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