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Course Description

Coupa Technology’s financial management software gives enterprises flexibility, control, and valuable financial data.

Coupa Technology products and services help organisations save money, enhance operations, manage finances and tailor technology deployment to individual company requirements.

At the same time, its software solutions enable enterprises to tailor technology deployment as part of a tailored technology solution.

Coupa provides businesses of any size an easy, user-friendly platform for quickly getting up and running; its payment processing, budget monitoring and invoice management applications seamlessly connect to an organisation’s infrastructure.

Coupa Technology stands out with its business and financial analytics package; Coupa’s intelligent reporting tools provide insight into an organisation’s expenditure patterns and economic behaviour.

This data informs planning and spending decisions for company planning purposes; Coupa’s advanced invoice management features provide businesses with efficient invoice processing automation, visibility and easy accuracy verification, helping speed up supplier payments while improving invoicing processes.

Companies may accelerate supplier payments with these solutions while simultaneously speeding up invoice processing times and improving cash management processes.

Coupa offers other tools to assist firms in improving operational effectiveness; advanced inventory, ERP and supply chain optimisation technologies are included with Coupa; its technologies also assist firms in improving income through more effective marketing strategies.

Coupa Technology provides organisations an innovative software platform to increase operational efficiencies and financial results.

Coupa offers products and services designed to assist businesses with a better understanding of their operations, budget and spending, with intelligence reporting solutions like invoice processing automation and analytics solutions designed for saving expenses, improving efficiencies and performing at higher levels.

Coupa can assist organisations in increasing effectiveness while cutting costs, improving efficiencies and boosting performance levels for maximum benefit.

Coupa Technology is an award-winning cloud-based expenditure management solution helping companies and organisations automate their purchasing process for improved financial control through new and comprehensive solutions.

Coupa Software’s selection of products and services allows clients to manage expenditures and payments from request through to settlement effectively; our focus on collaboration, creativity, and an engaging culture makes for efficient yet practical tools that enable organisations to control expenses better while simplifying finances.

Coupa Software’s world-class platform simplifies purchasing, risk management and budgeting by eliminating tedious manual processes prone to errors and improving productivity and savings; centralising these areas saves clients millions in overheads and missed savings opportunities.

Coupa Technology has developed an expansive ecosystem of connected apps and services that continue to develop over time, including third-party integration, Business Networks, Services, Secure Pay systems and Secure Payment solutions.

Our Business Networks provide consumers with an efficient means to compare prices, locate items, and process orders by connecting with suppliers.

In addition, our Services and Secure Pay solutions enhance secure payment technology and process automation.

Coupa Technology provides procurement systems and payment solutions designed to save organisations money while improving efficiency; discover our collection of products and services.


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Course Content

1. Overview of Coupa
2. Source-to-Pay Flow
3. Navigate the System
4. P2O Flow
5. Basic Setups

System settings
1.Company Information
2.Company Address/Shipping Address
Global data v/s local data
Manual create vs. bulk upload

6. Accounting Setups

Chart of Accounts overview
Static v/s Dynamic COA
Chart of Account Setup

7. Accounting Setups(Contd..)

Legal Entities
Account Validation Rules
Lookup values

8. User

User Licenses
Roles & Permissions
Content Group
Billing Account Security/Account Groups
User Reassignment
User Setup

9. Global Approval Setup

Global Approval Settings
Approval Remainder
Management Hierarchy
Approval Chains Setup
Global Exception Handling

10. Procurement Related Setups

UNSPSC Mapping
Web Form

11. Procurement Related Setups(Contd..)

Free Form
Unit of Measure
Payment Terms
Shipping Terms
Exchange Rates
Tagged Objects

12. Coupa Advance Features

Homepage Content
Homepage Layout
Buying Policies
Custom Fields
Custom Views & Schedule Report
Approval Groups
Projects & Project Template
Security Controls
PO Customization
Process Builder
Budget Period & Budget Lines

13. Supplier

Supplier Overview & Setup
Coupa Supplier Portal Overview
Linkage of Supplier to CSP

14. Sourcing Module

Sourcing Settings
Sourcing Event Overview
Sourcing Template
Sourcing Event creation methods
Sourcing end-to-end flow

15. Contract Module

Contract Settings
Contract Type
Contract Collaboration
Global v/s Local Alert

16. Receipt

Quick Receipt
Detailed Receipt

17. Invoice

Invoice Setup
Invoice Presentation
Tax Code

18. Invoice

Tax Rate
Invoice Inbox Overview

19. Integration & API

Integration Overview
API Calls
Oauth2/OpenID Connect Client


❓What is Coupa Technology?

✅ Enterprise software platform Coupa provides cloud-based expenditure management, catalogue management, invoice automation, supplier onboarding and e-procurement capabilities, providing one place where procurement, finance, accounts payable and cost management come together under one umbrella for visibility, control and optimisation of expenses across your organisation.

What is Coupa software used for?

✅Coupa’s cloud-based expenditure management solution automates expenses; users may manage invoice processing, budgeting, buying and reporting while Coupa’s sophisticated analytics options assist them with understanding expenditure data; this feature boosts productivity while streamlining operations while simultaneously cutting expenses to save companies money.

What kind of software is Coupa?

✅ ERP software like Coupa streamlines and automates financial activities like orders, invoicing and payments while offering integration of e-commerce, CRM tools, analytics and reporting features for greater convenience.

What is Coupa certification?

✅Coupa Software’s Certification program verifies employees’ understanding of its products and services; training can assist employees to become more adept. Coupa Suite certification covers supplier management, vendor enablement, procurement and expenditure management with a certificate proving employee knowledge about them to maximise software utilisation.

Is Coupa software easy to learn?

✅ Coupa is easy for any user to grasp; its user-friendly UI and step-by-step setup wizard make learning Coupa an enjoyable experience. Multiple online tools assist in the deployment and operation of Coupa.

What is the use of the Coupa tool?

✅ Coupa is an ERP tool designed to streamline financial processes, offering tools and apps for budget management, procurements, invoicing and more. Coupa delivers detailed reporting of user expenditure, vendor performance analysis, and financial data protection features to its users. Coupa helps manage suppliers more easily while cutting expenses while protecting financial data.

What is Coupa certification?

✅ Coupa certification is an established program allowing corporations, users and technical experts to certify their SaaS platform knowledge; administrators, Buyers, Accounts Payable and Reporting and Analytics experts may earn both general and specialised certificates allowing employers, partners and customers to verify system competence using this certification system.

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