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Course Description

So you want to learn Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)? Great job!

Do you know Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the most trending Analytics course?

There are massive opportunities in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as it leads the Analytics market.

Our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Training course is a job oriented course ie at the end of the course you can
easily clear interviews or on board into an ongoing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) project.

Also the salaries in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is very impressive ( report)


✅Lifetime access✅Lifetime video access
✅Real-time case studies✅The project integrated into the Curriculum
✅24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Course Content

1.AEM Forms Sites, Portal and Publishing


  • AEM Sites authoring basics
  • Brackets for development
  • Content rendering
    • JCR nodes and properties
    • Structure of a component
    • Sling resolution process
    • Edit dialogs
    • Inheritance
  • Introduction to HTL
  • AEM sites development: Key concepts
  • Editable page templates
    • Template types
  • Client-side libraries
  • Component basics
    • Core component library
    • Proxy components
    • Content policies
  • Custom components
    • Structure and content components
    • HTL business logic
    • Configuring the edit dialog
    • Style system
    • Component placeholder
    • Dialog validation
  • Production environment
    • Package finalized code
    • AEM environment setup
  • Test and debug site content
    • Developer tools
    • Hobbes testing framework
  • Author AEM Forms pages in AEM Sites
    • Create a customized Forms Portal with the Search & Lister component
    • Update the HTML and CSS files on your Forms Portal
    • Configure the AEM Forms Link component on an AEM Sites page
    • Configure the AEM Form component on an AEM Sites page
    • Install and configure Author and Publish Servers
    • Configure Dispatcher on a Microsoft IIS or Apache Web Server
    • Configure Replication Agents
    • Configure Flush Agents
    • Customize Dispatcher for AEM Forms Publishing
    • Publish Forms Portals and Adaptive Forms

2.Web Experience


  • AEM User Interface
    • AEM UI and navigation basics
    • AEM Consoles
  • Basic Authoring Skills
    • Create and edit pages and page properties
    • Apply styles
    • Edit and manage assets
    • Publish and unpublish
    • Reorganize site structure
    • Page versioning and tags
    • Searching and annotations
    • Use Workflows
  • Fluid Experiences
    • Content Fragments
    • Content Fragment Models
    • Experience Fragments
  • Targeted Content
    • Content targeting process
    • User profiles and ContextHub
    • Activities and Audiences
    • Offers
    • Simulate targeted content
  • Editable Templates and Template Management
    • Creating and Editing Editable Templates
    • Use templates to create pages
    • Initial Content and Layout
    • Style System
  • Advanced Authoring Concepts
    • Administer workflows
    • Launches
    • Landing Pages
    • Projects
    • Administering Tags


      • Explain the capabilities and benefits of AEM
      • Navigate through the AEM UI
      • List the AEM consoles
      • Describe the interface elements of a page
      • Create and organize responsive web content in AEM
      • Manage a website’s structure
      • Plan and manage site content approval processes
      • Create reusable, page-independent content with Content Fragments
      • Design variations of Content Fragments to accommodate different channels
      • Plan and design content personalization using AEM Context Hub
      • Manage targeted content on landing pages
      • Describe the key roles involved in creating and managing editable templates in AEM
      • Create, edit, and publish Editable Templates
      • Apply styles to AEM components to control site design
      • Manage and automate the content publication process
      • Manage and administer content tags and apply tags to pages in the Tagging Console

3.Develop Multilingual Site in AEM

  • Topics

    • Architecture
    • Installation
    • Authoring basics
    • Administrative tools
    • Translation process
    • Translation provider configuration
    • Translation services integration
    • Translation projects
    • Human translation workflow
    • GCELL XLIFF Export connectorconfiguration
    • Asset translation
    • Multi-Site Manager scenarios
    • Live Copy and Blueprintconfiguration
    • Rollout configuration
    • Translation rules
    • Translate custom properties
    • Custom sync actions for rolloutconfigurations


    • Explain Adobe Experience Manager architecture and administrative consoles
    • Perform installation and basic authoring tasks
    • Translate site content using default translation services in Adobe Experience Manager
    • Translate site content using different translation providers and integration services
    • Translate Adobe Experience Manager Assets to multiple languages
    • Reuse the site content in multinational sites using Multi Site Manager
    • Create translation rules and custom rollouts
    • Determine the appropriate Translation and Multi Site Manager strategy for a business scenario

4.AEM Adaptive Forms Intro


  • Introduction to Adaptive Forms Overview of AEM Forms
    • Use an Adaptive Form
    • Create an Adaptive Form
  • Adaptive Form Templates Create the Structure
    • Create the Initial Content
  • Create AEM Forms Create Panels
    • Create Fields
    • Use Data Binding
  • JavaScript and the Rule Editor
    • Create Rules and JavaScript
    • Use Functions
  • Themes
    • Edit themes
    • Create themes
  • Document of Record (DoR)
    • Automatic DoRs
    • DoRs based on XDPs
  • Accessibility
    • Add values for Screen Readers
    • Test for Keyboard Accessibility


  • Understand Best Practices for using and creating AEM forms
  • Create AEM adaptive form templates
  • Create AEM adaptive and responsive forms
  • Create forms based on XSDs and XDPs
  • Create panels and fields with great design, usability, and accessibility
  • Customize the look and user-interaction with themes and CSS
  • Use the Theme Editor to create new themes
  • Create dynamic forms with JavaScript and the Rule Editor
  • Validate form data with Regular Expressions
  • Validate form data with JavaScript
  • Use an XDP for the DoR
  • Generate an automatic DoR (Document of Record)
  • Add Accessibility properties to your forms
  • Test developed forms

5.AEM Forms Administration


  • Configuration
    • The OSGi technology
    • Hardening
    • SSL
    • Running as a service
    • Creating JDBC data sources
  • Administration
    • AdminUI
    • Felix Web Console
    • Classic Mode Administration
    • Touch UI Administration
  • Users & Groups
    • LDAP integration
    • Roles & Permissions
    • Groups & ACLs
  • Managing Workflows
    • OSGi workflows
  • Publishing
    • Author instances
    • Publish Instances
    • Web Server Integration
    • Dispatcher Configuration
    • Replication Agents


  • Understand AEM Forms on OSGi
    • Understand Best Practices for AEM Form Publishing
    • Install AEM Forms on OSGI platforms
    • Run Configuration Manager to configure PDF Generate, the

Document Security, and other modules

  • Create and encrypt JDBC data sources
  • Create and Install Packages and AEM Forms Archives
  • Integrate AEM with LDAP Users and Groups
  • Create Roles and Permissions
  • Create OSGI workflows
  • Create and manage Author and Publish instances
  • Configure Dispatcher and Caching on web servers
  • Create and manage Replication Agents
  • Understand and work with Log Files
  • Harden your AEM Server’s Security
  • Run the security checks
  • Manage application and system configurations
  • Run AEM Health Reports
  • Perform Backup Tasks

6.AEM Forms and Databases


  • Configuration
    • Configuring Datasources
    • Configuring the JDBC services
    • Configuring AEM Forms
  • Service Development
    • Processing form submissions
    • Writing SQL Statements
    • Calling Stored Procedures
  • Form Development
    • Prefilling a form with data
    • Working with data
    • Data validation
    • Data formatting



  • Configure AEM Forms with Oracle(or any DB)
    • Understand how AEM forms work with data
    • Understand XML Schema, XML Data, and data binding
    • Understand JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
    • Understand and use the Adobe JDBC services
    • Write SQL Statements to retrieve data and prefill a form
    • Call Stored Procedures to process form submissions
    • Prefill a form with data from a database
    • Write Web Services to process form submissions
    • Parse form data and update database tables
    • Store form attachments in a File System

7.AEM Forms Workbench


  • Workbench and Workspace
    • User Services
    • Parallel Workflows
    • Workflow Gateways
    • User actions
    • Completion Policies
    • Advanced Document Services
    • Creating and Throwing Events
    • Handling Events


  • Automate business processes with an AEM Forms workflow
  • Install and deploy AEM Forms Archives with AdminUI
  • Create a Workbench application and export an AEM Forms Archive
  • Troubleshoot a Workbench application with Record and Playback
  • Understand sequential and parallel workflows
  • Understand long-lived and short-lived processes
  • Create and configure simple and complex process variables
  • Configure advanced properties of the PDF Generator Service
  • Configure advanced properties of the Assembler Service
  • Configure advanced properties of the Reader Extensions Service
  • Create and configure custom Events
  • Configure the User and Multiple User Services
  • Create and configure Gateways for parallel processing
  • Create custom user actions and completion policies
  • Create task assignments and custom task information

8.General Topics

  • AEM Forms and Sites Best Practices and Guidelines
  • Configure work spaces with AEM Plugin and Eclipse
  • Use Maven to Build Projects
  • AEM Forms Unit Testing and Test Suites
  • Configuring Custom Loggers


❓ Do you offer any discount/offer?

✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

❓ Is there any demo video which I can watch before enrolling to the course?

✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

❓ How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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