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In this blog post, we’ll explore Saviynt Software:

What is Saviynt?

Saviynt software platform provides functionality to create, share and automate workflows, reducing the risk and number of errors in data integration projects.

Saviynt platform is built to integrate data seamlessly from application to application and database to database without sacrificing compliance.

Saviynt SaaS is an identity governance and administration (IGA) system that provides enterprise customers safe access to cloud-based apps and data.

It allows customers to access, control, and monitor user access to their cloud-based apps, data, and resources.

Saviynt SaaS is simple to set up and operate, with advanced capabilities like single sign-on, access requests, and access reviews.

Saviynt lets users build, share, and automate workflows, decreasing data integration project failures.

Saviynt technology helps service providers work better together. Saviynt is a cloud-native, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that was intended from the ground up to help mission-critical service providers manage workforces and automate compliance controls.

What is Saviynt used for?

Saviynt is leading the way to a new era of smart Identity management. The traditional way of securing an organization’s most valuable assets, such as confidential data, IT infrastructure, and business-critical applications, employee information, is to attempt to ensure each of these entities separately.

Saviynt alone provides complete visibility, security, and compliance for your data and applications.

By combining advanced analytics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and automation, Saviynt’s platform provides complete visibility and security across all your data and applications, regardless of where your data is stored or your applications run.

Saviynt offers a complete data lifecycle management solution combining the best cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions.

This ensures that your organization’s data is secure, available, and ready to use. In this way, Saviynt helps modern enterprises scale without limit while also solving the most complex security and compliance challenges.

How is Saviynt helping organizations solve data security and governance challenges?

Saviynt enables enterprises to secure their most sensitive data and operations. Organizations use Saviynt’s platform to discover, onboard, and manage identity solutions in one cloud platform.

Saviynt is helping enterprises solve data security and governance challenges. Saviynt is a leader in providing intelligent automation of data access requests and enforcement rules, with unmatched integration with leading identity management and data access request solutions.

Saviynt helps modern organizations to scale cloud initiatives by providing all the necessary controls to mitigate cloud risks.

Enterprise organizations rely on Saviynt to transform their most sensitive data and workloads to cloud ecosystems for more significant scale, efficiency, and agility.

For the past two years, organisations worldwide have adopted cloud.

have raised risks and necessitated better data protection and control.

to combine commercial expansion with security.

Today’s data-driven enterprises are looking for secure and intelligent cloud-based applications and platforms to help them achieve their goals.

Enterprises are looking for applications and platforms that are secure by design, built on  latest cloud technologies, and provide complete data protection and governance. But it is not enough to deploy a solution and wait for the problems to be solved.

Whole data management and governance lifecycle must be monitored and supported to keep organization’s data assets secure and compliant.

List out the key features provided by Saviynt

Saviynt’s platform provides the following key features:

Faster access request resolution Simplified audit and approval workflows

Improved data access request accuracy Automation of risk and entitlement analysis Empowered business users through self-service

Continuous compliance and risk intelligence Saviynt’s platform is helping organizations everywhere.

What are the benefits of using Saviynt Software in an organization

Simplify your organization’s infrastructure and application management efforts. Improves security and resilience of your organization’s most critical assets.

Empower your organization’s most essential users by giving them convenient, flexible, and secure access to the right resources.

Enforce security policies and guard against misuse and abuse of access.

Leverage Saviynt’s solutions to discover and protect your organization’s most valuable assets. Reduces number of support requests and service calls that result from access requests. Increase the speed and efficiency of access request reviews.

Empower your organization’s partners, resellers, and customers to have quick and easy access to the infrastructure, applications, and data they need to be successful.

Saviynt provides a cloud-native identity and access management platform to deliver a more secure, flexible, and efficient identity infrastructure.

Saviynt tool to perform online vulnerability analysis for better application performance and security.

Saviynt tool suite includes: Saviynt Admin Center for managing users, entities, passwords, and service accounts Saviynt Secures Cloud for Securing Cloud PAMs and Enterprise Cloud IaaS/PAM Blends

The world’s largest brands trust Saviynt to secure their most critical data and operations & gives employees greater visibility into security risks, and maintain compliance regulations.

Most MNCs rely on Saviynt to empower modern identity management at scale, helping them become innovative, connected organizations.

Saviynt enables enterprises to secure their most sensitive data and operations.

Saviynt helps modern enterprises scale cloud initiatives while solving the most demanding security and compliance challenges.

Saviynt’s all-in-one platform provides visibility, security, and governance across the organization & identity governance and intelligence capabilities provide automated discovery of business applications, services, and infrastructure.

Built using cloud technology, Saviynt platform enables the next generation of distributed applications and multi-cloud workloads.

Saviynt’s platform offers a complete life cycle of identity management and access management, including identity governance, provisioning, and access management.

Core of Saviynt’s platform is the identity governance and intelligence (IGI) platform, which consists of the following:

Saviynt Primary Components


Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

This cloud-based platform allows you to discover, protect, and connect people and things using advanced analytics and AI with an integrated platform for identity governance and intelligence (IGI). It offers a modern and flexible way to secure your organization’s most valuable assets.

Saviynt Pam

Saviynt pam software is a cloud-built, cloud-managed, and cloud-hosted identity and access governance platform that can help modern enterprises to level up their cloud initiatives.

It has been helping thousands of organizations to unify, secure and manage their hybrid applications and multi-cloud workloads. It has integrated IGA 2. 0 with SAML 3.

Saviynt Cloud PAM

Saviynt Cloud PAM (Privileged Access Management) is a cloud-based security platform that manages and secures privileged access to company assets in an integrated manner.

It gives businesses an automated, policy-driven platform for controlling and monitoring privileged user access across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

It assists enterprises in securing their IT assets and data by granting secure access to privileged accounts, blocking unauthorized access, and guaranteeing security policy compliance.

Saviynt SSM

Saviynt Security and Risk Management (SSM) is an Identity access management (IAM)  and cloud-based identity platform that helps businesses manage users, applications, and resources across hybrid IT environments.

Saviynt platform’s sophisticated features support identity governance, access management, privileged access management (PAM), and compliance.

It assists organizations in securing their digital assets, complying with rules, and ensuring that sensitive data and apps are only accessible to authorized users.

Saviynt SSM offers a robust integration framework tailored to your enterprise integration requirements. G Suite, Box, SAP, Workday, Office 365, Salesforce, SharePoint, Exchange, ADFS, AD, AWS, Azure AD, Salesforce, Workday, Box, and other SaaS and on-premise apps are supported.

The platform also has an open architecture, allowing you to combine it with any application or technology of your choice. Saviynt SSM offers a centralized platform for managing user access and data.

Saviynt API

Saviynt API is a cloud security platform that enables enterprises to administer and secure their apps, data, infrastructure, and identities through APIs.

Identity and access management, privileged access management, security analytics, compliance, API security, and cloud governance are provided through the API.

Saviynt API Reference enables enterprises to integrate security into their infrastructure and applications quickly and effectively.

Saviynt SSO

A single sign-on (SSO) platform of enterprise-class called Saviynt SSO enables businesses to control user access across cloud and on-premises apps centrally.

IAM (identification and access management) features, including single sign-on, identity provisioning, two-factor authentication, user life cycle management, and access governance, are included.

Connecting with the enterprise’s identity stores, such as Active Directory or LDAP, is intended to allow safe access to cloud-based apps and services.

Saviynt SSO is made to assist enterprises in streamlining the process of controlling access to numerous systems and apps, both on-premises and as well as cloud, while still adhering to strict security and compliance standards.

It also helps lower the cost of maintaining user identities and access rights.

Saviynt Connectors

Saviynt Connectors are safe, pre-built interfaces that enable customers to connect Saviynt’s cloud security platform to a wide range of apps and cloud services.

Connectors allow users to get up and running with Saviynt quickly by securely integrating their existing cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

On-premises and cloud Saviynt Connectors protect identity and system access. They grant users the privileges and resources required.

Connectors are intended to assist clients in centralizing identification and security across their business and ensuring that users only access the resources they require.

Saviynt Architecture

Saviynt’s architecture is a collection of modular components meant to give enterprises an integrated security platform for managing identity, access, and risk.

Saviynt platform is made up of four modules:

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA),
  • Access Management (AM),
  • Risk Management (RM), and
  • API Gateway.
IGA handles identity and access provisioning, authentication, and certification.  AM module handles controls access, authorisation, and user provisioning.
Risk management assesses and monitors risks. API Gateway is the platform’s sole interface.

Saviynt Competitors

Following is the list of competitors of Saviynt technology:

Saviynt Careers

Saviynt is a growing company, and it is looking for experienced professionals to join their team. They are looking for people with experience in cloud security, application security, identity, access management, and risk management.

Saviynt offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.

There are numerous career opportunities available in the field of Saviynt technology. Some of these include roles such as:

Access Management Analyst

Identity Governance and Access Administrator

Saviynt Security Analyst

Saviynt Architect

Saviynt Consultant

Saviynt Developer

Saviynt Technical Support

Saviynt Project Manager

Saviynt Solutions Engineer

Saviynt System Integrator

Saviynt Product Manager

Saviynt Solutions Architect

Saviynt Security Engineer

Saviynt Security Analyst.

Saviynt salaries vary on job title and technical experience.

However, because the cloud sector is developing, this technology will offer excellent employment chances.



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