CyberArk Tutorial: An overview to be a defender

Introduction to Cyberark

Cyberark is the leading Product of PAM. It is 3rd-party service integrations.

You need to know the concepts of IAM Authentication, Authorization, Provisioning Single sign-on basics.

If you compare with other vendors,Cyberark is the best.It is an”Award-Winning” Software Protection Tool.

I have Elaborate shortly What is Cyberark, How its Benefit, Why Cyberark, Job Opportunity/Onsite Opportunities.

 What is the Course Precise?Do We Get Benefits?

Cyberarkis a security tool used for Securing privileged accounts via password management tool. It is Immensely benefitting to Many Organizations/Companies like Tracking Credentials, Password Management.

Below Contents the trainers will teach you in detail.

Understanding of:

  • PAM(Privileged Access Management)
  • PAS(Privileged Access Security)
  • EPV(Enterprise Password Vault)
  • DR vault
  • PVWA(Password Vault Web Access Interface)
  • Remote Control
  • PAI(Private ark Administrative Interface)
  • PSM(Privileged Session Manager)
  • PTA(Privileged Threat Analytics)
  • SSH Key Management
  • AIM(Application Identity Manager)
  • CPM(Central Policy Manager)
  • PSMP(Privileged Session Manager SSH Proxy)
  • Administrative API
  • On-Demand PrivilegesManager (OPM)
  • Application Access/Identity Manager (AIM or AAM)

 Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone can take this Course.There are No prerequisites for learning the Cyberark course. Basics of knowledge in LINUX & UNIX is enough.

Suppose you want to be Security Architect / Consultant / Software Engineer / PAM etc. Then this Course is for You only.2000 Above Job Opportunities areWaiting as well as Onsite Opportunities. Grab the opportunity now.Get update yourselfat your own pace.

Want to secure your account from cyberhackers. So many industries/companies are using Cyberark security tools example,hospitals, Corporates, Industries.

Maintaining Your Account Credentials, Company’s Data.

 Do you have any thoughts/questions regarding this?

 I think You heard About this News. Regards Cyberhackers, which I read some years back.

Did You heard About “Verizon Breach?” They Failed to Secure Data with nearly 14 million Customers, which is a debate. CNBC Somewhere Got the News. Later they came to the media & apologized. Learn How to Secure your Data.

To know more about security/threat analytics, go for the Cyberark course. This Course will help you tremendously in attack exploit of privileged account. Defend the hackers from continuing.

“Things Keep on changing. It’s Time to Change Your Career As well. Get Hike On your Salary”

 Please share your experience/questions in the comment section below.

 Thank You.Stay Safe.

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