What is Saviynt – “A Detailed Overview of the Saviynt Identity Management System”

Security concerns are ever-present when leveraging the cloud. The cloud offers rapid deployment of applications, but this convenience also comes with a trade-off – reduced security. The security of your enterprise applications shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of speed and efficiency. In this brief, we’ll discuss the following:

What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is a cloud-built, cloud-managed, and cloud-operated Identity and Access Governance solution for enterprises to manage Identity Governance, risk, and compliance (IGAP).

Saviynt is an Organizational Identification Cloud solution that gives a unified view of all enterprise identity activities. It works with current infrastructure, applications, and tools to deliver a secure and smooth user experience.

Saviynt offers a set of capabilities that includes an in-built Identity Exchange that combines numerous identity sources into a single unified identity, regardless of the underlying technology.

Additionally, Saviynt provides a framework for developing custom Identity Engines and Deciders to match the needs of specific organizations.

Saviynt also offers a suite of Enterprise Applications that extend the unified identity across the enterprise while providing a set of user-friendly controls to assure compliance and security.

Saviynt offers enterprises a complete Enterprise Identity Cloud solution with this broad, deep set of capabilities.

What is Saviynt for?

Saviynt is for enterprises looking to improve their product security and privacy protections. They want to leverage the cloud but find achieving full identity program adoption challenging.

In addition to improved security and privacy protections, enterprises that adopt a modern Identity Governance and Management strategy see the following benefits:

Simplified Application and

Organizational Onboarding.

Why Saviynt cloud?

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built security capabilities include the following:

Data Protection

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built data protection platform protects your organization’s most sensitive data, enabling you to leverage public and hybrid cloud solutions for easy application onboarding.

Enterprise Privilege Management

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built enterprise privilege management platform reduces your organization’s risk and complexity through the automated discovery, management, and enforcement of access to critical business applications and infrastructure.

Third-Party Access

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built third-party access management solution reduces your organization’s risk by allowing you to provide access to the right people at the right time on the proper devices while ensuring compliance controls are enforced.

Compliance Controls

Enterprises’ wide range of regulatory, legal, and technological compliance requirements are met by Saviynt’s comprehensive portfolio of compliance controls and security solutions.

These include risk management, data security, Identity governance, identity and access management, and cloud security.

Government, healthcare, financial services, and education are just a few of the areas that Saviynt’s extensive solution portfolio can serve.

Some features are user access reviews, multi-factor authentication, access control and authorization, data encryption and tokenization, access control, and analytics.

Saviynt IGA

Cloud for Enterprise IGA is a cloud-native, continuous compliance monitoring solution that helps organizations achieve rapid time to value with minimal disruption.

Modern IGA Saviynt Implementation Benefits Enterprises use Identity Governance and Management to Reduce risk and fraud.

Enforce organizational compliance controls Manage third-party access Protect sensitive data Ensure continued service delivery

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built identity governance and management platform is built to deliver complete audibility into access decisions. These controls improve the organization’s ability to demonstrate compliance in its access decisions.

Identity governance and Administration help organizations meet the following goals:

Simplify Application Onboarding

Saviynt’s solution simplifies application onboarding by reducing or eliminating common onboarding challenges, such as a lack of visibility, controls, and automation.

Modern Identity Governance and Management

Saviynt’s cloud-architected and cloud-built identity governance and management platform deliver modern Identity Governance and Management capabilities, including industry-recognized compliance controls.

Simplify Data Protection

Saviynt’s data protection capabilities, such as data access governance and intelligence and protection code spam, help organizations to meet the increasing demand for data access transparency and control.

Improve Third-Party Access Management

Saviynt’s third-party access management capabilities, such as third-party access request management, increase an organization’s control of third-party access.

IAM Saviynt

Cloud customer success platform, housed within Saviynt Platform, is the first and only platform to deliver an integrated solution for on-premise and cloud customers.

This solution helps companies leverage their business priorities and solve their most pressing business challenges by combining Identity Governance, application access, and data access into a single platform.

Saviynt ‘s platform eliminates the complexity of deploying multiple solutions by providing a seamless user experience across various apps and clouds.

Saviynt is different from its competitors because it provides a single, integrated platform for your identity governance and secure application access.

Saviynt offers the best application access for IT administrators and business users to secure their applications, desktops, and mobile devices.

Saviynt provides automatic segregation of duty (SOD) violations, which reduces the risk of business corruption and increases customer trust.

Saviynt enables continuous compliance by monitoring application access, identities, and data access across different applications and infrastructures to ensure compliance risks are identified and resolved immediately.

Saviynt offers AI-powered Application Accessibility insights to improve user experience and reduce security risks.

Saviynt’s Identity Access and Management (IAM) platform includes a comprehensive feature set that gives enterprises the tools they need to manage user access throughout their entire IT environment efficiently.

Saviynt access management for securing the vital knowledge you need to keep your organization running smoothly. With a broad set of features, including:

Identity Governance

Capabilities for managing user access, detecting and preventing security threats, and ensuring compliance across different systems.

Access Control

Manages user access rights and privileges across many systems and applications using automated access control.


Multi-factor authentication with various layers of protection to guarantee only the correct people have access.


Automated user, role, and resource provisioning across different platforms.

Auditing and Compliance

Automated auditing and compliance checks to guarantee that all user access is by security policies.


Advanced analytics to provide insights into user access habits and spot anomalies for further inquiry.

Saviynt’s easy-to-use interface makes it fast and easy for users to discover and protect their access to critical information.

Saviynt Cloud PAM

Saviynt Cloud PAM helps you secure your most valuable assets in minutes without compromising your users’ productivity.

The Saviynt PAM helps you to empower your users by simplifying the access request and approval process. This allows your users to stay productive while staying secure.

Benefits of the Saviynt PAM include

You are simplifying your business ecosystem with a single identity management solution.

Empower your users with powerful self-service capabilities.

Mitigate the risks of business disruption with seamless compliance.

The Saviynt PAM helps you by unifying identity access management with application access management in a single solution.

Saviynt’s integration with GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) solutions helps improve your organization’s risk profile and keep your business running smoothly.

Why is the cloud a security threat, and how Saviynt Technology resolves it?

Saviynt is a leader in cloud security for the enterprise’s modern organization. With unique cloud security intelligence, it helps customers manage their exposure to risk and manage risk in their environment, so they can focus on running their businesses.

Built for the cloud and designed for security, Saviynt is an intelligent and proven platform for security success.



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