What is SailPoint and What is SailPoint IdentityIQ Module [2024]

In this blog, we will go over the different advantages that IdentityNow software provides to businesses. Let’s get into it, stating What is SailPoint and SailPoint IIQ is?

Overview and Introduction of SailPoint – What is SailPoint?

SailPoint is leader in identity security for the cloud enterprise. More than 500 of the world’s largest organizations trust in SailPoint to secure their modern enterprise against cyber threats.

SailPoint enables its customers to stay ahead of the evolving security challenges by providing open Identity Security Solutions that manage and control access to all applications and data across today’s hybrid IT environment.

SailPoint Definition or Define Sailpoint

Organizations may secure, monitor, and regulate user access to apps and data using the identity and access management (IAM) platform Sailpoint. It aids businesses in efficiently managing identity governance, provisioning, and adherence to different legal requirements. In order to guarantee that the appropriate individuals have access to the appropriate resources at the appropriate time, businesses can utilize the platform to automate user onboarding, access requests, and access reviews.

SailPoint Technology Holdings, Inc. delivers enterprise identity governance, which gives organizations visibility and control of who has access to what in the IT infrastructure.

The company provides software solutions that provide actionable insights into the current state of identity management processes and solutions for identity governance management and compliance.

SailPoint Technologies holds the identity governance platform category with its IdentityIQ product, with an additional segment dedicated to compliance solutions.

The company has received recognition for being the leader in the identity governance market and the fastest-growing company in the identity management and governance market.

The product enables organizations to develop a personalized identity strategy that takes into account an individual’s identity data, behavioral patterns, and access preferences.

The company also offers an on-premises solution, IdentityIQ, and a cloud-based solution, IdentityNow, which uses predictive identity technologies.

What does SailPoint do and What is SailPoint used for?

SailPoint is used for enterprise identity governance as well as access management. It can be used as an identity governance platform to provide automated access certifications, open up opportunities for manual review and process changes, and reduce the risk of fraud and compliance issues.

SailPoint can also be used as an identity management platform for provisioning and de-provisioning users on mobile devices and periodic certifications.

All enterprise applications that need to provision users are written by the application owners in accordance with the identity governance strategy implemented by the organization.

The default SailPoint provisioning solution built into the platform provides a basic user management solution without any organizational configurations, such that application owners can integrate their existing solutions into the platform.

How does SailPoint technology work?

SailPoint provides three essential provisioning solutions, which can be configured by the organization and used for different deployment scenarios. The solutions are not compatible with each other. They have to be upgraded to use the latest version of IdentityIQ SailPoint.

It can be used to build governance architectures, provisioning, and compliance solutions for applications, data, and cloud resources. It can also manage access to cloud resources and IAM services.

What is SailPoint IdentityIQ?

IdentityIQ is an IAM product that integrates directly with IdentityNow. This integration allows customers to manage identities and access applications and data using a single platform.

It also allows customers to integrate data from multiple sources to deliver a single view of Identity and access-related data.

Integrating IdentityIQ with IdentityNow allows customers to do much more than manage identities and access for an organization.

They can now manage data access, secure it in the same way, and manage Identity and access for both applications and data, all using one platform.

SailPoint IIQ is a computer software solution for identity management. It allows you to automate access approval processes and allows users to request access to resources with a touchpoint. IIQ SailPoint will allow you to manage user access to applications and data across IT resources.

It will also help you ensure compliance with clear visibility into your organization’s data and access requests.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Architecture

IdentityIQ architecture is scalable, reliable, and secure. IdentityIQ has a core control tier and various data storage levels. One IdentityIQ Server controls all IdentityIQ product functions in the control tier.

The control tier database holds all user and system data. Control tier manages IdentityIQ processes, including provisioning requests. The IdentityIQ control tier supports many users, apps, and systems.

The IdentityIQ control tier stores user and system data in a database. Installation configuration determines database. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2 are databases. IdentityIQ uses the database using JDBC APIs.

IdentityIQ keeps each managed application’s data on an application data layer. Application-specific tiers include databases, file systems, and LDAP directories. IdentityIQ controls the application data tier using application-specific connections.

IdentityIQ uses the application data tier to model its applications, including attribute values.

Why Sailpoint IdentityIQ & What are the Benefits of SailPoint IdentityIQ?

SailPoint IdentityIQ is designed to provide a unified identity governance approach that will link all access requests, compliance controls, and compliance events. It will help organizations minimize identity risk and identify risk indicators.

SailPoint IdentityIQ provides an end-to-end identity governance solution. It includes all the necessary components to enable and validate user access, manage access and security policies, enforce compliance with risk-based controls, and generate detailed reports.

It has integrated modules to meet compliance and governance requirements. It also has good support for automation and the cloud.

It is business-oriented and it focuses on managing user access to systems, applications, and data.

IdentityIQ is cost-effective and it can be used with any technology and any infrastructure.

It is flexible and it can connect to many applications and devices.

SailPoint IdentityIQ has good integration with other applications.

What are the advantages of SailPoint technology?

The following are the several advantages offered by SailPoint technology.

Scalability and Flexibility

As business demands change, SailPoint technology enables you to scale up or down fast and simply.

SailPoint provides a complete identity and access management platform with strong security and compliance capabilities.


Automated workflows and procedures eliminate the need for manual labour and human error, which can boost productivity and cut expenses.

SailPoint has strong analytics and reporting features to help you keep an eye on user activity, spot potential security issues, and learn more about user behavior.


SailPoint’s identification platform is made to interface with a variety of other programs, networks, and systems. You may handle IDs across several systems and places more easily as a result.

Cost Savings

By minimizing manual chores and boosting operational effectiveness, SailPoint’s identification platform provides cost savings in terms of time, resources, and money.

What are the disadvantages of SailPoint technology?

The following are the several disadvantages of using SailPoint technology.

Limited Integration Capabilities

SailPoint’s limited capacity to integrate with other identity management systems is one of its key drawbacks. This implies that businesses intending to utilize SailPoint SaaS management to manage users’ identities across several platforms will need to individually set up each integration.

Complex Configuration

SailPoint is a complex system that needs to be properly configured and maintained by a technical professional.

Expensive License

SailPoint is a commercial solution, thus larger organizations may find the licensing fees prohibitive.

Limited Assistance

SailPoint only provides a limited amount of documentation and does not offer this may be a problem.

What is SailPoint and how to use SailPoint?

SailPoint cloud access management is an identity management solution that aids organizations to manage employee access to corporate applications and data. It allows monitoring user access to systems and documents to ensure compliance with security and privacy regulations.

The software can also be used as a digital identity system to authenticate users and provide access to automated solutions.

SailPoint software is commonly used by organizations to provide the following solutions.

Access Certification and Management.

Password Management.

Identity Governance.

Access Risk Management.

Child Identity Provisioning.

Financial Management Self-service.

Email Security.

File Access Management.

Interactive Transcription.

Online Training.

SailPoint Online Training.

How to use SailPoint software:

Organizations utilize SailPoint technology to manage access to their IT systems and data. It can aid businesses in the management of user accounts, the provisioning and de-provisioning of access, and the auditing of user access.

It also provides an identity-driven security approach that assists enterprises in risk management, cost reduction, and user productivity.

To use SailPoint technology, organizations must first go through the SailPoint IIQ installation process, which installs the software and configures it to match their specific needs. Assigning roles, setting access limits, and mapping user accounts are all part of this process. After configuring the software, businesses can begin creating user accounts, assigning access rights, and monitoring user activities.

SailPoint technology can also be used to automate access management procedures such as user provisioning and de-provisioning.

This can help to reduce human labor and streamline the user access management process. It can also be used to monitor user activities and identify any security vulnerabilities or questionable conduct.

It can also be combined with other systems, such as directory services, to help organizations control user access. This can assist firms in ensuring that user access is uniform across all systems and that access is allowed in compliance with the security policy of the organization.

SailPoint Tool is a powerful software that has all information about passwords, credentials, access requests, users, groups, and entitlements, in short, it is a powerful tool for the management of Identity.

SailPoint Tool is the most popular framework for Identity Governance. It is an automated way to manage identities. It helps to reduce the risk of inconsistencies, improves efficiency, and reduces the cost of management. SailPoint Tool is software that is suitable for big companies.

SailPoint  Identity IQ service or modules

SailPoint offers a number of services that are intended to assist businesses in controlling access to their IT infrastructure and apps while maintaining security and compliance. Among these services are:

SailPoint  Identity IQ (IIQ): IIQ enables organizations to manage access entitlements, provision, and de-provision user accounts, monitor access activity, and enforce compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

IIQ includes a suite of modules that provide features such as user provisioning, role-based access control, identity certification, identity analytics and reporting, auditing and compliance reporting, and user self-service.

SailPoint  Identity Governance and Administration (IGA): SailPoint IIQ offers Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solutions to assist enterprises in managing their digital identities.

An all-inclusive framework for managing identities, access, security, and compliance is provided by IGA. It allows businesses to fully automate the management and governance of identities, access, and compliance.

SailPoint  Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM): From onboarding and offboarding to provisioning and de-provisioning, ILM assists enterprises in managing the whole user identity lifecycle.

SailPoint  Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence (IA/RI): IA/RI enables businesses to recognize, track down, and take action in the event of potential security threats and regulatory infractions.

SailPoint  IAM (Identity and Access Management): IAM offers a full range of solutions for controlling user access to systems, applications, and data.

Identity and Access Governance (IAG): IAG assists businesses in ensuring adherence to internal and external rules, regulations, and controls.

Identity Security and Compliance (ISC): Organizations may examine, monitor, and react to threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance concerns with the help of Identity Security and Compliance (ISC).

Identity and Access Security (IAS): IAS is a group of security controls that safeguard user identities, authentication, and access to information and systems. IAS guarantees that only authorized users have access to the resources they need and stops unauthorized parties from viewing sensitive data.

SailPoint and SailPoint IdentityIQ Tutorial

Following the SailPoint Tutorials helps you understand the concepts quickly and aids in your practice sessions.

There is massive scope for SailPoint Identity IQ in today’s market. Many Organizations are widely using this technology. Thus, knowledge and experience in technology assist with career growth and job opportunities.

This could be possible with great effort and training. Thus get familiar with the SailPoint Identity IQ platform by accessing Sailpoint Identity IQ tutorials and Sailpoint training videos. Learn the basics of SailPoint Identity IQ architecture and explore the different components of SailPoint Identity IQ.

What are the best ways to learn SailPoint?

There are numerous SailPoint online courses that offer a thorough examination of the SailPoint platform and its features. These courses address a variety of subjects, including provisioning, access control, and identity management.

You may learn the platform more rapidly by following SailPoint blogs, forums, and SailPoint tutorials, as well as by keeping up with the most recent SailPoint training videos, news, and best practices.

Finding SailPoint-specific blogs and forums can be a fantastic way to learn about new features and obtain suggestions from experienced users.

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