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In this blog, CyberArk Certification, you will learn about the Types of CyberArk Certificates, certificate exam, CyberArk certificate cost & many more related to CyberArk Certification.

About CyberArk?

CyberArk is a security tool used to secure privileged accounts through password management.

Since CyberArk tool provides real-time password updates, it becomes easy to implement password management in organizations.

It removes the necessity of maintaining passwords by using a tool and ensures security for all accounts by just employing one tool.

CyberArk tool is used in energy, healthcare, financial services, retail, etc. It reduces time required for password management and minimizes the chances of error in password management.

Types of CyberArk Certification

Cyberark certificate is an authentication certificate issued to the client through a server. The client sends this certificate during an authentication process.

Cyberark certification authority issues an authentication certificate to a client.

Following are the types of CyberArk certifications:

Defender Certification

Defender certification holder proves to be an expertise of Enterprise security solutions that provides automated detection and remediation of malicious and privileged accounts through the analysis of high-risk accounts’ passwords.

It also provides an integrated platform for the assessment and management of all security accounts and passwords.

Sentry Certification

A professional certification programme called CyberArk Sentry was created to verify the abilities and expertise of CyberArk users and administrators.

CyberArk Sentry is intended to assist businesses in ensuring that their technical team is capable of securely and successfully managing CyberArk products and solutions.

CyberArk Certified Administrator (CCA) and CyberArk Certified Engineer (CCE) are the two tiers of Sentry certification programme.

The installation, configuration, and administration of CyberArk products are all covered by CCA, which is a fundamental certification.

An exclusive certification programme, CyberArk Certified Expert (CCE) programme honours individuals who have proven their proficiency in the implementation, use, and upkeep of Privileged Access Security solutions from CyberArk.

Guardian Certificate

Those who have earned this certification have demonstrated extensive knowledge of several CyberArk systems and the ability to combine organizational architecture and identity security strategy.

You can enroll users not part of your organization’s network and manage them with a Guardian certificate. Third-party certificate authorities, sometimes called CAs, are responsible for issuing guardian certificates.

CyberArk is responsible for providing the infrastructure necessary to register and authenticate Guardians. Unless otherwise stated, all Guardian certificates’ enrollment and authentication processes utilize the same password.

If a user has been registered with a Guardian certificate, they will be able to use the same certificate to log in to PAS web portal once it is available. This is a case even when a different password is supplied. 

CyberArk Salaries in the United States:

What Is the Demand for CyberArk?

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Is CyberArk certification worth it?

Yes, the CyberArk Certificate is worth it because it will be very beneficial in future prospects.

How hard is CyberArk Certification?

CyberArk offers multiple levels of certification.

Defender certification is the entry-level certification offered by them; others are Sentry and Trustee. The Sentry and Trustee certifications are considered as a most coveted and difficult to obtain.

Trustee certification is offered only to the partners of CyberArk, and Sentry is provided to both the partners and the employees of CyberArk. Getting a Sentry certification is considered a significant achievement in an enterprise; not many people have been able to get it.

CyberArk Trustee certification is the most difficult one can get, and only a few have achieved it.

Trustee certification exam is challenging. The Defender and Sentry certification exam is easy, and one can get it by preparing for a week.

However, one must prepare for at least three months to crack the exam for a Trustee certification. 

What is the cost of CyberArk Certification?

The usual rate for CyberArk certification exam is around US$200-$400. Nonetheless, some businesses provide exclusive deals to their staff and members.

CyberArk Certification Exam?

CyberArk exclusively offers the CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer (CCDE) test for certification.

The test assesses a candidate’s knowledge and competence to implement and manage CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution.

Certification seekers should have at least two years of knowledge in a Privileged Access Security Solution Function.

The examination consists of multiple-choice and performance-based questions and covers installation, configuration, troubleshooting, tuning, and integration, among other subjects.

How to get CyberArk Certificate?

CyberArk Certified Professional (CCP) program is the most comprehensive certification program for protecting privileged accounts and confidential information.

To become certified, you must pass an online exam administered by CyberArk. Additionally, you must complete a training course that covers the following topics:

CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution

Architecture and Deployment

Operations and Maintenance

Password Management

Compliance and Audit

Privileged Attack Mitigation

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics

Integration and Orchestration

After completion of a training course, you will be eligible to take up CCP exam. Upon completing the exam, you will receive your CyberArk Certified Professional certificate.

What is the pattern of the CyberArk Certification Exam?

We will generally see multiple-choice questions as a pattern for the certification exam.

CyberArk Certification Exam is multiple choice and consists of 100 questions.

You have a total time of 90 minutes to complete the exam.

You must achieve a minimum score of 80 to pass the exam.

All questions are of equal value and carry similar marks. All the questions have four choices, and you must choose the most suitable option. The time left for a question will appear on the screen. 

The CyberArk Certification Exam is challenging, and one must prepare well in advance. There is no negative marking in CyberArk Certification Exam.



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