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The CyberArk Certification Program allows a variety of benefits to those who want perception for their professional expertise.


The CyberArk Certification Program hosted and invigilated by Pearson VUE*, gives multi-level enterprise certifications including privileged account security.


CyberArk grants certifications outlined for several positions and experience, individually introducing high-level documents and challenging exams. You can achieve up to the level that best straightens with your reliability and career goals.


CyberArk grants 4 levels of certifications intended to afford escalating levels of proficiency and immersion:


Level 1: Trustee


This certification reveals, the associates to the position of privileged accounts in the threat and privileged account security solutions to decrease hazard and defend businesses.


  • The Exam is web-based and contains 18 questions of multiple-choice
  • The exam is not clocked and you can reattempt it several times as required to earn a Good/passing score.







In anticipation for the CyberArk Trustee certification, you need to get trained the “CyberArk Privileged Account Security” program open online.




The CyberArk Trustee certification program is prepared for everyone who is fascinated in determining privileged account security. It is extremely suggested for any expert who will be part of a CyberArk project: IT personnel, Network Engineers, Project Managers, etc. Achievement of the exam is needed for entry in other CyberArk training programs.


Level 2: Defender




This certification gives the technical skills and practical knowledge to sustain day-to-day procedures, and assist the on-going execution of the CyberArk privileged account security solution.



Exam Pattern


  • The exam consists of 40 questions of multiple-choice
  • Exam Duration: 90 mins, fee is $200 USD.
  • Passing score should be 70%


For this Defender certification you should be complete the administration level course CyberArk PAS (Privileged Account Security).




  • The Defender Certification is planned for
  • IT professional who are working with the CyberArk PAS Solution on a regular basis
  • IT Personnel whoever can afford 1st level aid for the products
  • IT Personnel whoever can make primary configuration settings to the system
  • Whoever are able to open a support ticket with CyberArk 2nd level assistance




Trustee Level – 1 Certification


Level 3: Sentry




The Sentry (Level 3) certification path affords members with the tools to install, configure, deploy, and a primary structure of the CyberArk PAS Solution.



Enroll for CyberArk Training Course


Exam Pattern:


  • The exam consists of 40 questions of multiple-choice.
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes and fee are $200 USD.
  • Passing score should be at least 70%.




The Sentry Certification is designed for IT professional who will be able to deploy the CyberArk PSS and who are interested to improve their experience of the CyberArk PAS solution.




Level -2 certification Defender


Level 4: Guardian




Winners of this certification had declared their excellent skills with the several CyberArk solutions and their capability to connect organizational structure with PAS strategy.


By this certification achievement the engineer will be able to implement primary consulting services like deployment of CyberArk.



If you wish to get the CyberArk Guardian certification, please assure that you have to complete the following pre-requisites and have to email your CV to [email protected]




Certification Fee: 2,250 USD




  • Introduction to CyberArk Privileged Accounts and/or Trustee
  • CyberArk (PAS) Privileged Account Security Defender/ Administration
  • CyberArk Privileged Account Security (PAS) Sentry/Install and Configure


3 or more of the below courses


  • EPM Fundamentals
  • Advanced AIM
  • Conjur Fundamentals
  • CPM Plugin & PSM Connector Development
  • Advanced PM
  • PTA Fundamentals


Required Credentials


  • 2 years’ experience deploying CyberArk with large deployments
  • CISSP or equivalent





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