Ping Identity Certification- Top 10 Points to consider Before Certification Exam

This blog will teach you about many sorts of Ping Identity certificates and certification exams. Let us get started:

What Is Ping Identity and How Does Ping Identity Work?

Ping Identity is an enterprise identity management and access control system that assists enterprises in the process of protecting and managing the identities of their users across a wide variety of applications and devices.

Customers are provided with an experience known as single sign-on (SSO), which enables them to access a variety of applications via a centralized and user-friendly platform.

In addition to this, it gives administrators the ability to control who can access their applications and resources.

Ping Identity is an identity and access management (IAM) system that is hosted in the cloud and provides users with the ability to gain safe, unified access to apps hosted both on-premises and in the cloud.

It also provides administrators with extensive control and management tools for user access.

Administrators can create new user accounts, edit existing ones, delete user accounts, assign users roles and permissions, and restrict access to applications.

In addition to this, they can monitor user activity, create customized access controls and constraints, and identify any security risks.


Types Of Ping Identity Certification

Ping Certified Identity Professional (PCIP):

This certification is intended to help individuals demonstrate their expertise in the field of identity management and security.

Ping Certified Identity Associate (PCIA):

This certification is intended to assist people in demonstrating that they have an awareness of identity management and security principles.

Ping Certified Identity Solutions (PCIS):

This certification is aimed to assist professionals to show their technical expertise in the area of identity management and security. It is offered by Ping.

Ping Certified Identity Professional Plus (PCIPP):

This certification is intended to assist individuals in demonstrating their expertise in the field of identity management and security, in addition to advanced topics such as identity federation, single sign-on, and risk assessment. It is designed to help individuals demonstrate their knowledge in these areas.

Ping Certified Identity Security (PCISec):

This certification is intended to assist people to show that they have a grasp of risk management and identity security.

Who should get Ping Identity certification?

Ping Identity accreditation would benefit anyone who works with identity-related technology such as identity and access management, authentication, federation, and single sign-on.

And also for those who are intended for professionals who are in charge of designing, implementing, and managing identity and access management solutions.

These certificates are appropriate for system administrators, information technology professionals, software developers, security architects, and other IT people who wish to demonstrate their expertise in identity-related technology.

Ping Identity Salaries in The United States

Is ping identity worth it OR Value of the ping identity Certificate

It also provides enterprises with the ability to guarantee that their identity and security solutions are executed correctly, safely, and effectively, which is still another advantage.


Those individuals who are interested in working in business identity management and access control systems or who want to expand their existing knowledge and capabilities in this field may find that obtaining a Ping identity certification is a worthwhile investment.

This is especially true for those individuals who have an interest in working in these areas.

By earning a certification in Ping identity, professionals may demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and abilities required to successfully deploy and administer Ping identity systems.

This may also boost a professional’s career chances by making them more marketable in the competitive job market.

This is accomplished by elevating their level of expertise to that of an industry leader. They will find it easier and faster to get employment as a result of this.

It is crucial to bear in mind that Certification alone may not be sufficient to assure success in a company’s identity management and access control system. Keeping this in mind is essential.

How Hard Is Ping Identity Certificate?

Earning a Ping Identity Certificate is not a very challenging task.

Certification at this level is appropriate for those who are just beginning their careers in the identity and access management sector.

You are required to achieve a passing score on the Ping Identity Fundamentals exam to become certified in this field.

This test covers a variety of subjects, including authentication, authorization, access control, identity federation, and more.

Because everyone has unique prior knowledge and experience with the subjects being tested, the level of difficulty of the examination differs from person to person.

Nonetheless, you may get yourself ready for this test by going over the material that is covered in the study guide and by participating in several mock tests.

In addition, there are a large number of tools that can be found online that may assist folks in learning the content and being ready for the test.

This certification is an entry-level certification. Individuals are required to get a passing score on the Ping Identity Foundations examination to earn this certification.

Ping Identity Cost

The price of a Ping Identity certificate varies according on the kind of certificate as well as the number of domains or subdomains that the certificate is designed to protect.

Ping Identity Certificate Exam

Ping Identity exclusively offers  Ping Identity Certified Professional for certification.

The candidate’s knowledge and ability to develop and operate the system are evaluated through this exam.

Candidates for PingFederate certification are evaluated based on their ability to articulate how to carry out fundamental installation and configuration procedures.

The procedures of identity management, authentication, authorization, and federation are all included in the Ping Identity Certificate.

It is a system for managing identities and access that is hosted in the cloud and offers businesses assistance in managing people, apps, and data safely.

How to get a ping identity certificate?

Ping Identity provides several certificates, each of which differs according to the job you play and the product you are using.

You are required to get a certain score on a test that focuses on the product or technology that you are currently using to obtain certification.

To be qualified for the certification, you could additionally be required to complete a training course or demonstrate that you have previous experience working with the requisite product or technology.

Certification is available from Ping Identity for a variety of products and technologies, such as Ping Access, Ping Federate, Ping Directory, and Ping Data Governance.

Ping Identity certification process

It is crucial, just as it is with any other software product, to guarantee that users of Ping Identity have the skills necessary to utilize it properly.

Ping Identity certification can be obtained in person or remotely via the internet. Courses leading to certification can be taken in person at a variety of places across the world.

The tests are intended to evaluate the user’s familiarity with the software and require a score of at least 80 percent in order for the user to pass.

A certificate of completion is given to the user once all of the tests have been passed, and this certificate can then be used by the user to apply for more advanced certification courses.

You may also be required to have previous experience working with the product or technology to be eligible for some certifications, as well as attend a training session that is offered by Ping Identity.

Upon successful completion of the examination, you will be awarded a certification that remains active for a period of two years.

You will be required to retake the test every two years to keep your certification current, or you may enroll in a training session that Ping Identity offers instead.

For getting a certificate you need to complete a training course and the following are the topics:

  • Installation and Initial Configuration.
  • User Interface.
  • Server Administration.
  • Attribute Mapping.
  • SSO Connections. 


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