Ping Federate Interview Questions and Answers

Given below are Pingfederate interview questions and answers: 

  1. What is PingFederate?

PingFederate is an endeavor alliance worker that empowers client verification and single sign-on. It fills in as a worldwide validation authority that permits workers, clients, and accomplices to safely get to every one of the applications they need from any gadget.

  1. What is PingFederate SAML?

PingFederate is a venture-level alliance worker that furnishes clients with secure admittance to applications from any gadget.

  1. How can you install PingFederate?

Suppose the wellspring of the past establishment is the PingFederate Windows Installer, download and run the new installer to overhaul. Download and concentrate the item dissemination ZIP document to the ideal area on a Linux-based worker and physically arrange the framework administration for PingFederate.

  1. What is PingFederate used for?

PingFederate is a venture alliance worker that empowers client validation and single sign-on. It fills in as a worldwide confirmation authority that permits workers, clients, and accomplices to safely get to every one of the applications they need from any gadget.

  1. Is PingFederate an identity provider?

Identity Provider Initiated SSO

With PingFederate, undertakings can smooth out how their labor force gets to the entirety of their corporate applications. A solitary arrangement of qualifications gives the workers admittance to a corporate dock where they can open every one of their applications with a solitary snap.

  1. What benefits do we get from PingFederate?

PingFederate offers clients consistent asset access and dispenses with uncertain secret word expansion. Lessen the danger of unapproved access and stranded records by utilizing PingFederate for provisioning and de-provisioning clients.

  1. How does PingFederate SSO work?

The confirmation worker checks the certifications against the index where client information is put away and starts an SSO meeting on the client’s program. … The personality supplier gives an entrance token and the specialist o

organization awards access while never indicating screen to the client. 

  1. What features are there in PingFederate?

Here are some features which are available in PingFederate:

  • SSO and identity federation.
  • Registration, profile management, and password reset.
  • Adaptive authentication policies.
  • Social login and account linking.
  1. How do PingFederate works?

PingFederate is an undertaking alliance worker that empowers client verification and single sign-on. It fills in as a worldwide verification authority that permits workers, clients, and accomplices to safely get to every one of the applications they need from any gadget.

  1. What is WS- Federation?

PingFederate supports the WS-Federation Passive Requestor Profile for SP-initiated SSO, empowering interoperability with Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). This profile accommodates direct diverts, what’s more, HTTP GET and POST techniques to move SAML affirmations as security

tokens for SSO and logout solicitation and response messages for SLO.

  1. What are the supported Federation Standards?

Here are some supported Federation standards that are:

  • SAML
  • WS-Federation
  • WS-Trust
  • OAuth
  • OpenID
  • OpenID Connect
  1. What is mobile and API security in PingFederate?

Secure your APIs utilizing mature personality principles just as cutting-edge validation and approval conventions.

  1. How does PingFederate integrate?

PingFederate effectively coordinates with existing IAM systems and is easy to arrange for the fast organization. It consistently coordinates with the remainder of the Ping Identity Platform to give an extensive venture answer for conveying secure and consistent computerized encounters for your workers, accomplices, and customers.

  1. What is PingFederate certificate?

Ping Identity Certified Professional. The Ping Identity Certified Professional – PingFederate confirmation estimates the applicant’s capacity to depict how to perform essential establishment and arrangement errands.

  1. What does PingFederate do?

By coordinating storehouses of personalities and applications inside the endeavor, across accomplices, and into the cloud, PingFederate empowers SSO and character organization. Enrollment, profile the board, and secret key reset—versatile validation arrangements.

  1. What is the difference between PingOne and PingFederate?

PingOne is a cloud-based help, and you would have to coordinate your application to it as a SaaS application. PingFederate is programming that you would run on your server farm or a cloud stage. You would confirm your application to PingFederate and arrange a Service supplier IdP association.

  1. How does PingFederate allow SiteMinder for the organization?
  • Decrease the expense and season of Internet SSO execution by 90%
  • Improve access by utilizing existing SiteMinder validation
  • Decrease security hazards related to SSO over the Internet
  • Provide secure Internet SSO for all associations.
  1. How does PingFederate help to modernize an enterprise’s application portfolio to include SaaS apps and APIs?

Through PingFederate’s setting-based validation approaches, tokens are given to SaaS applications as SAML declarations or guidelines-based SSO. For APIs, PingFederate provides all entrances with tickets to OAuth-empower or indeed character empower API calls that are produced using an OAuth customer to some backend API asset.

  1. How do PingFederate and Ping Access communicate with each other?

In a couple of ways, and utilizing open norms however much as could be expected, it very well may be an API security use situation where Ping Access is going about as an OAuth asset worker ensuring APIs, and PingFederate is the OAuth approval worker. Another utilization case would be Ping Access and PingFederate support for web access for the executives. Regulatory astute calls among Ping Access and PingFederate through administrator APIs over HTTPS get all that sorcery going.

  1. Is there an automated way of migrating a dev environment of PingFederate to production?

You can altogether prearrange the whole activity; it doesn’t need to be manual. While moving an SP association in PingFederate from an organizing dev climate into creation, there are administrator APIs where you can, without much of a stretch inquiry the association, we get a JSON portrayal of that, and afterward, present it on a creative climate.

  1. Is it possible to coordinate session timing between PingFederate and PingAccess?

PingFederate and PingAccess work freely, by and large; however, we use OpenID Connect to bootstrap the PingAccess meeting. You can install it in that meeting, and you can implant an entrance token in there, so PingAccess occasionally refreshes revive credits inside the meeting token. It can likewise do renouncement checks and break sliding.

  1. What are Bundled token plug-ins in PingFederate?

PingFederate is introduced with token processors for an IdP arrangement that also acknowledges, approves SAML 1.1 and 2.0 tokens.

For an SP arrangement, token generators are accommodated, giving neighborhood SAML 1.1 or

2.0 tokens (approaching SAML tokens are approved, by and by, by utilizing worked in


  1. What is identity mapping in PingFederate?

Identity mapping is at the center of identity federation. One of the essential goals of

SAML is to give way to a personality supplier (IdP) to send a safe token (the statement) containing client character data that a specialist co-op (SP) can decipher, or map, to neighborhood client stores. (For more information about SAML, see the “support Standards” section in Getting Started.)

  1. What do Certificates, SSL, and XML Encryption do in PingFederate?

This segment depicts the PingFederate security foundation that backs scrambled informing, endorsements, and computerized marking. These capacities are incorporated into PingFederate’s design screens to give unlimited authority over endorsement age and confirmation check.

  1. What is transaction logging in PingFederate?

PingFederate provides basic transaction logging and observing. Choose whether exchange logging should be incorporated with a system management application and regardless of whether you have administrative consistency requirements that affect your logging processes.




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