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Sailpoint Training in Hyderabad, India

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Sailpoint Course Description:

Sailpoint Training is designed for Sailpoint users who wish to advance their careers by gaining wider recognition for their technical expertise. Our instructors will guide you through the process of constructing your own infrastructure from the ground up. You will gain real-world experience and be prepared to take on any implementation projects that come your way. In addition to Sailpoint Online training, we also offer practical experience through real-world projects and use cases.

Become an expert in deploying SailPoint IdentityIQ with the help of our SailPoint Certified trainer.

The SailPoint Certification is a competency-based training programme that equips participants with a solution-oriented perspective on managing employee permissions, information security, digital identities, data access, and compliance.

This SailPoint IdentityIQ training is meant to improve your employment prospects in the Identity Management sector by teaching you how to use the industry standard technology, SailPoint IdentityIQ.

You will learn about the IdentityIQ architecture and its core features, the application onboarding process and correlation, executive troubleshooting, debugging, and control, and the workflows, reports, provisioning broker, and engine that will allow you to develop your full SailPoint IIQ potential.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Training consists of three core modules: Implementation, Administration, and Development, and is intended to prepare participants for a variety of positions within the SailPoint organisation.

Sailpoint’s IdentityIQ is a cutting-edge Identity and Access Management (IAM) system that provides a streamlined method for understanding “Who Has Access to What” in your company’s most sensitive information.

You may learn about SailPoint features like identity, access control for provisioning, and governance through our online and classroom training.

Implementation, Administration, and Development are the three main modules of our Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Developer training programme, which was specifically created to prepare you for a variety of SailPoint responsibilities.

With the help of SailPoint’s identity management solutions, you can take action and get a clear picture of who is doing what and what type of danger it poses. It connects people, applications, data, and devices to create an identity-enabled company that gives you the power to select the best solutions for growing your business.


✅Lifetime access ✅Lifetime video access
✅Real-time case studies ✅The project integrated into the Curriculum
✅24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Course Content

1. Introduction to IIQ, IAM and IDM

IIQ trend report from Google

Why IIQ is necessary with a real-world example

IIQ: Is It Real or Just a Hype?

In what position is Sailpoint? (Compared to other competitors)

Comparison and Competitor Trend Report from Google

Sailpoint’s job listings on Naukri and Monster

Salary data from Payscale and Indeed

a guide to the course material.

2. What is Sailpoint ?

A brief SailPoint demo that features a live project


What exactly does SailPoint Training entail?

Important tool features and shortcuts

SailPoint’s tool categories (Walkthrough)

Which type of architecture is used: SOA, client-server, or cloud

the SailPoint Cloud.

3. Installation of Sailpoint and Virtual Machine

Assisted Systems (Is Mac, Linux, or Windows supported?)

What Would Be the Alternative? Supported (Virtualbox)

Accessible Databases

combining with other tools


4. Sailpoint Interface overview

How do IdentityIQ Global Settings work?

Setup instructions for IdentityIQ

a general overview of identity mapping and login configuration

Account Mappings & Account Attributes: What Are They?

How do I configure Application Attributes?

Catalog Attributes for Entitlement

Forms Quicklink Populations Configuration of Roles

Dimensions and Duration

Configuring the host and the audit

Steps for importing data from a file.

5. Lifecycle Manager Installation

What is Lifecycle Manager

Setup instructions for Lifecycle Manager

Full-Text Searching Config Instructions

Making Direct Links to IdentityIQ.

6. Applications and its Configure

What does Sailpoint’s application mean?

Application ReConfiguration – Edit Application Page.

7. How to Define Home Page Quick Links

How do Quick Links work?

Definition and management of Quick Links

Dynamic Scope QuickLink Advanced Option.

8. Email Templates IdentityIQ

What are email templates and what are some examples of their use?

Getting to the Templates

Utilizing IdentityIQ to import email templates

Connecting Templates and Events

handling XML email templates.

9. Workflows

Workflow Terminology

Critical Workflow Objects

various work processes Operations

Workflows: How to start them

IdentityIQ’s default processes.

10. Using the Business Process Editor with Workflows

Create and Edit Workflows

Process Editor Tabs.

11.Edit Workflow XML

Getting to the XMLs

Describe Dollar. Syntax for Sign Reference

Workflow Library Methods XML Contents

Keeping track of several Workflows.

12. Advanced Workflow Topics

How to configure loops within workflows and what they are

Working with Tasks and Workflows to Launch Workflows

Workflow forms: what are they?

13. Forms in Sailpoint

How to Specify Custom Forms

Definition of Form Components Form Examples & Form Models.

14. What are Tasks in Sailpoint?

Describe a Tasks Page

Steps for creating tasks

What are task outcomes and task categories?

How to use schedules and what scheduled tasks are

Aggregation of Account Groups

Entitlement Role Generator, Account Aggregation, and Data Export.

15. What is Role Management

Role Modelling

Multiple Role and Account Assignment

16. Define Policies

A policy page’s definition

the Policy Page being edited

Definition of Policy Rules

Utilizing various Policies.

17. Manage Work Items

Work Item Management

Using the Work Items Page to Assign Tasks

Archive of Work Items.

18. IdentityIQ Console

Launching the Console

Viewing the Command List Command Syntax

Command Output Redirecting Syntax.

19. Reports Introduction

Report Terminology.

20. Report Use and Customization

Edit Report Page in the Reports tab

XML Representation of Reports and Instances,

My Reports Tab,

Scheduled Reports Tab.

21. Developing Custom Reports

Reports as a Task Definition

Report Definition

Report Forms.

22. Group and Population User Interface

Group Examples

Populations Tab

Workgroups Tab.

23. Introduction to Group Constructs


Using Workgroups

Workgroup Creation.

24. Populations and Groups

Populations Creation

Setting Up Groups

Using Populations and Groups, Define Group and Population in XML.

25. Application Password Management

Activating IdentityIQ’s password manager

Application Configuration for Password Management

Establishing Password Policies for an Application Password Provisioning Policy Should Be Changed.

26. Debugging and troubleshooting


Logging and auditing configuration

IIQRest Services.


❓ What is SailPoint used for?

✅ With SailPoint, enterprises can manage employee permissions, digital identities, information security, data access, compliance, and more through a single, integrated platform.

❓ Is SailPoint a IAM?

✅  For more information on SailPoint Identity Platform, please read on. Enterprise-grade SSO, password management, provisioning, role administration, and identity intelligence for auditing are all features of the SailPoint Identity Platform (IdentityIQ), which may be deployed in the cloud or locally.

❓ Is SailPoint a software?

✅ The Sailpoint application is very portable and light. Identity management solution because of its superior features compared to traditional identity management. IdentityIQ, or the IdentityIQ war-file as provided by Sailpoint, is a piece of software used for identification and authentication. All of the application’s components may be found in this single war file.

❓ What is SailPoint in cyber security?

✅ SailPoint is a cloud-based, on-premises, or data center-based identity access management system. Its purpose is to secure user access to the company’s data, software, and applications. Additionally, the software functions as a password manager, enabling you and your staff to rapidly change or reset passwords.

❓ Is coding required for SailPoint?

✅ Users may automate security processes with SailPoint Workflows without having to write any code.

❓ Where is SailPoint used?

✅ SailPoint is an identity management solution that provides a centralised hub for administering user access, digital identities, data security, information access, and compliance.

❓ Is SailPoint cloud based?

✅ IdentityNow, developed by SailPoint, is an open identity platform hosted in the cloud that facilitates identity governance as a key component of an enterprise’s overall security infrastructure.

❓ What are the features of SailPoint?

✅ Safeguard Telework, Accept Zero Trust, Meet Compliance Requirements
Fully Automate Onboarding and Offboarding, and Fully Automate Remote Work.
A Safe Way to Use the Cloud.
Protecting Production Facilities.

❓ How long does IT take to learn SailPoint?

✅ 3-4 weeks.

❓ Is Java required for Sailpoint?

✅ If you have some experience with Identity Management solutions and can code in Java, you might find “Sailpoint training” useful.

❓ What is the difference between Okta and SailPoint?

✅ For web-based applications, Okta is an on-demand identity and access management service that may be used both in the cloud and behind a firewall. SailPoint is the industry pioneer in cloud enterprise identity security.

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