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Sail Point Interview Question & Answers

What is meant by Governance Platform?

Governance Platform is used to centralize identity data, business policy roles, and risk modelling to support agreement actions and user lifecycle.

What is meant by Compliance Manager?

Compliance Manager is a streamlines compliance limitation and develops audit production through mechanical entrance and policy enforcement.

How does Identity Intelligence used?

Identity Intelligence is used to transform technical identification data distributed across various business systems into centralized, clearly explained and business-relevant data, reports and advanced.

What is meant by Lifecycle Manager?

Lifecycle Manager delivers a business determined solution to present system securely and cost-effectively, by:

-Self-Service Entrance Request

-Automated Provisioning

What is Access Management?

The process of managing the identities of users that are be provisioned in different target systems. Access or Identity Management encapsulates the framework necessary for integrating the source and target systems with the Sail Point.

What is Roles?

Set of Entitlements can be clubbed together to form a role. An Entitlement can be stated as an authorization on a particular system/application.

What is Application on boarding?

The process of verifying the connectivity, getting the user data from applications in to the Sail Point IIQ is called Application on boarding.

How many types of certification are there in Sail point?

There are 3 major types of certification in Sail Point.

  • Application owner Certification.
  • Manager Certification.
  • Role Composition Certification.

Apart from the above 3 major types, there are 3 more type of certifications.

  • Role Membership certification
  • Account Group Permission
  • Account Group Membership certification.

What is Identity cube?

Any account from source application is called an Identity after it is aggregated in to the Sail Point IIQ. The entire data of the user such as Identity, Identity Detail and Entitlements combined is referred as an Identity cube.

How many types of Roles can be created in Sail point?

There are two types of roles can be created in Sail Point, they are.

  • Business role
  • IT role

What is Native Identity?

Native Identity is the one which are directly created in the IIQ rather than source or target systems.

How we can represent an organization in Sail point?

We can represent an organization by integrating it with all the systems or targets of that particular organization.

What are lifecycle events?

All actions which happen in IIQ related to lifecycles of an employee is called a lifecycle event.

Types of events:

  • Joiner
  • Leaver
  • Terminate etc

What is role based access control?

The process of generating authorizations/accesses to a particular system/application based on the role of the user is called role based access control or RBAC.

When eve a user joins the firm, what all things is done in sail point for that. What all configurations required?

Depending on the firm’s processes, if the user has to self-register for any of the access to be requested, that can be done using Sail Point. If not, then the accounts are provisioned automatically once the employee data is aggregated in to the IIQ, which usually has a one day interval.

What is rule Library? What is the purpose of writing a rule library?

Instead of writing multiple rules to be used in different areas such workflows or lifecycle events, we can write all the rules in a single java class and instantiate the objects from the same.

What is the difference between capabilities and roles?

Capabilities are not the correct term. It should be entitlement. Entitlement is the access to a particular system, whereas roles are groups of such accesses.

What are approval items?

Every administrator or the manager has few items on his dashboard, which some subordinate employee has an access request/ account request in place, for the manager to approve.

What are different modes of approval?

Email based or browser based.

How we can open a custom form in approval?

If the form is enabled and the approval is denied, then the admin can inform the employee about the reason.

Is there any difference between role mining and role engineering. If it is there what are them?

Nothing that I know of/

What is role mining? What are different approaches for role mining?

The process of following either top to bottom based approach or bottom up approach when trying to create a entitlement, role and organization unit is called Role mining.

What is native change type of life cycle event?

It enables the option to check whether the change has been done in IIQ or source system.

What is meant by Host configuration?

The Host Configuration page is to control current servers which are running an Identity IQ case. It is also called as an Identity IQ group.

When moving the data to a cloud, which method is used to secure it?

Consideration should be given on the encryption code and make sure the same is completed along with the records or the data.

Give the differences between the regular identity management and the Sail Point?

The Sail Point concentrates on the multi-protocol access and it’s mainly converging on allowing an Information resource to be simply viewed. The benefits are that, it allow the default expression of the tool and make sure of the positive effects in the least time.

What is exclusion rule?

Exclusion rule is written for certification to exclude some of the identities with specific attribute to be left out of certification.

For example, to exclude all the identities which are from a particular department, this can be achieved by writing an exclusion rule stating the same.

What are bean shell scripts?

Scripting that is most commonly used in JRE Runtime.

What is meant by Host configuration?

The Host Configuration is to control current servers running an Identity IQ instance. This is also called as an Identity IQ group. The object provided on that page informs system controllers of the current workload as each server is managing.

When moving the data to a cloud, which method can be used to secure it?

Consideration should be given on the encryption and the same should be performed with the records.

How to Create a Service Account from Simple Mapping?

To configure the mapping:

  1. Enter the Account Attributes page.
  2. Click on the System Setup tab then select Mapping Account from the board.
  3. Click on Add New Attribute to perform the Edit Attribute page.
  4. Define the following values:
  • Attribute Name as service
  • Service Account as Display Name
  • Read Only as Edit Mode
  • Boolean as Attribute Type
  • Read Only as Searchable. Just leave the multi values portion.
  1. Click on Add Source to display the source to the attribute table.
  2. Now, Map the attribute:
  • Pick the Application Attribute.
  • b. Select DB Application from the Application drop‐down list.
  • c. Select the Service from the Attribute drop‐down list.
  1. Click on Add.

What is the importance of the cloud identity management?

In the modern situation, the cyber attacks and secrecy is main care for the systems. Simply make sure that only the authorized person can access the data on the cloud and can manage the same. Identity management and access improve the security on a cloud and allow industry to deposit the pace all the time.

Where to approach, for linking of programs to the useful systems?

Linking of programs can be done by the assistance of a proposal called as EUCALYPTUS. It is also used for collecting in the cloud conditions so that connections can be achieved on a multiple systems also.




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