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Sail Point Certification:

Sail Point support organizations and strengthen user policies, such as automates the method of analyzing user rights for the organization by launching operations for marketing directors.

We can save money and time by decreasing the load on IT and marketing staff, while strengthening security and audit controls.

The certification program validates our expertise in designing customer resolutions with Sail Point in‐depth technical skills to operate in a provider position. The certification, gives efficiency for increased knowledge on Sail Point.

  • Demand for Sail Point is expanding rapidly and having a certification distinguishes you as an expert.
  • For IIQ Sail Point certification, the exams are available online.
  • We need to show our technical abilities by a modified associate exam in order to become a Sail Point certified.

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Certification in SailPoint IQ can be classified into two levels.

  • First one is based on “Time period of Execution” and
  • Second one is based on their “functionality”.

Certification can be programmed to run systematically.

Permanent certifications concentrate on the regularity by which different parts require to be approved while periodical centre on the number with which the complete certification need to be developed.

Certifications are also be configured to operate on the basis of experiences which happen when an identification life-cycle.

Periodic Certification:

These Periodic certifications are registered to operate on a periodical support, like from Hour, day, week, month, quarterly, and annually.

These periodical reviews present a picture of the characters, positions, and account groups .Periodic focus on the regularity with which complete items like names, positions, and account collections must be approved.

It require the certifier to confirm on a performed access file, an access file which have all of the items like tasks, entitlements, breaches, and record groups have been created upon to approve those arrangements.

Continuous Certification:

Continuous certifications concentrate on the regularity with which individual items like parts, entitlements, destructions included within identity variety of certifications want to be guaranteed and no need of recurrence among which the complete certification must be performed. In Continuous certifications sign off method is not used.


Let’s have a look on the classification on the basis of Functionality:

Manager Certifications: It verifies that you are right reporters have the experience; they required to do their business.

Application Owner Certification: It approve that all characters obtaining an employment to which an Application Buyer is effective have the individual entitlements.

Owner Certifications: It confirms that all connections reaching employer to which an Entitlement Partner is subject are accurate.

Advanced Certifications: It verifies all the identities which are involved in the community compared by that advanced Certification which have the exact roles and entitlements.

Account Group Certifications: It confirms that report associations to which a statement buyer is responsible to have the private support and group association. Descriptions of groups which do not have partners committed are certified by the application on which they continue.

Role Certifications: It verifies that uses for which a part is capable and that are formed of the private roles including entitlements and that characters are allowed to the conventional identifications.

Identity Certifications: It certifies that the experienced knowledge for the chosen personalities from the Identity risk Score, Status Search Events, or Policy Violation surfaces, normally for at users risk .

Event Based Certifications: It guarantees the entitlement knowledge for the individualities decided based on effects identified within SailPoint IdentityIQ.

Few are the companies which are working with SailPoint IIQ:




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