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The main objective of Workday BIRT is to connect the Workday BIRT report from the Workday BIRT report tool to construct the business form layouts.

Now Let me detail the topic.

Define Workday BIRT?

Workday BIRT is the report designer that enables you to business form layouts also used to design to meet your organization’s exact report layout specifications.

These Workday BIRT may include the headers and also footers, formatting, accurate placement of the tags, and also page breaks, margins, spaces, and also information.

Workday BIRT report designer was created from the Workday BIRT Eclipse project and also business intelligence.

Business Intellect and Coverage Equipment (BIRT) project is an open resource software task that provides the coverage and the company intellect capacities for the abundant customer and internet functions, especially those based upon Java and Java EE.

The company intelligence and the reporting properties (BIRT) is an Eclipse reporting body that enables sophisticated outcomes in HTML or PDF format, consisting of graphics, graphs, tables, and charts.

There are a Few Modules and Features of Workday BIRT that you need to be aware of:

What is a report designer?

Report Designer gives you a graphical interface. You can describe the queries, datasets, data sources, report layout for the data regions and fields, and the communicating features like a set of reports and parameters working together to download the SQL server information tools.

The reports designer has to target the developers for the visual studio edition.

It consists of four components:

  • Information component.
  • Check box component.
  • Standard component.
  • Advanced component.

Building of custom report design:

Report Designer (BIRT) is a robust tool that can manipulate and filter information. It is tough to sync custom reports’ business form layouts with the report definition.

In Workday BIRT, we use a custom BIRT report writer to make an advanced report custom definition that satisfies all the information reporting properties for the given custom report, with any measured fields, filters, etc.

We use a custom report design to need the information and layouts we want.

They are three types of custom reports:

  • Map overlay: These are uses to indicate traffic, engagements so on.
  • Flat table: It is a sortable data table.
  • Explorer: It includes data tables and line graphs.

Formatting the properties and report:

Formatting is the most effective and also attractive when it makes the report.

 In arrangement when we want to highlight the information, change its dates, currency values, numbers, and adjust the space between the report elements or show the news based on the output condition or the specified condition.

Workday BIRT report designer provides so many choices to modify the appearance of report elements.

 Using different formatting properties, we can change the color, font, size, alignment, and other properties of the report elements. We can also add colors to the background, draw the borders, and so on.

How do you build delivered design reports?

Workday BIRT delivers the set of all the business form layouts. There is a use of these produced design reports. Workday BIRT gives BIRT report designs to create, download, adapt, and apply to the custom report design.

The tenant for the delivered business form layouts is examined and used to show the delivered business form layouts to show the report design used in the offered report solution.

Aggregates, grouping, sorting:

One of the essential parts in any report is aggregates, grouping, sorting. The main benefit of grouping information is we can add information summary whenever we want neither end nor the beginning of each group.

Aggregate data is also called summary information. We can also add two more aggregate data to the BIRT report:

  • The total number of users in every group.
  • The actual users are listed in the BIRT report.

One of the main benefits of any BIRT report is showing the aggregates or summary data. The sales report will show all the sales total and subtotals by product type, representative, region, lowest and highest sales, and average sales.

When completion of the report, there will be a preview of the data. Then report shows the data as same as the data source when its return. Ex: phone list, it is easier to use when it is in alphabetical order.

Aggregates are mainly involved in multiple values neither than a single value. For the listing report, summary calculations are done on the specific field values and all the information rows BIRT report.

Such as, BIRT will calculate all the average transactions of the report by the values added in every row, then that divided by the total by the number of the rows present in the BIRT report.

Multiple data sets and business objects:

When the workday BIRT custom report consists of secondary and primary business objects, it also consists of data set for every multi-instance topic in the created information.

In multiple data sets, we can add a new column to the already existing connected object table. Multiple instance information sets and embedded tables should be added.

To do that, we need to select the column guide cell, click right, and select the insert column to the right.

Writing expressions:

We can make so many BIRT reports using information that is directly coming from the data source. And the data set fields dragged from data explorer to the BIRT report.

Whenever you want to display the information not present in the information resource, you want to show the info precisely different from the original report.

You might also use the sorting data by using the formula rather than the existing field. In such cases, we use writing expressions.

Deploying the Workday:

Developing report design to the custom report in Workday BIRT, using Workday studio deploy design to the Workday Wizard.

Select navigator, then click right for the report design folder, choose to deploy. Then provide essential data in the dialog case. After selecting the deploy option, you will deploy to the Workday, and then the deployment is successful.

Expression builder:

Workday BIRT will provide scripting skill that allows report design developer to create custom code to handle the different types of aspects for report creation.

With the use of the report developer, they can access all the Workday BIRT functions, properties, and BIRT classes when we are writing the expressions.

The Workday BIRT classes consist of the expression builder group mentioned in Workday BIRT functions.

So, this is a little detail about Workday BIRT.

How is Workday BIRT useful?

The tools used in the Workday BIRT are to generate information visualizations, reports, and charts fixed in rich customer applications and web-based applications.

BIRT Information collected from fixed BI tools like Workday BIRT may be used for real-time choices making and to analyze and track the constant developments and ancient data.

Who should learn this course?

The People Who are interested in building their career in Workday BIRT can choose this course.

Workday BIRT will grow your practical skills.

Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?

It is not necessary to have any prerequisites to learn this course. But it’s beneficial to have basic knowledge of java and also SQL.

How to learn this technology?

To learn any technology, You need the training; You can opt for better called Online Training.

As per my knowledge, I went through many platforms where I came across the best Online Training provider CloudFoundation.

What kind of training can you have?

I recommend Online Training for you because it is a Time-saving process.

Two modes of training are available one is self-paced, and the other is Instructor Led Live Training.

What is the future scope for Workday BIRT?

Workday BIRT has been very trending technology right now. The average PayScale of this technology will be very high.

Those who are learning Workday BIRT will have good benefits in the future.

What is the process of certification?

Search for the partnered companies of Workday.

They conduct a certification exam, and you will be given multiple-choice questions. If you score 70% of the marks in the certification exam, then you get qualified.

What are the career opportunities for this course?

  • Workday reporting developer.
  • Workday techno-functional consultant.
  • Workday engagement manager.
  • Workday project manager.


Workday BIRT is a report designer used to design and also use the business form layouts.

The main benefit of Workday BIRT is you can grow your business to heights. By maintaining all the daily reports.

Here You can get trained through CloudFoundation, which provides online training for different modules of Workday.

They provide you 24/7 technical support with the team of administration.

I expect this Workday BIRT tutorial is helpful to you. Suppose you are having any inquiries related to this blog. Let me know in the comment section.

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