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Define Workday Revenue?

Workday revenue allows you to take together the single system’s billing collections, customer contracts, and revenue recognition.

Workday Revenue enables you to change the new revenue standards from (ASC 606/IFRC 15) more effectively and efficiently to manage all the company’s revenue.

It combines the user experience with the enterprise level to manage all the company’s total lifecycle from the opportunity-to-cash, collection, analytics, billing from the single system.

Workday Revenue manages all the revenue features from the user’s creation to the sales. It also works with the CRM solution to end all the Contract-to-cash business.

What are the features of Workday Revenue?

There are six features for the Workday Revenue:

1) Robust Workday Revenue Functionality:

  • Flexible and robust revenue recognition procedures to support the innovations:
  1. Subscription.
  2. Milestones.
  3. Completion of the percentage.
  4. Prepaid, fixed fees, and also retainage.
  5. Project expense and also time.
  6. Usage.
  • Billing of the independent from the revenue recognition.
  • Deferred revenue reconciliation and also forecast.
  • Custom Billing of rate rules and also schedules.2) Global score:
  • Translations and also localizations.
  • International invoicing, banking, and also consolidation.
  • Configuring the tax engine.
  • Multi entity, money support, and also book.
  • Multilingual reporting and also architecture.3) Converging the ASC 606/IFRS 15 and also other change of guideline readiness:
  • Contract-to-cash gaining costs, like amortized, capitalized, and also sales commissions.
  • Substitute reporting and also contracts to see the dual disclosure and reporting requirements.
  • To manage the multi-year revenues.
  • Accounting and allocation adjustments around the linked contracts to sustain multi-year revenue.
  • Modeling tool to examine the new guidance of the revenue.4) Comprehensive insight and also Reporting:
  • Information export for the auditing and also disclosures.
  • Real-time revenue insight.
  • Fields of the revenue key metrics.
  • Analyze the Drill-down by the operational and financial dimensions.
  • Deep seen into the contracts of the lifecycle.5) One system for the HCM (Human Capital Management) and also Financial Management:
  • Rapid adoption and deployment.
  • Streamlined the accounting visibility.
  • Single system home page for the workday revenue apps.
  • User experience and also one login for any other device.
    6) Agile the Contract-to-cash process:
  • Support for the different types of contracts.
  • Reducing the administrative workloads.
  • Providing support for the complex workday revenue arrangements.
  • Accelerated and shortened DSD of the cash flow.
  • Easy use of the integration with the third-party tools of CRM.

What is the use of Workday Revenue?

Workday Revenue helps adjust, analyze, and view the entire system constructed on the robust global core.

  • The full view of the contracts and customers:

We are creating, tracking, and approving around the life of every contract, capturing the lower and visibility risk change.

  • A method of billing that is adaptable:

Choosing from the large variety of the model billing and getting insight into the markups, billing rules, and write-offs to minimize the revenue leakage.

  • Automated invoicing processing between companies:

Creating automated invoices promotes accuracy, aligns revenue with the cost, assesses profitability, and cross-changes projects.

What are the Key capabilities of Workday Revenue?

There are six critical capabilities of this technology:

  • Project Billing.
  • Automating the intercompany transfers.
  • IFRS 15/ASC 606 Compliance.
  • User’s management.
  • Processing of the Contract-to-cash.
  • Success in Reporting.

Where was Workday Revenue used?

Workday Revenue helps your business take care of the total Workday Revenue lifecycle.

When your business needs to evolve, revenue management gives the scalability and flexibility to grow and adapt.

The help of flexibility and scalability of the revenue management while observing the IFRS and GAAP of the guidelines. You can also use the What-if scenarios that are impacting your business like:

  • Linking of the contracts.
  • Recognize the Workday Revenue Arrangements.
  • Recording the Revenue Events.
  • Completing the reasonable-vale for the analysis.

How does this technology work?

Workday Revenue works as it improves the visibility and cash flow of the analytics, Agile users invoicing, contracts, and billing.

It configures the schedules and processes that can help organizations control the revenue of today’s practices to adapt the rules and guidelines.

It also manages the Day-to-Day revenue of the organizations. Workday Revenue helps to goal the revenue features of sales from the user’s creation.

What are the pros of this technology?

  • The complete income cycle of life is taken care of by workday revenue. Revenue provides the scalability and adaptability your company needs to expand.
  • It is easier to maintain and deploy, with a more efficient opportunity-to-cash process, better visibility, and reporting.
  • The ability to dive down into certain business factors is critical.
  • Auditing may be viewed in full detail.
  • The best way to the future is to look at the cash flow and see how much is owed to you.
  • There is a wide range of charging options that are both automated and adaptable.
  • This technology is a unified platform for HR and Finance solutions.
  • Good cash flow.

Career opportunities for Workday Revenue:

Workday revenue offers plenty of career opportunities. Some of them are:

  • Workday Revenue-Senior Manager.
  • Workday Integration Consultant- Revenue.
  • Manager-Order to Cash.
  • Techno-Functional Business Analyst.
  • Workday Revenue Expense Management Consultant.
  • Senior-product Analyst.
  • Billing Specialist.
  • Senior-advisor of commerce platform analytics.
  • Inbound sales manager.
  • Contract Financial Analyst.

To join Workday Revenue, what are the necessary pre-requisites?

Compared to other professions, those in the Workday industry made a lot of money.

Anybody may learn workday Revenue, and there should be no prior knowledge or experience is needed. But with Workday Developer and HCM Fundamentals, you may be much better if you don’t have any programming knowledge at all.

Partnered companies of Workday Revenue:

  • Google
  • Informatica
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte
  • Wipro
  • Slack
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft

Different Types of Training:

There are two modes of Training:

Self-paced learning.

Instructor led-live training.


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Workday Revenue Management can handle billing, contracts, accounting, collection, and analytics using a single system.

As of my personal experience, I suggest going with CloudFoundation if you are looking out for the Workday Revenue Online Training.

You may even try out the Free Demos to get a basic idea of the subject.

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