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PEGA System Certification:


Pega systems are the master of software for client action and operational perfection.

Pega’s adaptive software developed on Pega Platform which allows personalities rapidly to deploy, continue and develop applications to match industry requirements.

Since, 30-years Pega has performed winning award abilities in BPM and CRM, powered by robotic automation and artificial intelligence, to help the world’s leading brands in achieving the business results.

How do I get certification Or Certification Process?

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Below are the few steps to follow in the certification process.

  • Prepare your Pega profession track.
    Follow the Pega Academy’s certification paths, including certification-
  • Follow the certification rules, prerequisites and exam information from the Pega Academy.
  • Review the record of exams in the Pega Academy.
  • Choose the appropriate course for the path from Pega Academy.
    Create an account to enroll in and access courses from PEGA Academy.
  • Plan and take a certification exam.
    Prepare for the exam by taking some Practice tests which are available.
  • Study the exam information like the exam cost, the number of questions, passing score, and topics to be covered in the exam.
    Register for the exam by the Pearson VUE site.
  • You can view and download the certificate.
    After your exam, approximately within 3-5 days will receive an email from Pega Academy with the complete instructions about how to view and download the certificate.
  • Confirm your details on Pega Academy’s Certification page. You can verify your certification from Pega Academy, by searching with both Full name and the Email address which is used in Pearson record.

Registration for the Exam:


The certification exams are applied at a Pearson VUE examination center. The locations are worldwide.

We can directly enroll for exam by visiting the below link,

How much does it cost?

The prices for Pega exam may change depending on the subject.

From below we can observe some approximate values for the different exams per attempt,


• CSPMC and CSSA: $175 (USD)

• LSA Architecture exam: $175 (USD)

Statement payment will be made through a credit card or purchase order. The exam is conducted by Pega Academy.

Why Is Pega systems certification?

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This Certification shows that you have gained the experience and abilities challenged to be a productive subscriber for development and design of the applications.

What are the benefits after certification?

  • Certification Separates you from companions and keeps marketable and valuable.
  • It Increases confidence and shows your skills out.
  • It also Advances management’s assurance level.
  • Gives personal comfort and a relevant career path.

Company’s Benefits:

  • Improves the competency levels of their partners.
  • It builds dedicated, strong teams in delivering the feature.
  • Supports the continuous success of knowledge.
  • Develops implementation status and reduces the errors.
  • Activities time to market by building energy and reducing the cost.

The above are the few steps for the certification exam which we have followed, and some valuable information about the certification and its usage.

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