DataStage Tutorial : Predominant ETL Tool

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We have been discussing various Cloud technologies. So here I came up with a tool that works on pulling up the data.

And the technology we are here to talk about DataStage Tutorials.

In this blog, I would like to share my experience of how I figured out learning DataStage online. It’s consistently essential to have essential information on what you are going to learn.

  • What is DataStage?

DataStage is an ETL tool used for extracting data, transforming it, loading data, and being part of the IBM Infosphere suite and information solutions platforms suite.

It is a tool utilized for working with huge information stockrooms and information stores to make and keep an information vault.

  • How does this technology work?

DataStage is an ETL tool that extracts, transforms, and loads information from the source to the objective. The source of this information may incorporate successive records, filed documents, social data sets, outside information sources, files, endeavor applications, and so forth.

DataStage is utilized to work with a business investigation by giving quality information to help acquire business insight.

  • What are the types of processing stages in DataStage?

Transform stage

Filter stage

Aggregator stage

Join stage

Copy stage

Sort stage

  • Here are some components of DataStage

There are four components in DataStage

  • Administrator:

It is used for administration jobs. It consists of putting together DataStage customers, establishing expunging criteria, and also producing & moving tasks.

  • Manager:

It is the primary user interface of the Repository of ETL DataStage. It is used for the storage as well as control of reusable Metadata. Through the DataStage manager, one can easily watch as well as modify the materials of the Repository.

  • Designer:

A layout interface is utilized to develop DataStage treatments or projects. It specifies the data resource, called for transformation, as well as a place of data. Jobs are organized to make an executable that is actually scheduled due to the Director and also operated due to the Server

  • Director:

It is used to legitimize routine, keep an eye on, and carry out DataStage server jobs and parallel work.

  • What technical skills should one know before learning this technology?


Data Analysis

Basic UNIX scripting

Good to know data warehousing concepts, i.e., star schema, facts, dimensions

Any ETL tool Informatica, DataStage, Ab initio, Talend, etc.,

PL/SQL is also needed for some old applications

  • Well, I would like to let you know what prerequisites one should possess to learn this tool.

These are the prerequisites you need to know:


DataStage server version 9.1.2/above

Microsoft visual studio

Oracle client

DB2 client

  • So, what are the benefits of DataStage?

Connect to multiple types of data sources

The large volume of data. Bulk transfer and complex transformation

  • What are the features of DataStage?

Flex-point licensing

Usage of Hadoop power to improve the speed in data accessing

Real-time data capturing technology

Different integration styles to perform simple & complex tasks.

  • You might doubt what the future scope of DataStage is?

It has a sparkling future. In any case, since higher renditions of DataStage is costly for maintenance, many organizations have selected Informatica than DataStage. ETL ideas are something similar all through any apparatus. Extensive Data, information science, and AI are arising innovations

By learning this technology, you can find many job opportunities and help you to lead a stable life.

  • What to know, how to learn this technology?

The best way to grasp something is to start from the basics. Reading only blogs and videos is not enough; there must be proper training to gain in-depth knowledge. I profoundly suggest CloudFoundation is the best to learn this technology.

  • What types of training are available?

Here they provide two types of training one is self-paced training and another one instructor-led live training.

  1. Self-paced training:

In this training, you will get pdfs, pre-recording videos for lifetime access to understand more effectively.

  1. Instructor-led live training:

In this training, you will get an instructor to clarify your queries regarding the concepts. 

  • Here is some of the information regarding Certification.

To clear the DataStage training, I suggest you take up IBM DataStage training in CloudFoundation.

This training also intakes nearly two months of industry-based project work, which upgrades your practical skills in using the tool.

  • On the whole, I would conclude with,

DataStage ETL apparatus is utilized in a vast association as an interface between various frameworks. It deals with extraction, interpretation, and stacking of information from source to the objective.

For best training, get with CloudFoundation and find experienced mentors for your course.

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