Okta Tutorial


“Que Bueno verte….”

“schön dich zu treffen…”

Umm, confused with these words?

You must know that these are of different languages. So, understanding various languages at a time is quite problematic, right?

Same way, in this virtual world, every aspect of an organization demands a different tool and technology. And managing these technologies at one single time is a big challenge.

But, there is a technology that provides a single centralized platform to manage the various applications of the organization without any trouble.

Let us get into the main topic.

  • What is OKTA?

Let’s dig into the topic,

Okta is an IDaaS platform. It provides a single sign-on for the employees to access all organization applications with just one step. This software is advanced to the extent that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime on computers, laptops, mobile, or tablets.

“What about safety?”

Okta has highly organized security factors. It provides a Two-step authentication process to save the company data from the hands of unauthorized access and avoids unnecessary data theft.

More companies are turning up to cloud solutions in this digital transformation world. Company data will be protected by ample security measures and third parties’ management. And when it comes to security, Okta provides access to various company applications by securing a permit to the applications.

  • What features does this technology possess?
  • Single Sign-on technology eradicates the trouble of remembering the various passwords and provides access to all of the organization’s applications with just a single login.
  • It eliminates the traditional method of noting different passwords, as Okta provides the best feature of a single login with a single password.
  • It provides the best security with a separate application by handling a single login instead of multiple logins.
  • It also possesses additional features like provision and integration. Okta provides a mobile application, namely Mobile Okta, through which the employee can use it on mobile.
  • Where is Okta used in the organization?

Okta is suitable for any type of business organization, irrespective of its size. So, this technology allows the company to deliver SSO access to the Cloud, on-premise, and mobile applications using a single form of identification.

It provides secure communication with a user’s browser. It then validates the user to Okta-managed applications and one of the available SSO verification methods.

*An organization can use whatever software platform they’ve signed into Okta without re-entering passwords.*

This technology is highly used by the Educational and Healthcare sector. Apart from these, Okta is also into Government, non-profit organizations, financial and service industries for its single sign-on feature that links all its applications.

  • How does this technology actually work?

First, I’ll mention two main things, and you get the central concept.

*No need to enter the password again.

*No need for additional software again.

Employees don’t need to enter a password again. Okta is a technology that permits access to all authorized employees of the organization to all of the applications they need to access. It removes the trouble of remembering all passwords as it has the main feature of one password.

People can log into and use more than one application. It also promotes smooth integration when the parent company merges with another company. It demands minimal customization and provides maximum benefits.

  • What benefits does Okta possess?

Here are some of the benefits that an organization gets from the Okta

  • Businesses benefit from Okta’s integration assistance. Corporate data is protected by Okta’s usage of encryption Technology.
  • SML keys and secure encryption are used by Okta to safeguard the private information of each and every one of its customers.
  • Debugging, smooth integration, and safe access are all priorities for Okta.

  • SSO-based software like Okta is simple to use. In contrast to other software technologies, there is no need to effort.
  • Okta is a single software solution that manages both identity and access.
  • Okta provides a single, secure login for all of the company’s apps. For security, Okta customizes employee logins to meet their specific needs.

So, now we almost know most of the things about this technology.

This technology is trending in this current IT world, but what about the future?

  • What is the future scope of this SSO platform?

Okta, as we all know, is a new technology. There are more than 4000 companies that use Okta’s services. Employees have been observed to secure their connection through non-secure means. A password-free future for Okta is predicted.

Face detection and fingerprint verification are the most likely methods of applying this technology. Okta’s security solutions would be widely distributed in an advanced manner.

Okta is also responsible for maintaining the lifecycle of a user’s account. Okta’s multi-factor authentication and security layer ensure the safety and security of any organization’s smartphone, Cloud, and internet apps.

  • Here are some prerequisites you need to be experienced with before you step into this technology.

Okta demands the following prerequisites before going for training. Any one of the following will be of good help:

  • You need Two years of experience in a technical role
  • Three to six months of on-job experience with Okta in Security and identity management
  • You need one year of job experience in Okta service
  • You are required to complete Training in Okta Essentials.

Cool! Right?

So, you wanna learn this course?

Here I will discuss the training and tutorial information.

  • Where can we find the course?

The Internet is an ocean of information. But, even the ocean has an endpoint. Likewise, you can find blogs, articles, and additional information about this technology that won’t provide you any help related to the certification exam.

As we know that these courses highly demand certification, any alternatives across the Internet won’t help you out. So, to gain the certificate, you need to enroll in a training institute where you can get the certification guidance.

But, there are so many educational institutes. How to find out that this particular institute is good to choose?

So as per my personal experience, I would recommend you to go with CloudFoundation Online training provider.

  • Now, what types of training are available to learn this technology?

Training is entirely online. Here you will have two options to learn this course. They are,

  • Online Classes: You will be assigned an instructor who will explain the technology. You will also have access to real-time tasks and tools to help you better comprehend the course.
  • Self-paced training: In this case, you must learn the course on your own time. You will receive PDF documents, pre-recorded system videos, authentic projects to work on, and a technical support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions.
  • How to know which type of training is suitable to opt for?

Suppose you are entirely new to this technology and willing to start everything freshly. In that case, I suggest you go for LED online classes where you can interact with the instructor and clear the queries.

You will get all pre-recorded training videos and authentic materials to learn the course in Self-paced training. You can start to know the technology from all basics in this training type. And if you are a working employee or already know this technology, I would recommend you get Self-paced.

  • Want to know more?

Choose the training according to your schedule.

Go over all of the topics and get all of your questions answered. Following the completion of your course, the next step will be to take the certification exam. Forgiving the exam, you must first go to the specific website, register, and schedule your exam.

Begin your exam following the guidelines provided. Read the questions attentively and finish your exam in the allotted time. Your result will be delivered based on the time limit as you complete your exam.

Let us jump to a quick conclusion,

Okta is an IDaaS platform. There are numerous security measures at Okta which are meticulously planned. With two-step authentication, you can protect your company’s sensitive information from being stolen by unauthorized parties.

You must know that this technology is a Leader in the Identity Platform.

So what are you waiting for?

Get with the CloudFoundation online training provider and find the best possible modes to learn this technology. Gain hands-on experience and course completion.

With the help of professional certification guidance, you can clear the certification exam without any trouble.

Learn this leading technology and get placed in one of the Okta partnered companies.

Well Done!

Guess we almost discussed every detail you need to know before starting your tutorials.

Also, check our other blogs. You may find other exciting technology too!

Go Ahead. IT platform is waiting for you.





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