Okta Interview Questions

  1. What is OKTA?

Ans: OKTA is a cloud character management that corrects user interfaces and sets up customers to the cloud. You may also identify OKTA as “In viewpoint, an OKTA is simply a procedure made use of to represent the atmospheric projection. In this technology, the cloud ailment takes place in any room.”

  1. What are the benefits of OKTA?

Ans: Below are the perks of using OKTA;

  • Seamless as well as combined customer knowledge
  • Eliminates codes coming from the login knowledge
  • Secure access to the possession coming from any gizmo
  • It delivers lesser TCO as well as greater practical productivities
  • Enhanced safety and security posture
  • A faster technique to innovation
  • Securely cope with the customer and also device lifecycle.
  1. What is OKTA authentication?

Ans: OKTA recognitions encourage the customers to affirm their company tasks and do projects like multicore verifications and account examinations. This tool likewise helps with recovering your unforgotten top secret term as well as aids to shake off the file.
There are pair of types of verifications available;

  • Multicore proof
  • Recovery
  1. What makes OKTA so popular?

Ans: Turning up upcoming are core problems that resolve the conveniences of OKTA;

  • Complete realizing the panel plan
    – Reconciliations along with 5000+ cloud functions
    – Works for moistures, on-premises, as well as functional
    – Upgraded surveillance as well as consistence
  • Global customers
    – 3100+ customers throughout the different businesses in much more than 185 countries
    – Clients integrate companies, as an example, century fox, Adobe, Experian, as well as NASDAQ
  • Industry verification
    – Acknowledgment through some of the best principal acc to Gartner and also provides potential dreamer in the sector the panel
    – In the year 1993, they proclaimed OKTA is an innovative result of the yearly.
  1. How can you add users in bulk in OKTA?

Ans: Listed here are the measures that included:
Okta manager – > move the customers in mass > through discovering to the following place
Decide on the location computer system registry > pick a lot more tasks > select “Import customers coming from CSV.”
In OKTA, you can easily find Real-time sync workplaces – > to revitalize the customer profile pages, customer parties, and celebration people in the sign-in period. There is no specific main reason to dangle on any bring-in.

  1. What is the state token?

Ans: State Token in OKTA is Ephemeral emblematic utilized to confirm substitutions’ present/present condition. Once the customer recognition has been carried out, this condition token is developed throughout the AuthN pattern and transforms the appointment token.

  • This condition token needs to be used between the internet functions that serve the end-client verification and the OKTA API. This condition token should certainly never pertain to the end-client employing email
  • With condition token, you need to pass each offer besides throughout the examination of healing symbols
  • The lifetime condition token uses the estimate like moving range gap along with each offer.
  1. Name the different OKTA products?

Ans: Below is some various OKTA items readily available that is actually:

  • Lifecycle control
  • Single sign-on
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Universal listing
  • OKTA API user interface items.
  1. Define single sign-on? Why is it essential in OKTA?

Ans: At the moment, singular sign-on (SSO) permits consumers to access all their functions through authorization only. Along with SSO, clients are required to commit to memory every security password.
Perks of SSO:

  • Increases use, accessibility, and also efficiency
  • Reduces the danger of inadequate password practices
  • Eliminates the help-desk expense.
  • It gets rid of the necessity for various passwords
  1. What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Ans: Multifactor Authentication consists of the application of a minimum of pair of kinds of several verifications. Our company may utilize all of them in many multifactor accreditations if there is a mix of inspection methods.

  1. Name a few 2-factor Authentication examples?

Ans: Two -Factor Authentication: To expand the security level. For example:

  • ATM-card+ PIN
  • Credit card+ Signature
  • PIN+ Fingerprint
  • User name+ Password (for Login information)
  1. Name a few 3-Factor Authentication examples?

Ans: Three-factor Authentication: For highest security. For instance;

  • Username+ Password + Finger print
  • Username + client code + SecurID token.
  1. What does the OKTA Universal directory mean?

Ans: The essential windows registry lets you save collaborator, laborer, and customer accounts in OKTA, developing a client-based, singular root of fact. Using profile page Editor, you may increase change customer and request total profile pages, just like improvement and quick guide refer in between profile pages. These components offer critical stipulation help.

  1. Can Okta admin see any user’s password?

Ans: OKTA can not observe the hidden trick of any consumer. However, they can easily keep the username of any customer, for Okta outlets complete customer’s licenses in an inscribed design using strong file encryption and a customer’s specific exclusive trick.

  1. What are the primary operations of OKTA Super Admin?

Ans: Below mentioned are the notable projects Of OKTA very Admin;

  • Allowing admission to the Support team of OKTA
  • Establishment and also Configurations of any professional
  • Allocating professions to any OKTA parties
  • Adding the number of customers to any administrator lot
  • Access CSV file to do evaluating duties.
  1. What is SAML in OKTA?

Ans: Aws aids customers in conducting identification institution and Security verification profit foreign language (SAML), available regular many personality distributors make use of. The part equips single-sign-on (SSO) to operate correctly. Customers can quickly authorize into any administration platform management facility or even phone the APIs to create an IAM customer for everyone in the organization.

  1. How does SAML work?

Ans: Activity 1: Automatic Setup;

  • Store the record in a recognized location on your surrounding machine
  • Next, available your SAML application and also established it to establish a course
  • Download the IDP-metadata
  • Transfer the minute metadata record to organize the SAML app
  • Utilize the IDP metadata transmission below to transmit the paper.
  1. Mention the benefits of OKTA SAML?

Ans: Arising is the utilization of utilization SAML in OKTA;

  • Give protection to an extensive mark through participating in
  • Continuously gives singular sign-on verification
  • Empower you to adjust the customer experience
  • Supports ongoing protection file along with OKTA solitary sign-on
  1. Name the variances among the SCIM connector and server?

Ans: The device for cross-domain identification administration port connects a cross-space sign to the panel requirement. This SCIM adapter aids you along with managing and also filtering any write-ups at the endpoint.
The SCIM laborer is usually a SaaS function; this delivers data character to Slack or even carton in the SaaS function.

  1. How can you send an email notification to new users?

Ans: It is effortless to establish sending out any notice or email to brand new individuals. Thus navigating is as comply with, initial beginning along with OKTA admin console-> choose listing-> click Directory assimilation-> picked ADD-> to pick setups food selection-> uncheck the ‘do not send out brand new customer account activation email for this domain name’ checkbox.

  1. For how many minutes/hours SMS (OTP) is available for multifactor Authentication? Is it possible to edit?

Ans: In Multifactor verification, the SMS (OTP) comes simply for 5minutes. As currently in OKTA MFA, the cracking substitute isn’t editable. Additionally, vitally, the customer can not change or even change it.

  1. Is there any way to eradicate the remembering device or account? So that we can re-prompt it for MFA?

Ans: There is a method to eliminate the bearing in mind profile or tool under the individuals’ button. You will undoubtedly find a switch phoned “recast multifactor” at that point. Due to the individual, you can quickly get rid of the MFA element established on a profile.

  1. Is it possible to use the multi-mobile number in Okta multifactor authentications?

Ans: No, we can certainly not make use of any mobile phone variety much more than one time in OKTA MFA today.
Since it would undoubtedly water down the stability of the Authentication, we can certainly not assign various amounts in Okta to specific customers for a solitary function.

  1. How will you add OKTA factors using JAVA?

Ans: We can add OKTA factors using JAVA by adding code, that is,

OKTA client. Instantiate (Securityquestionfactor.class).

  1. Mention the few advantages of the Universal directory?

Ans: Arising upcoming are the perks of using the Universal mark;

  • This complete magazine delivers bunch-based top-secret words application approaches.
  • In this comprehensive directory, all the usernames and also top-secret words are done away with correctly.
  • This furthermore possesses several selections for the intricate top secret vital tactic.
  • An extensive directory is included where the administrator may cope with each of the parties, reports, and gizmos coming from various resources.
  • The comprehensive magazine furthermore provides well-off SAML components, recognition circumstances, and also high qualities.
  1. How can you acquire a list of all the users allocated to the application? Is there any way to download all user and group information from OKTA?

Ans: Along with OKTA, indeed, not all the teams or even consumers can easily certainly not save any details in one area. Greater than 80 percent of all of them are located in unit log reports and also files.
Navigating is as observe;
We can locate the individual approval- > in the protection- > that resides in the Administration listing.
Visit to the OKTA console- > get through to files- > pick files
Function gain access to analysis segment- > select the most up to date activity
To filter the use-> go into the application title in the treatment console-> which will be discovered in the upper-right section of the outcome table.

  1. How to give priority to password policies?

Ans: OKTA college listing provides team top-secret words techniques, considering where more important requirement occurs. Much small size: go into a core, exclusive essential measurements of 4 to 30 personalities (the nonpayment, the very least is eight personalities). For Active Directory (ADVERTISEMENT) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) sourced customers, these requirements are established and applied through ADD and LDAP.

  1. Is there any way users can be notified that their passwords will be expiring soon?

Ans: OKTA offers a substitute to its own OKTA consumers; this option could be capable of looking into as complies with;
Select protections – > click on confirmation – > selection nonpayment tactic – > you will certainly uncover “quick customer ‘X’ times prior to the top secret phrase gaps.

  1. Name any two factors that define the last logon of OKTA users?

Ans: At whatever aspect any kind of OKTA customer indications right into the OKTA celebrations, there are pair of ADD ascribes easily accessible to take care of this communication, they are actually;

  • Keep going. Go to
  • Last logon timestamp
  1. Is it possible to use OKTA MFA when the OKTA user changes the password?

Ans: Since MFA currently administers merely customer logins, it is impossible to modify the security password. There is nothing another such alternative readily available in the timely MFA during the password-changing procedure.

  1. How to use Okta technology?

Ans: Okta is a phase in the Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) distinction. It signifies that it provides you and your affiliates admittance to any continuing (company) programming and one login. Okta comes on your COMPUTER, Personal Computer, cellular phone, or even tablet computer, enabling you to reach your apps whenever and everywhere.




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