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 What is AWS IAM?
•Around all of the AWS, IAM provides fine-grained access control.
Every organization has to provide access, permissions, and policies to its workforce; AWS IAM lets the organization control all of these functions in a trusted way.
It also has overall control of who can use which resources and how. They can be categorized into two, and they are authorization and authentication.
•Opting for IAM by any organization makes it easier to manage the issues related to security permissions given to its users.
Possibly, AWS can create a safe environment for building security. The IAM feature is offered at no extra cost if you have an AWS account.
If you are already registered with an AWS account and want to start using IAM, you need to visit AWS Management Console.

What are the features of AWS IAM?
•Unless it is strictly necessary, you won’t be using the root account: For all the administration activities happening daily, you won’t be needing to use the root account, creating IAM users with less privileged access.
•It is better to use temporary credentials: It would be advisable if you did not share your credentials with anyone. So, create temporary credentials and provide them to users who need access.
•Periodically, you need to review all IAM permissions: It would be unnecessary to provide access to a resource to
•You will benefit from knowing which workforce users use what resources within the AWS organization.
•Having the power to control the permissions given to the workforce would be a relief to many organizations, so adopting features like IAM would provide an edge to organizations.

Where is AWS IAM used practically?
•As IAM provides many valuable features to any technology maintaining company, organizations choose IAM without other thought.
•IAM can be used to give access to permissions granted to the workforce.
•It is helpful in situations like disaster recovery and is a trusted platform for backup.
•Even though many technologies provide this kind of feature, the quality of IAM makes it unique from others and makes organizations adopt it.
•Not many technologies provide its services which can be changed accordingly but, IAM provides its services with flexibility.

How to use AWS IAM?
•IAM is all about managing the permissions of AWS for workloads and workforce users.
•Workforce users can use AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO) to manage AWS accounts permissions. This AWS SSO can work IAM policies and roles across the AWS organization.
And for workload permissions, only required licenses can be granted using IAM roles and policies.
•You will get to know everything about IAM once you have access to an AWS account.

What are the advantages of AWS IAM?
Looking at the positive side of IAM features provides us with the kind of technology that any organization can use to fix an issue.
Companies are thriving to adopt such technologies, making work easier for the administration; providing permissions would be one thing.
Some of the advantages to AWS IAM would be,
•Filtered permissions: IAM can adjust the permissions as required to the users without causing trouble to one other. The permissions to be given are flexible.
•AWS Organizations: If you have multiple AWS accounts, you can manage access or permissions by setting boundaries with the help of AWS organizations.
•Identity Federation: There are other identity providers such as G Suite, Okta, Active Directory; the organization needs to federate access from it. With the help of Identity Federation, you can enable this feature from IAM.
•Multi-AWS accounts access: Organizations will have more than one AWS account, and the key needs to be delegated between them. With the help of IAM, you can do this without sharing your credentials. AWS recently released a control Tower to do this work.

Do you need to have any prerequisites to learn AWS IAM?
Knowing cloud-based technologies would benefit you. Also, if you are a background developer, Operations, Machine learning, Architect will help you learn this technology smoothly.
It is not a problem even if you do not know these things. You can learn this technology with or without having a professional background.
Learning this technology would provide you with various opportunities. You can have a promising career by learning this technology on the whole.

What job roles will you get after learning this technology?
As we have acknowledged before, learning this technology would give you many opportunities and provide you with a promising career. There are many jobs available at many reputed companies if you know AWS IAM, some of them are:
•Cloud Engineer
•AWS Administrator
•DevOps Architect
•Technical Architect-Multi cloud
•AWS Cloud Specialist
•Network and Infrastructure Management

How can you learn this technology? What are the training options available?
There are two types of training methods available, Self-paced and Instructor-led
Self-paced itself says to learn it on your own, you need not worry, you will be given enough material, and the guidance team will be available to you 24*7 so that you can clear your doubts at any time.
Instructor-Led classes will make your efforts smooth, and you will have an instructor who will guide you through your learning journey; complete material will be provided to you.

Where should you learn this technology?
If you are willing to learn this technology and do not know where to, I have the perfect advice for you, CloudFoundation is a dream platform to learn this technology smoothly.
You will have professionals to guide you at all times, and they will provide you with the clarity that they have to clear your doubts.
To learn any technology will look like a lot of work, but the expert team will make it easier for you. You won’t be having much trouble, though you need to learn with all your efforts, whether it be any technology.

We have reached the end of this AWS IAM Tutorial blog,
By now, you might’ve had a basic idea of what AWS IAM is all about. AWS IAM is all about managing permissions and providing filtered access to the workforce.
You might want to learn it and have a promising career; well, it is possible if you learn it from CloudFoundation professionals.
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