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SAP Fieldglass, the cloud-based vendor management system (VMS), provides companies with an effective tool for managing their external workforce. It features tools that streamline processes while cutting costs and improving compliance.

SAP Fieldglass simplifies the management of contingent workforces, services procurement, and statement of work engagements for small and large businesses.

The platform facilitates sourcing, onboarding, time tracking and invoicing for external workforce services.

This SAP Fieldglass Training blog post will discuss SAP Fieldglass’s key features and benefits and demonstrate how they can assist your company with attaining its workforce management objectives.

SAP Fieldglass Class, providing comprehensive instruction with real-world examples

We will also examine SAP Fieldglass’s implementation, configuration, and certification programs.

After this SAP Fieldglass online training, you should understand how SAP Fieldglass can optimise external workforce management processes within an organisation.

What is SAP Fieldglass?

SAP Fieldglass, a vendor management system (VMS) built for businesses utilising cloud services, helps manage procurement procedures for services and contingent labour more efficiently and effectively.

Tools available within this platform allow organisations to locate, hire and oversee outside employees such as service providers, temporary employees, independent contractors or consultants as required for each order placed by businesses on this VMS.

SAP Fieldglass allows companies to save money, enhance compliance, automate contingent workforce management procedures and gain insight into the performance and spending of external workers.

This platform offers many features, including requisition management, talent pooling, time and expense tracking, billing and payment, reporting, and analytics.

Due to SAP Fieldglass’s integration with various other systems, such as e-procurement, human capital management (HCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP), companies can easily manage their external workforce using this powerful solution.

Overall, SAP Fieldglass represents an exceptional tool for streamlining service procurement procedures and contingent workforce management processes.

Benefits of SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass can help organisations better manage contingent workforces and service procurement processes with its various benefits, which we outline here. Here are just a few.

Cost Reduction: They assist organisations in lowering costs by automating key processes and providing real-time visibility of external workforce spending.

Organisations can efficiently use resources to control expenses when combined with other SAP solutions, such as SAP Ariba or Concur.

Simple Access to Talent: SAP Fieldglass’ cloud-based platform gives organisations easy access to talent pools worldwide and across industries.

Acting as one single point of access speeds and simplifies contingent worker deployment.

Compliance Management: This software automates compliance checks for vendors and workers while considering complex regulations governing contingent workforce management and external service procurement.

Compliance management allows organisations to mitigate noncompliance risks, such as fines and litigation costs, by automating vendor and worker compliance checks.

This saves valuable resources regarding time and costs associated with noncompliance penalties.

In the SAP Fieldglass class, you will benefit from the knowledge gained in designing, which will provide hands-on practical experience and expert knowledge on the platform and maximise your external workforce management capabilities.”

Enhanced Security: SAP Fieldglass incorporates advanced security measures like SSL/TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access that protect data even when remotely accessed.

These safeguards help guarantee that data remains safe and confidential even when accessed remotely.

Data Analytics: It offers powerful data analytics capabilities, allowing users to gain deep insight into workforce data.

These can aid organisations in making strategic decisions regarding workforce management, optimisation, and complying with relevant laws and regulations by offering real-time views into workforce spending and compliance issues.

SAP Fieldglass Training

Features of SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass provides organisations with an assortment of features designed to aid them in managing their contingent workforce and service procurement processes effectively. Here are a few highlights:

Requisition Management: With SAP Fieldglass, organisations can efficiently create and manage job requisitions, track candidate applications and oversee the hiring process.

Talent Pooling: Our platform contains tools for quickly creating and managing talent pools of prequalified candidates, which you can tap when filling open positions quickly and efficiently.

Time and Expense Tracking: These tools enable time tracking of external employees through automated timecards, expense monitoring systems, and approval workflows.

Invoicing and Payment: The platform includes tools for efficiently invoicing and paying external contractors or service providers, such as automated invoicing, payment scheduling and financial reports.

Contract Management: This includes tools for creating, executing and tracking contracts between third-party contractors and service providers.

SAP Fieldglass offers organisations an expansive suite of features to assist with managing their contingent workforce and services procurement processes from start to finish – from recruitment requisition through offboarding.

Prerequisites of SAP Fieldglass

Organisations should first address certain preconditions to implement SAP Fieldglass successfully. Below are a few of these main prerequisites:

Clear Business Objectives: Establish clear business objectives before initiating SAP Fieldglass implementation. This will help ensure the project complies with organisational goals and objectives.

Executive Sponsorship: Executive sponsorship from senior leaders is significant in any implementation project; having one champion the effort and provide resources and assistance can significantly boost its likelihood of success.

Quality Data: To ensure a successful SAP Fieldglass implementation, organisations should first ensure their data is high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date.

Before beginning implementation, they should review this aspect thoroughly to ensure their implementation will go according to plan.

Integration: SAP Fieldglass should be integrated seamlessly with other systems like ERP, HCM, and e-procurement for smooth operation.

To accomplish this goal, careful coordination between SAP Fieldglass’ development team and your IT department is vital to guarantee its seamless deployment.

SAP Fieldglass Tutorial

SAP Fieldglass is an all-inclusive vendor management system that helps companies manage contingent workforce management and procured service processes more effectively.

This platform provides a range of features and capabilities for managing requisitions, talent pooling, tracking time and expenses, invoicing, payment of invoices, and managing contracts, suppliers, compliance requirements.

It’s vital to have a solid grasp of SAP Fieldglass’s main features and how to navigate it effectively to use it effectively.

Users may access the platform with credentials, while its main menu enables module navigation.

Requisitions, candidates, external workers and time, expense tracking capabilities. Generated invoices with payments are automatically processed; reports on various metrics are generated automatically.

Learn how to streamline your external workforce management with this extensive SAP Fieldglass tutorial, which covers everything from setup to advanced features.

Integration between third-party systems allows a seamless exchange of data.

This platform also features tools for managing supplier relations and meeting legal, regulatory obligations.

Users seeking to start the SAP Fieldglass online course should refer to official documentation and training resources for more in-depth support and guidance.

SAP Fieldglass Online Training

Modes Learning SAP Fieldglass

Learn the SAP Fieldglass course through instructor-led live training or self-paced learning methods.

Instructor-led live training: An experienced SAP Fieldglass trainer conducts structured learning sessions for maximum efficiency.

Individuals or groups seeking an immersive, structured learning experience should opt for this mode.

Their instructor will introduce the platform, demonstrate how its features can help, answer any queries immediately and address questions live in real time.

From SAP Fieldglass online classes, trainer-led live training provides organisations with an ideal way to ensure employees receive effective and efficient employee education.

Self-Paced Training: A self-paced learning online course allows individuals to progress at their own pace, making this method of instruction ideal for individuals who prefer studying on their timetable and at their speed.

In SAP Fieldglass online training, the self-paced training typically uses an online Learning Management System (LMS) with interactive modules and videos, provided through interactive videos.

Users can access SAP Fieldglass course materials at any time they need them and as many times as desired.

Organisations with many employees or working across different time zones often prefer self-paced training as an economical solution.

SAP Fieldglass online classes are structured in Instructor-led live training and self-paced learning, which have distinct advantages.

Deciding between the two should depend on an organisation’s needs and preferences.

Instructor-led live training provides more personalised learning, while self-paced learning offers greater flexibility and convenience.

At its heart, SAP Fieldglass aims to equip its users with effective and efficient training to use its services to manage contingent workforce management, services procurement, and procurement processes within any given organisation.

Certifications for SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement: This certification recognises an individual’s expertise in managing and procuring external services through SAP Fieldglass, an innovative cloud-based Vendor Management System.

This SAP Fieldglass certification exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of service procurement processes, best practices and SAP Fieldglass configuration and management.

To meet certification criteria, candidates looking to attain certification must demonstrate hands-on practical experience using SAP Fieldglass, complete a recommended SAP Fieldglass training course, and pass an in-depth exam.

This certification is ideal for procurement, finance and human resource professionals looking to advance their skillset with SAP Fieldglass for services procurement.

Acquiring this certification allows individuals to demonstrate their abilities to optimise external workforce management, cut costs and increase compliance – an invaluable asset in any organisation.

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management: This SAP Fieldglass certification recognises an individual’s expertise in managing and procuring contingent labour using SAP Fieldglass’s cloud-based Vendor Management System.

This certification exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of contingent workforce management processes, best practices, and the configuration and administration of SAP Fieldglass for contingent workforce management.

Candidates aspiring to the certification must possess hands-on practical experience using SAP Fieldglass, complete the recommended SAP Fieldglass training course, and pass an in-depth exam to earn it.


SAP Fieldglass is an efficient Vendor Management System that enhances external workforce management. With an array of features and tools that streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

SAP Fieldglass helps businesses streamline processes for effective vendor management while meeting compliance obligations.

The solution for implementers configures, and supporters can take advantage of numerous certifications to demonstrate their abilities and stand out in their job markets.

This course certification can give consultants, developers, and end-users an edge in their careers and on the market.

Invest now, as demand for SAP Fieldglass professionals continues to surge.

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