Workday iloads vs Workday inbound EIB – Similarities and differences

Comparisons Between Workday iloads and Workday Inbound EIB

iloads Inbound EIB
With every workday update, you need to check if the columns are changed with the web service changes. With every workday update, you need to check if the columns are changed
Bulk load concept exists, few implementation tasks. E.g., Change Emergency Contacts Bulk load concept does not exist.
iLoad has versioning concept (you can download iloads specific to a version). Does not have the option of versioning.
You can create basic filters in iLoad, to have only the data which you are interested in. Filtering can be performed in the excel spreadsheet template using normal filter functions available in excel.
iLoads are password protected. EIB templates are not password protected
If the format of columns and column names are changed then iLoad throws an error. If the format of columns and column names are changed, then EIB does not throws an error.
Iload does not gives you optional or mandatory field information on the columns. EIB gives you information on whether fields are optional or mandatory.
In iloads you can’t skip the business process. In EIB you have an option to skip the business process
In iloads you can set Auto Complete to true to complete the business process without looping it for approvals. You can set Auto Complete to true in EIB as well.
Iloads loaded using implementation tasks gives you details on when the iload was loaded (date time and date). In EIB, you have to go to the event to check when it was loaded and at what time
Different implementation tasks need to be used in order to be able to load data using iloads. Same inbound EIB can be used multiple times just by changing the web service and adding a new spreadsheet template as an attachment.
You can configure a password of iLoad using Configure iLoad password task. You cannot configure a password for Inbound EIB.
Execution is faster. Execution is slower than iLoad
Hard for client to understand and learn. Helps client get used to self-sufficiency.




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