Workday BIRT Interview Questions and Answers

Following are the Workday BIRT Interview Questions and Answers:

  1. What is Workday BIRT?

Workday Report Designer (BIRT) allows you to use and design business form layouts for meeting the precise report layout conditions called by your company. These specifications could include large text formats, headers, formatting, webpage breathers, particular labels, scopes, information, and spaces.

  • Custom and delivered report designs.
  • Working with the expressions
  • Multiple business objects and data sets
  • Aggregates, sorting, and grouping
  1. What are the covered topics in workday BIRT?
  • Custom and brought report designs.
  • Central workday studio map reading.
  • Working with the words
  • Multiple commercial objects and data sets
  • Aggregates, grouping, and sorting
  1. How is the use of Workday BIRT?

Workday BIRT is very flexible to use. BIRT can connect all the datasheets to configure your questions on how to manage the report is shown, and you can also create a design from different types of documents/reports through charts to alphabets.

  1. What does BIRT stand for Workday?

Your reporting tools (BIRT) project and business intelligence are available to resource software programs that deliver professional intelligence capabilities and reporting for wealthy clients and internet applications, specifically those based upon Java EE and Java.

  1. Define BIRT template?

(Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) BIRT is an available innovation platform that generates reports and data visuals documents right into abundant customer and internet applications. BIRT documents are made from information and things used in reports and can easily make various records collections.

  1. What is a report design environment?

Report Designer BIRT provides a versatile environment that complies with the requirements of every beginning skilled report creator and reports creator who prefers the electrical power of computer programming.

  1. What are the features of the report design environment?

Report design templates that add instructions to need help for the brand-new report developers to get started fast to the customize the seeing view that allows report developer to tailor the nature of their creating style of working functionality tools for debugging, making, and previewing reports accessibility features, like to access all, the report design through the keyboard is not used to replace that they are using mouse.

  1. How do you create a report in Workday BIRT?

You may create a report in the observing methods:

  • Start by the blank report style
  • Use a prelimited report layout
  • Select File-recent-Report
  • In BIRT Account Designer, select the project you created in the plant scenery of the on-call folders.
  • Style the adhering to text message as the report name.
  • Decide next, and New Report provides possibilities for starting with an empty report and some report design templates.
  • Pick blank report; at that point, decide on the surface. after that, your new account will be a feature in the main window     
  1. How do you build a data source in Workday BIRT?
  • Decide On information Explorer
  • right-click information resources; after that, decide on New Data Source from the context menu selection.
  • Select from the Classic Models Inc. Sample Database from listing information source styles. Make use of the nonpayment data resource name; at that point, decide on Next. Connection information concerning the brand-new information resource seems.
  • Then choose the Finish. BIRT Report Designer develops a new data resource that hooks up to the sample data source. It shows up within information resources in Data explorer.
  1. How do you create a data set in BIRT?
  • In Data Explorer, click Data Sets, and decide on New Data Set coming from the situation menu.
  • In Data Set Name, type the complying with message
  • Use the nonpayment worth’s for the various other industries. Data Source Selection presents the kind and also the name of the data source that you developed previously. Records Set Type indicates that the data collection utilizes a SQL select the inquiry.
  • Choose Next
  • In the content region, kind the adhering to SQL SELECT statement to define the data to recover:
  • Choose Finish to save the information set. Edit Data Set appears if you keyed the inquiry appropriately. Inaccuracy information occurs if you create an error Edit Data Set opens. Edit Data Set shows the columns you specified in the concern and chooses to modify the recordset.
  • Choose Preview Results to see to it the inquiry holds and that it returns the correct data. Number 1-13 presents several of the lines of the record that the inquiry returns
  • choose OK
  1. How do you Format the report in Workday BIRT?

Now that you have validated that the report presents the correct records in the right purchase, you can improve the report’s appeal. You conduct the activities in this particular task:

  • Modify the content of the column titles.
  • Format the column headings.
  • Show the connection with first as well as last names on the very same line.
  • Raise the area in between rows
  1. How do you edit the column headings in BIRT?
  • Choose Layout to get back to the layout publisher.
  • Double-click the 1st-column heading, CUSTOMER NAME. The column title is actually in the 1st line, the header row of the table.
  • To replace all the highlighted messages, begin inputting. After that, push Enter when you finish. To revise the message, click on the moment to dismiss the text message; after that, install the cursor where you intend to add or erase characters. Change CUSTOMER NAME with the adhering to content: Consumer
  • Repeat actions 2 and 3 to alter the 3rd and 2nd pillar headings to the following text: the Phone Get in touch with the repetitive movements.
  1. What are data sets in Workday BIRT?

A record set is an object that marks all the records that are on call to a report. To produce a data set, you must possess an existing BIRT records resource. Just like information resources, BIRT Report Designer delivers witches to create data collections. The first and the required action in generating a record collection is to decide on the records from an information resource. After this initial step, you may additionally process the raw information as required for the report. You can easily change the titles of columns, make computed columns, and specify filters to give the information a part of the records.

  1. How do you create a Cassandra data source in BIRT?
  • In the Data Explorer, click the Data Sources; at that point, pick the New Data Source.
  • In the New information Source, specify the complying with info. Then select Finish: pick the Cassandra Scripted information Source from the list of information resource types. In the Data Source, type a name for the information resource.
  1. In the new excel data source profile, how do you specify the workbook to use as the data source?
  • Make use of the pull-down menu for browse to pick either relative pathway or complete road.
  • In the Select file, specify the success report to see as the information resource.
  • Choose extra options. as needed: make use of the 1st collection as cavalcade title indication. Make use of the second series as a data type indication.
  1. How to create a Hive Data source in Workday BIRT?
  • In Data Explorer, right-click Data Sources, then pick New Data Source.
  • In New Data Source, indicate the following info: Select Hive Data Source from listing information source types. In Data Source Name, type a name for the data source. Choose Next.
  • In New Hive Data Source Profile, indicate the homes to link to the Hive device. In Database URL, kind the URL to the Hive unit. In the password and the user name, type the user references to connect to the team. Add File Statement, optionally type several Add File claims to include writing files to the Hadoop distributed cache, as displayed in the complying with an instance. Separate each Add File statement with a semicolon.
  1. How do you erase JDBC drivers in the JAR report?
  • Right-pin to the remaining JDBC data resource, then select edit coming from the situation menu. Edit Data Source appears.
  • Choose the manage Drivers to open up the JDBC motorist manager.
  • Select the JAR report which contains the driver; after that, select Delete. BIRT Report Designer clears away the JAR documents and any type of drivers that it includes from the JDBC vehicle driver’s directory site.
  1. How do you generate a SQL inquiry to save data through the JDBC information resource?
  • In data traveler, right-click records collections; at that point, select brand-new data sets.
  • In new records specified, specify the following information: In Data Source Selection, under JDBC Data Source, select the data resource to use In Data Set Type, pick SQL Select Query.
  • In Data Set Name, style a title for the data set.
  • Choose Next. Inquiry displays the relevant information to aid you in generating a SQL inquiry. Available Items specify the things in the records resource.
  • To view the dining tables in a database, expand the data bank
  • Click on the plus indication (+) to show the columns in a table or even view; click on (+). Alongside a table or even view name.
  • In the content region, a kind of SQL statement that shows what records to obtain coming from. the JDBC records resource.
  1. How do you eliminate a column or a row in Workday BIRT?
  • In the layout publisher, hover the computer mouse guideline over the framework’s all-time the left side corner until the Grid tab shows up. After that, pick the button. Manual tissues show up at the remaining and the top side of the network.
  • Right-click the guide tissue of the row or even cavalcade to erase, then select Delete coming from the situation food selection. Then if the line or even row has components, factors are additionally erased.
  1. How do you dilemma data done to a tabletop?
  • In the Layout publisher, hover the computer mouse reminder over the all-time low remaining section of the network up until the Grid button appears; at that point, choose the tab. Guide cells seem at the top and also the left side of the framework.
  • Right-click the row’s overview column, erase, then decide on Delete from the situation food selection. Then if the line or even column consists of factors, aspects are additionally erased.
  1. How do you insert a linked image in Workday BIRT?
  • Grab the graphic component from the combination and drop it in the intended area on the web page. Edit picture item shows up.
  • To link to a photo saved in the resource folder
  • To link to a graphic for which URIs are held in the data source, utilize the adhering procedure. the procedure presumes you have presently produced a data set that consists of the area, which stores the URIs to the pictures
  • To link to a photo stored in any various other sites
  1. How to apply a style in Workday BIRT?
  • Right-click the report element to which you intend to apply a type.
  • Choose Style → Apply Style coming from the context menu; after that, pick one of the styles in the listing. The checklist presents all the types you produced and imported. Decide on None to eliminate the design presently used to the report element. The report component’s appearance changes depending on the method you choose.
  1. How to modify a style in BIRT?
  • In Outline, expand Styles.
  • Right-click the design you desire to modify; at that point, pick Edit Style.
  • In Edit Style, change the intended type of homes, then opt for OK. All report aspects that make use of that type are upgraded to mirror the brand-new Layout.
  1. How to delete a style in Workday BIRT?
  • Choose Outline to check out all the styles that you developed and also imported.
  • Under Styles, right-click the type you would like to delete, thus opt for Delete. If the class is not in usage, it can be removed. If the design is in use, BIRT Report Professional motivates you to affirm the deletion.


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