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Hello all. It is fun possessing an interaction with you. Worn out with the routine works as well as Needed an Easy and rejuvenated begin to a tutorial!

Certainly, you obtained to pick among the most trending innovation in the Cloud Computing platform, i.e., Vlocity Salesforce. Today in this blog, we are going to look into a few insights into this course.

Let us begin with what is Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity is the trending technology that can be found on the Salesforce platform. It is the leading provider of industry-specific solutions and various software. It enables the smooth functioning of the overall customer experience (CX) by emerging as the global pioneer in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) platform provider. Vlocity also helps manage and acquire an advanced understanding of CMT, health, and insurance domains.

How do Vlocity works?

The workflow in Vlocity is guided by the set of guided programs designed uniquely for each task. The critical characteristic of Vlocity is that it works along with the peculiar Customer 360, therefore bringing out the very most sophisticated platform for Digital Transformation by providing a variety of tools that match the detailed needs of respective fields.

Why should I choose Vlocity?

Vlocity offers its service to a wide range of organizations such as insurance, media, entertainment, communications, health, energy, utilities, etc. One can easily make a future in any of the above fields by learning Vlocity as it has become a part of many organizations’ work processes. 

What are the features of Salesforce Vlocity?

Vlocity contains multiple features such as the following:

  • OmniScripts- Many interaction logics used for business are created in OmniScripts and are deployed on the Vlocity platform.
  • DataRaptor- It helps in transferring and transforming the data between many various platforms.
  • OmniStudio- It creates guided interactions by using the data provided from both external sources and internal sources. OmniStudio offers a group of services, data models, and components that help create many Industry Cloud apps.
  • OmniOut- To run FlexCards which are present outside off platform and on the other 3rd party websites, we can use OmniOut.
  • Data Integration procedures- Tools are used for the data integration procedures run across the Vlocity Platform.
  • FlexCards- These flexcards help display data over the Vlocity platform, and it also launches many actions present in Vlocity.
  • IDX Workbench/ Salesforce DX- This Workbench Desktop Application is used on the Salesforce Vlocity platform to run the test procedures.

What are the prerequisites to learn Salesforce Vlocity?

There are no specific requirements to learn Vlocity (Interesting, ideal!). Anyone without a prior understanding of any coding can understand Salesforce Vlocity without many hindrances as there is a no-code/common code platform.

A doubt might arise like what are the benefits you can avail from this technology?

There are a number of purposes existing, where you need to select and favor Vlocity over various other training courses. Vlocity help in improved purchases, companies as well as likewise gives praiseworthy marketing agility. It also ensures in delivering productivity of a variety of business functions. It offers a well-developed field answer around the several sales and equips B2B and B2C digital consumer interaction. Vlocity creates pricing estimates, policy administration, asserts control, services in one place. Supplies many pre-configured transactions, which could be further utilized successfully in the application after installing it. Aside from these, Vlocity delivers numerous other exceptional uses that can easily be actually individualized depending on your demands.

What are the different types of training available in Vlocity?

One can easily find multiple modes of training present everywhere, like Online training and Offline training. Yet the most effective and safest mode of training. In my opinion, online training is best in these days of pandemics. And I would suggest CloudFoundation as the best institute where you can get trained from the experts, professionals with utmost dedication. You will be even provided with study materials, 24/7 assistance, career guidance, and job assistance also.

In Online training, there will be two types of training present here. They are as follows:

  1. Live-led training: Here, one can virtually learn the course and, along with a few other fellow trainees from the instructors, through live classes. The instructor will be guiding you throughout the course period, and if you are having trouble following the class, you can even schedule the missed-out classes and make sure that all your concepts are clear. Interesting right?
  2. Self-paced training: For trainees who are unable to attend the live classes or are working professional and full-time students, I suggest you go for Self-paced training. Here at Cloudfoundation, you are provided with a set of pre-recorded videos that are nicely edited in such a way that the content is not disturbed. And you can make use of these videos in your free time for the completion of the course. And the best part of this mode of training is that these videos come up with lifetime validity.

And you know what, as a trainee, you will also be provided with tenant access for the relevant tools present in the course. Plenty of tools, such as interaction and data offered by Vlocity, are provided to the trainee. Training along with the real-time scenarios with the help of tools helps you attain a more excellent hold of knowledge on the course.

Mention the different types of Vlocity Salesforce certification available in Vlocity training?

Vlocity Certified Order Management Developer

Vlocity Certified Energy and utility Developer

Vlocity Certified Insurance Quoting Developer

Vlocity Certified Health Quoting Developer

Vlocity Technical Architect

Vlocity Certified Application Developer

Future Scope:

A career that is actually trending and in demand, trusted and also secure, aptly spending, impactful, and also was inconceivable till Salesforce entered action! These days, being a Salesforce Vlocity Software Developer is an excellent possibility as a result of its necessity out there. It has laid its involvement in almost all fields, so being a professional in Vlocity can help you out in whichever area you are involved in.

Allow me to wrap up the whole blog by saying that Salesforce Vlocity doesn’t require any prior knowledge and is widely used in cloud computing with many tools in it. Are you willing to know more about Vlocity training?

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