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UiPath Interview Question & Answers:

What is RPA?

RPA is nothing but Robotic process automation which helps the working employees to create the software which will help to achieve and help in following the application which is used for transaction processing, forming the date, for triggering responses and communication.

What is UiPath Automation?

UiPath is the leading automation process. It helps in providing a software which helps in an automate business organization. The main goal of the software robot is to assist in the application’s layer of performance.

What are arguments in UiPath?

An argument in UiPath will help the program to create any arguments where we can also make some changes. In arguments, we need to mention the title which is compulsory.

What is Flow Switch in UiPath?

Flow decision and flow switch are the same things except flow switch have some difference that, each section of the flow switch is identified as flow step.

What are session variables?

Session Variables in UiPath are particular to one Process of the instance. If more instances of the corresponding process are continuing at the same time, that may have the same session variables but the values will be changed.

What are the properties in UiPath?

In UiPath, we can use many activities which are used for automating the applications of the web apps in the activity panel under UI automation. The general properties of these projects are Delay Before, Delay After, Time out MS, Continue on Error, Wait for Ready, and target.

What is the main difference between Mainframe and Non-Mainframe Applications?

Mainframe applications:

• The mainframe is a separate screen and keyboard-based application.

• Particularly for mainframe applications, the separate set in-built commands supported by UiPath.

Non-mainframe applications:

• Non-mainframe applications include various screens.

• Control transfers from one screen to another.

What is branching in RPA UiPath?

Branching in UiPath is a “condition”. This statement will help the program to decide the behaviour when any condition will be chosen.

This Branching condition is applied when an exercise is having more than one solution after a specific condition.

What are Control Flow Activities of UiPath?

Control Flow is a computer science which refers to the system in which activities are implemented in automation. A particular Control Flow can be performed by the use of variables and activities.

What are Flowchart activities?

Generally, Flowchart is used for different frames, which serves in the different type of tasks. It also helps in performing multiple valid operators and also for comparing the actions in various methods.

What are the sequence activities?

The sequence activity is the type of methods, which are mainly suitable for direct methods and that will allow us to shift from one project to another.

What is the If Activity?

When the variables have the values then, If statement is applied.

When the record with two states from which the first statement is performed if the condition is true or else the second statement will get executed when the statement is false.

What is UiPath state machine?

While executing if any machine starts using a specific state of automation, is known as the state machine. It switches from one state to another if any item is activated.

How to create a project in UiPath?

To create a project in UiPath, before selecting a particular location, we have to create a folder. Then the new folder will be stored in the directory.

What are Wildcards and Selectors in UiPath?

Wildcards assists in restoring the sequences. It is used while dealing with the properties which are dynamically shifting.

The selector used in generating the selection by using the Wildcards automatically.

What is the use of Data Scraping in UiPath?

It enables the extraction of the document, structured/configured data. Structured data is a collection of data that is designed and presented in an anticipated pattern.

What Is Process Studio in UiPath?

Process Studio is to design the diagram for the business flow diagram. The processes are designed in an area of UiPath Process Studio which uses notations and flow diagrams.

Explain the UiPath Append Range?

The Append range is used to Insert or Edit data in an existing workbook, by using append range we can enter the data from the workbook. Whenever we try to append the data it will not overwrite the present data.

What is the Accuracy property represent in the Click image activity?

Accuracy property is a unit of measure from O to 1 which expresses the least similarity between the images.

What is the use of Element Exists in UiPath?

Element Exists is used to recognize the UI Element which is present or not during the performance.

The output of the active support only Boolean in Element Exists.

What is the Delay Activity in UiPath?

The delay activity is used for making pause/stop the automation. This is also applied in projects like waiting and then start of particular applications for processing information.

What is the Assign Activity?

Assign activity is preferred as it assists in selecting tasks to the variables. They are mostly used for increasing the value of the variables. We can add and then store the value to another variable and it supports in assigning the value.

How many ways we can create Variable in UiPath?

In 3 ways we can create the variable in UiPath,

  • We can perform the variable applying the variable tab from the Control bar.
  • From the Output column and Properties window, we can create the variable.
  • We can create the variable, by Selecting Create variable from Ribbon tab.

What are the types of Recordings in UiPath Studio?

UiPath has 4 type recordings. They are.

Desktop: Desktop is famous for various operations and desktop applications. It uses the container where the projects will be included.

Web: Web is used to record in the web pages and for browsing. It also creates the package.

Basic: It is used for the production for every action and no container is present. Hence, It is suitable for the single activities but the automation is extremely slow.

Citrix: Citrix is used for recording of permits texts and images, virtualized conditions, and the keyboard automation.

How to create a project and how to execute it?

Steps for creating the Project:

  • Click on start in UiPath studio.
  • Select the Project type: New- Simple process, Implementation process, and transactional Business process.
  • From the new tab, enter the name, location, and description, and then Click on Create.
  • Based on the project design window will get opened.
  • Now, drag and drop the activities into the design window.
  • Press F5 or Select RUN.

What is meant by Switch Activity?

Switch Activity is used to accept objects based on the defined values of the characters. It uses the integral argument as default from which can change it by proceeding to the properties panel and choosing the expected Type of Argument.

What is the Generic variable in UiPath?

It is a type of variable which can collect any variety of data types like dates format, int, string, and arrays.

The Generic Variables are used only in RPA UiPath.

What is the Difference between Basic and desktop recording?

Basic Recorder Desktop Recorder
1.Each activity Generates full selector On each Activity, it Generate only partial selector.
2. Used for single activity Used for multiple activities
3. Much Slower in Operation Faster in Operation
4. Generate container for each Activity. It also Generate container for each activity

What is meant by the While Activity?

This activity serves in preparing a special activity regularly when a special status is true. The difference between while and do while is in the former the state will be decided and then the circuit will be completed.

What is meant by For Each Activity?

This activity assists in providing the step with the help of arrays, data tables, lists and some other sort of collections. It allows us to repeat the data and then individually process the information.

How to convert a string variable into int?

The following method to covert string to int -Convert.ToInt34 (String variable_title)


String age= 34;

int patient_age=Convert.ToInt43(age)

What are the Differences between Basic and Desktop Recording?


Desktop Recorder Basic Recorder
Generate only partial selector on each activity 1.Each activity, it Generates full selector
Suitable for multiple activities 2.Suitable for single activity
Faster than Basic 3. Slower than Desktop recorder
Generate container for each activity 4. Do not generated container for each activity

What Is Meant by Break Activity?

By using Break Activity, we can simply check a special circuit at any point and we can also continue with additional activity at the same time.

What is Automatic Recording?

The Automatic Recording will provide a support of the complete company methods from which we can easily customize the project.

How to activate UiPath Studio license?

  • Once the Registration window is displayed, click on the Activate License.
  • Give Email address on the field of Email address.
  • Provide the license key you received.
  • Now, Select the Automatic activation
  • Select the Activate Your UiPath license to activate.

What are the differences between UiPath and Blue Prism?

Differences UiPath Blue Prism
Programming languages UiPath uses VB. Blue Prism Uses C#.
Control Room/Dashboard The control room has The Orchestrator – is web-based, it is accessible through mobile or browser. Blue Prism has customer based servers, available only within their applications
cost and uses UiPath is more affordable

It is easy to learn and operate




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