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Uipath Certification

RPA is trending the market which has different tools. One of which is Uipath.

Uipath is a cloud-based tool which help day to day office task is to automate and do the repetitive task easily.

Why should you get certified?

The UiPath certification proved you as a qualified, trained and experienced professional in the RPA field. This certification will help you to get one step ahead in the door in this new area of RPA.

This Google trend graph will help you to understand that in the next five years Uipath will take over the automating process in most of the organization.

Who can opt for Certification?

Usually, anyone can go with UiPath certification, as all types of industries choose it. Still, people with experience in automation, IT and engineering have a lot to learn. It is also profitable for programmers, automation technicians, and IT specialists.

i) The professionals who need to enhance their prospects of obtaining and preserving a white-collar job in the future.

ii) Test technicians who want to get a much impression and to increase their potential.

iii) Enterprises who aspire to automate procedures.

Companies recruiting UiPath certified people are:


What certifications are the available?

There is only one certificate offered by UiPath, i.e., the RPA Developer Certificate and Advance certificate.

How can you enroll for Uipath RPA Developer Certification?

You can directly enroll on the website for taking the certification exam.

What are the prerequisites required for the exam?

No prerequisites required for this examination. However, you must know the complete Uipath developer and advance developer knowledge to go ahead with the exam.

What does Certification exam consist?

The certification exam is consist of two parts: the first part is a quiz, the second part involves a practical. In both exam, a minimum passing score of 70%. One who has cleared the questionnaire are eligible for the practical examination which takes 3 hours. You can register yourself from the official website of Uipath.

After completing the exam, the certification is valid for a year.

The RPA area is updating itself, including new highlights and arrangements constantly. The working professionals have to update themselves as Uipath solutions are highly dynamic.


You can see in the Forrester report that there is a massive shift in a year difference. So going for the uipath certification is a plus point for any professional.

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