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In our session, today We will discuss the best and foremost BI(Business Intelligence) tool from SAP.

‘SAP Business Intelligence’ 

  • How do you define SAP Business intelligence(BI)?

SAP Business Intelligence is a collection of processes, architectures, and technologies.

BI stores, evaluates, and provides knowledge access to support organizations to build informed choices for businesses.

BI is prominently known for converting raw information into meaningful information.

Wanted to learn and need SAP BI Training?

Let us dive into the brief information.

  • What SAP Business Intelligence contains? What more can you know about BI?

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Business Intelligence is an SAP product that focuses mainly on offering a user-friendly and beneficial way of portraying data representation.

This process helps Customers and Organizations that will make it worthwhile for analytical purposes.

SAP named Business Intelligence with various terms from 1997 up till 2020. We can call it SAP BI/BIW/BW.

SAP Business Warehouse(BW) the predominant theme; as I already mentioned, it converts raw data into meaningful data.

You may doubt what raw data meant?

Raw data is the data that comes directly without any alteration from the source system.

With various reporting methods, SAP BW assesses the data, and you can also transmit it to other systems.

Data Warehousing is a performance that follows the ETL process. The data collected from various applications then filtered and stored in the DataWarehouse.

Here I can provide you with some noteworthy BI Features:

  • Reports Ranking
  • What-if Analyzing
  • Dashboards of the Executive
  • Interactive Records
  • Geospatial Cartography
  • Reports from Operations
  • Tables pivot
  • Ad-hoc posts
  • Protection Unique to the Customer
  • Integration Enabled

What are the prerequisites that you must know before getting into SAP BI?

Well, there are no such specific prerequisites that are necessary to learn SAP BI, but you should be aware of some things; here are they:

It will help if you know about Databases. This will allows you to learn about Datawarehouse and easy to learn SAP BI.

You must possess basic knowledge of SQL.

  • How do you decide to be a perfect Career option with SAP BI?


In the industry, Business Intelligence and Analytics have a very significant role. Each industry produces an enormous amount of data daily. They need resources to incorporate all sources, clean and maintain the data and make the data relevant. Now BI tools are helping out organizations in these aspects.

So, as SAP BI now became a Hotcake in the competitive world, you can prefer to improvise your Career growth.

  • What are the Certification details of SAP BI?

The Certification details of SAP BI  categorized into two levels:

  • Associate level
  • Professional level

The Certifications SAP BI providing currently:

  • C_TBI30_74 – SAP Certified Application Associate – Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.4 & SAP BI 4.1
  • C_TBI30_73 – SAP Certified Application Associate – Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0

As all the study you go through is for Certification only, right!

Before applying or going to the Certification exam, make sure that you are thorough with the course.

  • What are the Companies that are availing the services of SAP BI?

The innumerable amount of Companies are there which are availing the services of SAP BI.

Here are they:

  • Minto Group Inc.
  • Perdue
  • American Academy of Opthalmology Inc.
  • The American Red Cross
  • Mondelez International, Inc.

How does SAP BI stand as a unique one from other Softwares?

Here are some of the Core Capabilities that differ SAP BI from other software are:

  • Simplified modeling and management:

It speeds up applications for improvement and decreases implementation time.

  • Integration of applications from SAP and NON-SAP:

This process enables SAP and non-SAP applications to be connected to reduce the cost of integration into data.

  • Improved experience for users:

Accessible user experience and modern interface improve user performance.

  • A high amount, data processing in real-time:

This process enables intelligent automation and high volume data processing in real-time.

SAP BI is one unique platform that stands out from the crowd that provides you with good deals in your career.

  • A Final Word:

In the end, I want you to know some conspicuous notes regarding the SAP BI course.

Here we go with them:

In SAP BI, It is possible to take business decisions at strategic, technical, and operational levels.

SAP BI helps distribute Data globally on various types of systems and save. Companies today need to preserve historical data for a longer time to generate quicker and more accurate data.

I believe you got a clear idea about SAP BI through my content.

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