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Here I am with a new blog on SAP APO certification. Suppose you want to give your certification exam for SAP APO. In that case, you can go through this blog and get some helpful information regarding the SAP APO certification process.

  • What is SAP APO?

The APO in SAP stands for Advanced Planner and Optimizer. It is a supply chain planning tool that benefits organizations in managing the supply chain. The SAP APO consists of four modules.

  1. Demand Planning
  2. Supply Network Planning
  3. Production Planning and Detail Scheduling
  4. Global Available to Promise

The SAP APO is the main module in SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM).

The SAP APO is designed to take control of all the business processes from order generation to production planning by maintaining consistency in the business and customer service by reducing the production and logistics costs.

  • Who can opt for the SAP APO training?

This course focuses primarily on project team members and primary key users like people from specific departments whose responsibility is to create demand plans depending upon aggregated historical data.

  • What is the certification for SAP APO, and are there any prerequisites required to take the certification exam?

The certification for the SAP APO is C_TSCM44_65.

The SAP APO certification is mainly beneficial for individuals from SAP SCM & business consulting backgrounds. This SAP APO certification shows that the individual thoroughly knows the fundamentals and knows the tool well. With this certification, the individual is ready to work on the projects with the guidance of the senior consultants.

The prerequisite you need before you take the training for SAP APO is SAP SCM (SCM200 Business Processes in Planning).

  • What is the format for the certification of SAP APO?

The certification exam code is C_TSCM44_65

The certification exam name for SAP will be SAP certified Application Associate – Planning and Global Available to Promise (GATP) in SAP SCM APO 7.0 Ehp1.

All the SAP certifications are available in the SAP certification hub.

There are three types of certifications available in SAP they are classified as:

  • Associate certification
  • Specialist certification
  • Professional certification

The Associate certificate is the entry-level certification, which shows that the individual comprises fundamental knowledge of technology.

This exam consists of a total number of 80 questions in which you have a passing score of 61%, and the duration of the exam will be 180 minutes.

The SAP APO is not a different solution. And instead, it comes under the SAP SCM.

  • Here is some information regarding the certification exam topics and their weightage.
  • Configuration of PP/DS weightage is more than 12%.
  • Configuration of Global ATP weightage is more than 12%.
  • Configuration of DP and SNP weightage is more than 12%.
  • Core Interface weightage varies from 8% to 12%.
  • Business Information Warehouse weightage will be less than 8%
  • Supply Network Planning weightage will be less than 8%
  • Production Planning and CTP weightage will be less than 8%.
  • Demand Planning weightage will be less than 8%.
  • Capable of Match weightage will be less than 8%.
  • Application Overview and Background weightage varies from 8% to 12%.
  • What are the different types of training available for SAP APO training?

There are two main modes of training available. Most individuals would prefer to opt for online training as it is easy and convenient to attend.

The majority of the training platforms provide two modes of online training.

  • Self-Paced online training
  • Instructor-led live training

Both of these training is conducted online. The only difference is that in the self-paced training. You will get access to the pre-recorded video sessions from which you can attend them and complete the course in your free time. These pre-recorded videos have lifetime validity.

Whereas the instructor-led live training, you will attend the instructor’s live classes. It will be very beneficial for you to clear your doubts on the go. And I feel the instructor-led live training is more effective.

  • Are there trusted training platforms that provide online training for SAP APO?

Yes, a training platform, Cloudfoundation, provides online training for SAP APO and many other cloud technologies.

They are focused on online training and conduct classes on both weekdays and weekends. Hence it is easy for you to attend classes if you are a working professional and unable to participate in the ranks during the weekdays.

They have the industry’s best trainers who possess an immense knowledge of the technology they train you.

It is essential to work on some real-time case studies on any technology which you are learning, so having said that, Cloudfoundation provides you with some real-time case studies that will be beneficial for you to gain both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the software and it will be helpful for you clear the certification exam effortlessly. They provide you with free study materials that will be beneficial for you while preparing for the SAP certification exam.

Conclusion: –

Here comes the final part of my blog. The SAP certification gives you immense opportunities for an individual to recruit by the company. The certification shows that the individual possesses a thorough understanding of the software.

The certification exam for SAP is not easy to clear. Still, suppose you are dedicated and consistent and try to gain practical and theoretical knowledge on the tool. In that case, you can quickly clear the certification exam in the first attempt itself. You will have a chance of 6 attempts to clear the certification exam.

You can find many resources online that help you gain more knowledge and get hands-on experience by working on some real projects.

There is a lot of scope for individuals to kick start their careers. There are many job opportunities globally if you are a certified SAP APO professional. You will get a good-paying job.

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