Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

  • Are you looking for marketing automation that suits your business?

There’s the best marketing automation for your business, i.e., SALESFORCE MARKETING CLOUD.

  • Let’s know what Salesforce marketing cloud is?

I will begin with a small introduction.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud deals with Digital Marketing Automation And providing Software services to Business. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform.

It develops Customer services, and it Promotes Digital Marketing in Emails, Mobiles, And Online Marketing sources.

In 2014 ExactTarget got renamed as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • What are the Career options with salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Email specialist is the best profession from salesforce marketing cloud.

  • What does A Salesforce Marketing Email specialist do?

So, here are some responsibilities of a Salesforce Marketing Email specialist

You need to perform these tasks without any assistance:

  • Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email application tools in executing both tactical and strategic email campaigns.
  • Build email marketing campaigns by using the various tools within Email Studio, including Content Builder.
  • Build relational data models.
  • Send emails using email application sending methods.
  • Build complex email automation.
  • Create reports of email tracking data.
  • Troubleshoot and solve fundamental Marketing Cloud-specific issues.
  • Now, I know that you want to know how to become a Salesforce Marketing Email specialist?

I would like to provide you the guides to become a Salesforce Marketing Email specialist

This Guide provides steps and resources to help you prepare for and take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification exam. It describes the following path to certification. Few steps are mentioned below:

  1. Understand Certification exam requirements
  2. Prepare for your Exam
    • Take online courses on the Salesforce
    • Take additional training and practice exam
  3. Register for your certification exam
  4. Pass your Exam and update myCredential
  5. Useful Resources
  • What are the essential topics in this Certification course?

There are some Essential topics I would like to let you know

You will get the main topic contents for the Exam. Following Are The Important Topics for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Exam:-

  1. Email Marketing Best Practices:
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend email design best practices to implement.
  • Given the desired output functionality, recommend methods for creating responsive emails.
  • Given the desired output requirements, recommend strategies to A/B test email elements.
  • Given a desired sending process, recommend Marketing Cloud tools to use when preparing an email for sending.
  • Given an email message design, determine the correct use of Approvals.
  1. Email Message Design:
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend email design best practices to implement.
  • Given the desired output functionality, suggest methods for creating responsive emails.
  • Given the desired output requirements, recommend strategies to A/B test email elements.
  • Given the desired sending process, recommend Marketing Cloud tools to use when preparing an email for sending.
  • Given an email message design, determine the correct use of Approvals
  1. Content Creation and Delivery:
  • Given a scenario, create and customize an email message to meet a customer’s need.
  • Given a plan, send and deploy an email campaign to meet the customer requirement. EXAM TOPICS
  • Given a scenario, know how to manage the content needed to deploy a customer’s email campaign.
  • Describe various send capabilities in the Email application.
  1. Marketing Automation:
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend the appropriate marketing automation solution.
  • Given a strategy to manage customer data, configure the proper marketing automation tools.
  1. Subscriber and Data Management:
  • Given the desired output requirements, set up Subscriber Lists and Data Extensions in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Given a customer’s business requirements, determine how to import data into Marketing Cloud as per best practices.
  • Given a customer’s business requirements, configure segmentation tools to model subscribers and data accurately.
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend the marketing unsubscribe subscription management solution that meets the requirement based on customer frequency, permission, and preferences.
  1. Tracking and Reporting:
  • Given a customer scenario, explain the different metrics available for email campaigns and what each one means.
  • Given an email campaign, describe the steps involved to analyze the performance results.
  • Given a need to run reports, configure and run Marketing Cloud ad hoc and automated notifications.

You need to go through these Mentioned Topics, which are essential to Clear the certification Exam successfully.

  • How to prepare for this Exam?

I would like to help you with the exam preparation

We have a few steps for Exam preparation. As giving the Exam is the Main stage in any certification. You need to have the Perfect trial to Clear the Exam without any Failure. Follow these necessary steps to clear your certification exam successfully.

  • STEP 1: Take Training & Practice Exam

You need to Complete Your Training Regarding Marketing Email Cloud Specialist. Complete all the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Credential training modules and tasks on Salesforce. Complete all the given tasks without any errors and go through all training modules.

Review all Salesforce Marketing Cloud Flash Cards. Learn about Creating Flash Cards in Marketing Emails.

  • STEP 2: Review of Additional Training Materials.

Apart from the Training, you will be provided with additional materials for exam preparation. You will also be provided with the Important Questions for the Exam

In Addition to Materials, you will also be provided a Review Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Study Notes Pdf and pre-recorded videos to understand better.

  • Want to know more about this certification exam?

I would like to give you an overview of this examination

Once you have completed your training and preparing for the Exam, register to schedule your certification exam. Details of the Exam are given below.

  • The name of the Examination is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.
  • Main Exam Cost is 200(USD), and Retake Exam Cost is 100(USD) and the applicable taxes as required per the local law.
  • The total number of questions in the Exam is 60.
  • The time limit for this Certification exam is 90 minutes.
  • The average passing score for this Exam is 65%.
  • How to register for this certification exam?

There Are a few steps that are involved in the Registration of the Certification Exam.

  • STEP 1: Log IntoWebassessor for Salesforce.

You will get the link for the main page of the Registration that navigates to the main

If you are already logged in previously, use your mentioned Email and Password to log in to the Registration page. If you are a new user, click on log into Webassessor for Salesforce on the Main page and enter your required details to create a profile. Once you make your profile, You will receive a verification link on your Email. Once the verification is done, log in to your profile for the other registration process.

  • STEP 2: Schedule Your Exam Appointment.

Once you login into your profile, click the Register For An Exam to schedule your certification exam.

After that, Click Marketing Cloud Exams to expand it, and select Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.

Next, Click the Schedule Exam and choose a delivery mode – Test Center or Remote Online Proctored.

  • If you’ve chosen Onsite Proctored, find your test center by adding location details. Choose your desired test center and book a slot.
  • If you’ve chosen Online Proctored, select your time zone, desired month and book a slot.
  • STEP 2: Payment for Registration of Certification Exam.

As soon as you complete the scheduling process, you will be directed to the next page in which you are required to make the payment. While booking the slot, it will ask you for the coupon or voucher code.

If you have the Coupon code or Voucher code, Enter it and click submit.

To proceed with the payment, Click on Check out. When you’re done with the price, you will receive an Email for confirmation along with the details that you entered during registration. Take a print out of the Authorization code and take it along with you while giving your Exam.

After you successfully pass the certification exam, you will get your testimonials

  • How to get Testimonials?

Once you pass your Certification Exam successfully, here Comes the next process to gain your Testimonials. To Get Your Testimonials, you need to go to the Official page of Mycredentials.

  • Update Mycredentials.
  • Log into the Official Mycredentials Page.
  • The home screen of MyCredentials will display your credentials. Choose your targeted Credential and click on the Components Tab.
  • Expand the Evidence of Certification section. In that section, go to the Evidence of Certification component and select it.
  • There you will get the Evidence of Certification(EoC) form. Fill in the state with the required details.

Once you are done with the process, you need to click on submit the form. After presenting the EoC form, your request will be sent to the Marketing Academy Training Team for Approval.

  • What are the updates that will take place once you update your Mycredentials?

Once your request is successfully approved, the following updates will take place.

  • Within three business days, your Training and certification exam Completion will be updated.
  • Within two weeks, your CV-Resume will be Updated with your Credential.
  • Within one month, your Credential will be uploaded to your people page

For any queries or any changes, click on the Contact Us option Viewed at the right side of myCredentials official page.

To conclude, I would like to share my views regarding the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

As I mentioned, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialists are one of the most preferred professionals.

This Stream has a good scope in the future. Get the best Training and clear your certification exam without any defects.

While registering for the certification exam, provide accurate information so that the whole process goes smoothly.

  • Where can I get the best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist training?

For the Best Training, I would like to suggest you enroll with CLOUD FOUNDATION to get your Certification in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and find the best modes to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I hope the above information is up to the mark.

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