PingAccess Interview Questions

Following are the top Ping Access interview questions and answers:

  1. What is PingAccess?

PingAccess is a concentrated admittance security arrangement with an extensive strategy motor. It gives secure admittance to applications and APIs down to the URL level. It guarantees that main approved clients access the assets they need.

  1. What is PingAccess agent?

PingAccess is a personality-empowered admittance board item that ensures web applications and APIs by applying security approaches to customer demands. PingAccess permits you to secure destinations, APIs, and different assets utilizing rules and other verification standards.

  1. What is the Ping directory?

Fueled by the UnboundID Data Store, Ping Directory is a quick, versatile index to store personality and rich profile information. Undertakings use it to safely store and oversee delicate client, accomplice, and worker information, including qualifications, profiles, inclinations, and security decisions.

4. What is PingAccess Gateway?

The PingAccess entryway handles many exchanges each second with cutting-edge grouping and replication just as insightful rate restricting. Underlying burden adjusting permits PingAccess to appropriate solicitations across/back-end workers, diminishing organization intricacy and framework costs.

  1. What can you do with PingAccess?

PingAccess gives a profoundly adaptable answer for personality access the executives that permits you to control access in various ways by determining a broad scope of conditions that should be fulfilled. Peruse the accompanying areas to find the techniques PingAccess uses to control get to and perform framework capacities.

  1. How does PingAccess work?

Access demands are either directed through a PingAccess Gateway to the objective Site, or they are caught at the objective web application worker by a PingAccess Agent. Thus by organizing access strategy choices with a PingAccess Policy Server. In one case, approaches applied to get to demands for the objective Application are assessed, and PingAccess settles on a strategy-based choice to concede or deny admittance to the mentioned asset. When access is in truth, customer solicitations and worker reactions can be altered to give extra character data needed by the objective Application.

  1. Define support for PostgreSQL audit logging in PingAccess?

As well as existing review logging alternatives for Oracle and MS SQL Server information bases, PingAccess currently upholds information base review logging for the API, motor, and specialist to PostgreSQL data sets. Arrange PostgreSQL review logging utilizing the/conf/ and/config/log4j2.xml documents accessible in the PingAccess installation directory.

  1. How do Improved configuration export and import in PingAccess?

The organization of the traded setup information has been altered to intently line up with the PingAccess REST API and give a more easy-to-understand JSON structure. Also, delicate information is presently jumbled to assist with securing information very still.

  1. How does PingAccess support different operating systems?

Here are some other systems that support PingAccess:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.3
  • Windows Server 2016
  1. How does PingAccess read and use PingFederate metadata?

PingAccess peruses metadata from PingFederate and utilizes the data to assemble approval, token, and different endpoints.

  1. Define Decrypt encrypted ID tokens in PingAccess?

To lessen backchannel correspondence among PingAccess and the symbolic supplier.  PingAccess is presently ready to decode ID tokens that have been encoded by the token supplier utilizing a public key that the symbolic supplier acquires from PingAccess.

  1. What is Client certificate authentication in PingAccess?

PingAccess currently works with customer endorsement confirmation with ensured applications that acknowledge customer authentications as HTTP headers. A model situation is utilizing PingAccess to ensure the public interfaces of PingFederate when client confirmation requires an endorsement to validate.

  1. What is Token provider-specific attribute transformation?

PingAccess gives an instrument that changes inconsistent trait payload information from Azure AD’s OIDC User Info endpoint. It recovers the presentation names for bunches from the Azure AD Graph API.

  1. What are Enhanced path-matching patterns in PingAccess?

PingAccess currently upholds customary articulations to design an asset, and the RE2 wiki archives the upheld sentence structure. To utilize everyday expressions as a way of coordinating with designs, you should empower Resource Requesting.

  1. 15. Define uses of PingOne for Customers as the token provider in PingAccess?

PingAccess currently incorporates local help for designing PingOne for Customers as the OpenID Connect supplier.

  1. What is Auditing for unknown Resources and Redirects in PingAccess?

The PingAccess UI and Admin API presently support empowering or impairing reviewing for sidetracks and hidden assets. This capacity was recently overseen by the pa.auditing.unknown. Resource property in the past was accessible in the run. Properties.

  1. Define Configure the reserved application path in PingAccess?

You would now be able to use the PingAccess Admin API to arrange the held application way. This feature is valuable for clients who need to secure application assets that locally use the default PingAccess saved application path.

  1. What is Local validation of JWT OAuth 2.0 Bearer Access Tokens?

To lessen backchannel correspondence among PingAccess and the symbolic supplier, PingAccess can locally approve marked (JWS) and additionally scrambled (JWE) access tokens for Programming interface calls.

  1. What are Zero downtime upgrades in PingAccess?

PingAccess now supports the idea of a heterogeneous application that permits the setup of both Web and API settings. The PingAccess runtime reviews the inbound solicitation for the presence of a web meeting treat or an OAuth token. It applies the entrance control strategy characterized for the kind of confirmation token in the solicitation. Administrators can indicate a default fallback for application demands that exclude a web meeting treat or OAuth token.

  1. What is PingAccess for Azure AD?

HTTPPingAccess for Azure AD is a free form of PingAccess for clients of Microsoft’s Azure AD that permits you to ensure up to 20 applications. This arrangement means considering more star power over the admittance to inheritance on-premise applications through PingAccess Identity Mapping usefulness.

  1. What are HTTP requests in PingAccess?

HTTP Requests coordinate with a served asset with the starting customer when at least one opposite intermediary is between the customer and the served help. For the model, when an opposite intermediary sits between the customer and the PingAccess worker or a PingAccess specialist, the extra intermediary may be distinguished as the customer. Such intermediaries can be designed to infuse additional headers to transfer the beginning customer address.

  1. Define Listeners in PingAccess?

HTTP Listeners screen ports for approaching solicitations. PingAccess can put audience members on ADMIN, Motor, and AGENT ports.

  1. What are Rules, Rulesets, and Ruleset groups in PingAccess?

HTTPListeRules are the structure blocks for access control and solicitation preparation. There are numerous rules, each with various conduct and an unmistakable arrangement of fields to determine the standard behavior. Rule Sets permit you to bunch multiple Rules into re-usable sets, which can be applied to applications and assets. Ruleset gatherings can contain rule sets or other principle set crowds, permitting the formation of orders of rules to any even out of profundity. Rulesets and government set gatherings can be applied to applications and assets as required.

  1. What Unknown resources define in PingAccess?

Hidden assets are assets for which there is no PingAccess definition. You can determine the default and per-specialist conduct for obscure asset demands and arrange custom blunder reactions.

  1. What is Clustering in PingAccess?

PingAccess can be designed in a bunched climate to give higher versatility and accessibility for essential administrations.

PingAccess collections are made up of three types of nodes:

  1. Administrative Node
  2. Replies Administrative Node
  3. Engine Node



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