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NetSuite for E-commerce

Online businesses are increasing. But, increased sales stress combination points between different systems.

Administrative challenges from PCI to tax agreement more challenge management and distract from the core business objectives.

It has created a specific solution for organizations that are focused on selling their goods Online.

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It is the only solution that combines ERP, CRM and a Database-Driven e-commerce program in one complete business management suite.

It allows you to manage your whole business from the cloud and delivers it reasonable for you to pass”enterprise-class” knowledge to your clients similar when they visit or Amazon market-leading Business at a fraction of the cost.

It allows your business to significantly decrease overhead expenses – from infrastructure to help to IT – and operate more speedily, efficiently and effectively.

It provides a solution for e-commerce businesses offers many benefits, including:


One Solution for All Operations:

  • By using NetSuite to run e-commerce company means that you have one system to manage all your services.
  • An open system eliminates the need to re-key data between operations and the time, mistakes, and cost compared with these silos of data.

Sales Channels:

  • E-commerce businesses enable you to manage many different Ways – Mobile, Online, Brick , Social, and Mortar Retail and Call Center.
  • The same products can be made available through all the websites, or you can target products based on the channel a customer is using with Multi-Channel Commerce.
  • Consumers can use any channel or use various channels – ordering online and choosing up or returning to a brick and mortar location.
  • You can work with customers; all record, client data, and business information are in one place.

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Dynamic Merchandising:

  • It permits you to feature goods differently in various channels – promoting products by most popular in one channel, most loaded in a second and best placed in another.
  • We can even publish products to customers based on their location, purchase history, and even their historical profitability.
  • It also helps instructions based on correlations – for example, “People who obtained this product also purchased…” suggestions.

Great Looking, Customizable Storefronts:

  • It permits you to create a design storefront on the NetSuite program, create a site doing a full quality of website templates or combine an external, custom-built website.
  • Custom websites can be developed using enterprise standard tools, like CSS and HTML.
  • Great of all, once the website is designed, business users can update extended features of the site – including attaching/removing goods, renewing cost, increasing goods pictures, etc. – using a “click-not-code” process.

Sell Globally, Profit Locally:


  • These websites help various languages, money, taxes/VAT, subsidiaries and foreign shipping costs and documentation, which enable you to easily sell your unique goods and services universal.
  • Using NetSuite One World, sales for each country can be managed by a different business unit or company with its own financial books, with all the data rolling up to the parent company.
  • Even it permits you to simply set unique pricing based on the customer’s country or region by converting money to the base cost in dollars, or by letting you set the price in the other currency so that it’s more predictable for your international customers.

Use One System to Manage Multiple Websites:

  • It allows you to perform various websites that can all be managed from one NetSuite account.
  • It permits you to target each site to a particular consumer segment or sell various types of products in category-specific websites.
  • Each website can do a unique domain, so we can take advantage of targeted domain titles.
  • Any site can have the same or different sets of products, be in any language and currency, or even have different business models (B2B or B2C).

Shopping and Merchandising Tools:

  • Websites created using NetSuite add secure purchasing cart functionality, combined real-time credit card processing with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance and multi-level scam protection, gift certificates, coupons, cross-selling and more.
  • Many of these tools are also available to websites that are integrated into the NetSuite solution.

Customer Self-Service:

  • Provide your buyers the capability to log into your website and simply track shipments, review their purchase records, ask returns, view support cases they have logged, update their account information, easily re-purchase individual products or complete orders, download digital products, examine and confirm quotes, pay outstanding bills, and more.

Integrated, Real-Time Inventory Management:

  • While you use NetSuite, the site will display real-time record availability that is refreshed in real time, based on your actual inventory levels.
  • You have the advantage to perform list amounts to your customers and even tell them how much is available in each physical location.
  • You can set the website to automatically remove out-of-stock products from your website or keep selling them.

Seamless Order Management and Fulfillment:

  • It implements an order control workflow that can be customized to match your company’s businesses processes.
  • It allows effective methods to fulfill your requests and enables you to scale and handle more orders with the very satisfaction team.
  • Workflow can add a separate request approval process that reviews by privilege, only red flagging systems that fit pre-defined standards. Satisfaction can be split up into a separate pick, package and ship tracks.
  • The seamless combination with FedEx, UPS and USPS allows you to create real-time pricing, print shipping tickets, create customs documentation and automatically give out tracking numbers—all from within NetSuite.

Affiliate Management:

  • Track all of the leads and sales coming from your affiliate network, report on each transaction, automatically calculate orders and give your associates password-protected access to this information.
  • Affiliate selling programs can be a powerful operator of e-commerce sales, and NetSuite assists you to manage and expand your network.

Pricing and Promotions:

  • It allows you to set various pricing levels for the same item for many customers, offer discounts or special pricing based on the channel your guest used or offer volume discounts.
  • Advertisements to promote sales of particular items or group of items can also be established with a few clicks.
  • Flexibility in pricing and promotions allows you to use pricing as a method to give value to various customer segments.



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