Kubernetes Training: Things to know before you start Learning

Do you have heard about Container Orchestration before?

If not, now you will get to know. Today In my Blog, I am going to detail the topic based on Containerized Orchestration.

What is Containerized Orchestration?

Containerized Orchestration refers to the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of software containers.

When the deployment of the multi-container packaged application occurs, Containerized Orchestration allows users to define how to coordinate the containers in the cloud.

While we were containerizing our applications when we performed deployment and other implementations, our deployment should not mess up with different performances.   That is why we have containers, which safeguard our applications.

In this process, How can you identify in which machine the process got deployed? And On which server are the applications running? As this becomes difficult, to rescue our lead enters into the field that is “Kubernetes.”

Okay, now we dig into detail about the Kubernetes Training topic.

What does Kubernetes mean?

Kubernetes is an Opensource Containerized Orchestration platform.

Kubernetes manages containerized workloads and services. It is container-centric that focuses on deploying and managing services.

What more can I know about Kubernetes, and What are the Features involved in it?

 (Research about the Topic)

Before entering into a new field, you should know about the topic that helps you create a fine map of your career. Here are some points which allowed me to get into Kubernetes.

Earlier, there are two methods called the Traditional deployment era and Virtualized deployment era. As they have some drawbacks with components they have, Kubernetes has introduced as a lightweight tool.

Well, Kubernetes is designed and open-sourced by Google in 2014.

Kubernetes allows you to maintain the applications made up of several containers and manage them in different environments.

It is very Flexible.

Kubernetes can be shorted as K8s because earlier, they used to take the first and last letter of words and add the number of letters that remained in the middle.

Suppose you have a complex application made up of multiple containers. In that case, the K8s tool will help you achieve high availability, scalability, and disaster recovery of your application setup.

Features involved in Kubernetes:

Kubernetes contains various elements, Here are they:

  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Self-Healing
  • Load Balancing and Service Discovery
  • Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks
  • Storage Orchestration
  • Batch Execution
  • Configuration Management

Are there any Prerequisites to learn Kubernetes?

And it’s a Yes; you need to follow some Prerequisites to learn Kubernetes.

As Kubernetes developed on top of the Container technology, You must know Container technologies like Docker, Podman, Crio-O.

How can I choose Kubernetes as my Career path?

Well, It’s a major foremost thing that you should know before you step into the new field. Here are my points that help you to choose Kubernetes as your career path.

Cloud is one term that is ruling the world today; Kubernetes works with many cloud and server products.

In this well-growing technology, so many companies contribute to the open-source project. Our leader, Kubernetes, is one of those which providing open-source service and has many other features that differ from other software.

As the payscale for Kubernetes Application developer is high, you can choose it for your economic growth.

What are the Certification details of Kubernetes?

Certification establishes a Candidate’s prior knowledge, and It helps in getting placed in a highly valued job.

The Certification of Kubernetes classified into two forms:

  1. Kubernetes Certification for Students/Professionals:

This form again categorized into two types:

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
  1. Kubernetes Certification for Organizations/Vendors:

This form also categorized into two types:

  • Software Conformance (Certified Kubernetes)
  • Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

You must follow some Guidelines to attend the certification exam; Here are they:

  • Exams are Online Proctored.
  • You will be alone while giving your Exam.
  • The noise-free environment in your surrounding to avoid any disturbance.
  • Exam admin may ask to show the surroundings to avoid any mal-practices.
  • Exam admin may pause the Exam & cancel if he found suspicious activity.

When you complete your certification exam successfully, you are required to get your testimonials.

After Gaining the Credentials, you need to update your resume with the Kubernetes skills and relevant skills accordingly.

What are the Companies using Kubernetes?

Several companies are utilizing the services of Kubernetes.

Here are some of them:

  • Google
  • Shopify
  • slack
  • Robinhood
  • Stack share
  • Delivery Hero
  • Stack
  • Nubank

What are the Features that differ Kubernetes from other software platforms?

Well, Kubernetes itself a unique platform that is most updated and has sundry features.

Here I will mention some of the features of Kubernetes that are unique:

  • Replication:

Replication made much more comfortable with Kubernetes.

  • Self-Healing of Kubernetes:

It is a unique feature.

It restarts the containers; It replaces and reschedules the containers whenever the node dies.

It automatically distracts the containers that do not respond to the user queries. They will immediately remove from the network.

  • Smart Scheduling:

Kubernetes Schedules the containers smartly.

By finding out the best fitting worker node, it schedules the container.

These are the features that add Kubernetes out of the crowd.


Before I conclude, I want to mention few important points.

Kubernetes is one of the desired operating systems in cloud computing technology.

I believe that this information helped you get a basic outline of Kubernetes.

To get detailed knowledge about the course, I suggest you join the Kubernetes online training. For that, enroll in CloudFoundation. It is one of the modest Online training platforms that help you create a promising career path.

I hope you crack your Interview and get placed in an Emerging Organization.


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