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IPaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows enterprises to rapidly execute any integration pattern, logically manage any data, and easily serve any user in need of integration.

What do we want in an iPaaS Platform?


  • Create coherent “entanglement” with digital third parties
  • Lightweight, flexible architecture that leverages On-Premise and Cloud solutions as pluggable components

  • Avoid costly and complex EAI and ETL integrations
  • Enable rapid time-to-market for technology changes
  • Compress the application lifecycle to weeks rather than months
  • Materially reduce as much operations and maintenance as possible


  • Flexible integration platform that can be deployed to the Cloud or as an On-Premise and change over time
  • Integrate a many-to-many network of Cloud and On-Premise services
  • Productized integrations and template processes (not requiring professional services where possible) / Full Data Quality Functionality
  • Self-service integration tools used by non-specialist project resources
  • Automated deployment of integrations as part of the app’s lifecycle
  • Public Web APIs for use by digital third parties

Informatica Cloud Platform:

Along with this #1 ranking, Informatica has other market leading stats for our iPaaS business.


  • 4,500+iPaaS customers
  • 300+Billion iPaaS transaction per month, growing 150% year-over-year
  • 25K+resident integrators
  • 1+Million incorporation jobs daily
  • 100’s of iPaaS coordination layouts and connectors for each driving PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and on-premises information source

Informatica Cloud iPaaS Platform:


Informatica Cloud – Core Integration Patterns:


Informatica Cloud – Data Integration & Management:

Informatica Cloud – Application Integration:


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