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1. What is Cylance, and how does it differ from traditional endpoint security solutions?

Cylance is a cybersecurity solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent threats from executing, rather than relying on heuristics, behavioural analysis, micro virtualisation, or sandboxing.

It was founded in 2012 by Stuart McClure, and the Human Genome Project inspired its approach to endpoint security. Cylance operates independently on the endpoint and does not require constant updates or an internet connection.

2. In what ways does Cylance Gateway protect hybrid and remote workplaces from cyberattacks?

Cylance Gateway provides flexible access to critical resources, ensuring endpoint and network security, enhancing visibility, and protecting against cyber threats.

It moves network security to the cloud, optimises for mobile and remote devices, and uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behaviour.

3. How can Cylance Gateway improve network security?

Cylance Gateway is optimised for mobility and remote devices; scales quickly reveal hidden and encrypted threats and protect networks, applications, and data without disrupting user productivity.

Replacing VPNs also eliminates the risk of credential misuse and abuse.

4. Could you tell me what Device Control is and how it works with Cylance?

Device Control is a new feature in Cylance that offers protection and visibility of specific USB devices. It allows users to configure settings within their Cylance policy and can be added to any Windows agent.

When a user plugs in a USB device, an additional layer of protection is gained, as the user is not enabled to execute or view the files within.

The management console offers two options: the protection tab and the external devices tab, which shows stats on devices being plugged in and their actions and when they occur.

5. For what reasons does device control matter across various policies?

Device control is essential because it allows different user, computer, and department groups to have different configurations based on user privilege. This ensures that only authorised devices are used and that sensitive data is protected.

6. Why did Scientific partner with Cylance for endpoint protection?

Scientific partnered with Cylance because Cylance focuses on protection and aligns with its mission. After testing and implementing it, they found that it effectively protects endpoints by using advanced artificial intelligence to predict and block cyberattacks in real-time without requiring an internet connection or signatures.

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7. In comparison to older AV systems, how is Cylance different?

Cylance offers a paradigm shift from legacy AV solutions primarily dependent on signature-based detection. Cylance uses a per-video reporting engine for Syslog, collects data from the perimeter device, and relies on advanced artificial intelligence updates to protect against potential attacks. It also does not require on-premise infrastructure, hardware, or concert updates.

8. Tell me what Cylance Infinity Cloud is and how it functions.

Cylance Infinity Cloud is a machine learning data analysis platform that collects and trains data from various sources, including files like .exe, DLL, pdf, and dark. It analyses the DNA level to identify potential future infections and builds algorithms that supercharge decision-making at the endpoint.

The cloud-enabled system runs these mathematical algorithms, processing calculations quickly and efficiently with minimal system impact.

9. To what extent does Cylance successfully identify and block malicious software?

Cylance significantly outperforms competitors in detecting and blocking over 99% of malware samples tested. It operates on the endpoint and does not require constant updates or an internet connection, making it effective even for isolated machines without internet connectivity.

10. Why have zero-day threats and ransomware been on the rise?

The explosion of zero-day threats and ransomware has made it easy and affordable to launch successful campaigns. Ransomware as a service has become a significant concern for organisations, with annual threat reports estimating four million attack attempts.

11. For what kinds of zero-day attacks does Cylance provide protection?

Cylance protects systems by analysing and judging malware using mathematical algorithms, preventing pre-execution. This is a crucial differentiator with Cylance, requiring immediate judgment to prevent malware pre-execution.

12. How can I test Cylance for myself?

To test Cylance, move a file to the desktop from an excluded folder and wait for Cylance to inspect it. Cylance will quickly quarantine the file, analyse it in real-time, and render a judgment pre-execution. The system’s impact is negligible and is fully available for end-users to continue working.

13. What is Cylance Protect, and what version is it in?

Cylance Protect is an endpoint solution that offers zero-day threat protection and is predictive. It was first discovered in August 2017, and the current version is older and was taken offline over eight months ago. Cylance is compared to the choice made by Neo and the Matrix in the movie Matrix.

14. Can you tell me what Cylance Protect is and how it works?

Cylance Protect is a minor agent that integrates with a cloud console for visibility and management. It includes execution control, memory protection, script control, device control, and application control.

Execution control defends against fileless attacks, stops exploits, halts process injection, and blocks privilege escalation.

Script control stops unauthorised PowerShell active script macros, weaponised docs, and further fileless attacks. Device control controls USB mass storage devices, preventing data exfiltration through removable media.

Application control is an advanced feature that allows for flexible changes when updates are necessary.

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15. When compared to competing endpoint solutions, what makes Cylance Protect stand out?

Cylance Protect is more effective than other endpoint solutions because it includes advanced features like execution control, script control, device control, and application control.

These features allow organisations to defend against fileless attacks, prevent data exfiltration, and ensure advanced threat protection.

16. Tell me how to get a free trial of Cylance Protect.

Cylance Protect is available for a free trial, and users can decide if it provides peace of mind by trying it for themselves at no cost.

They can also check the Cylance blog for constant updates and security recommendations.

17. To what extent are unprotected endpoints on a company’s network visible?

The Cylance Unified Endpoint Security Platform offers visibility into unprotected endpoints, their name, operating system type, version, and whether the discovered device is running an operating system version supported by Cylance Protect.

This feature allows organisations to quickly and easily identify unprotected endpoints, enabling them to deploy Cylance Protect agents to protect them.

18. Which schema settings must be applied for the global catalogue and domain controller properties to be in sync?

To display the device operating system and version, you can configure the schema to allow the required attributes to synchronise from the domain controller to the global catalogue.

This feature removes the uncertainty of unprotected endpoints within an organisation and ensures a state of prevention.

19. For what OS systems is Cylance Protect compatible?

Science Protect lists supported operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux,as well as supported Linux journals.

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