Comparison between Blue-Prism, Uipath & Automation Anywhere

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Comparison between Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath:

Blue Prism Automation anywhere UiPath
LEARNING Ability to create business objects and manage them in the control centre. Basic Programming skills are required. The developer is friendly- primary developer. Visual design – faster in implementation.
ACCURACY Desktop, web and Citrix automation available. Fair efficiency across mediums Created for BPO automation.

Shines in Citrix automation.

 ACCESS Only Application based access. Application based entrance only. Both Browser and mobile access
ROBOTS Used for Back office automation only Used for both Front office and back office robots. Used for Front office as well as back office Automation.
PERCEPTIVE / COGNITIVE CAPABILITY Low Capability Medium Capability Low Capability
 RECORDERS (MACRO READERS) Recorders do not exist. Blue prism manages company objectives in automation as opposed to re-usable scenarios. Yes.

Allows to recorded and practice actions which can be modified. We have Smart record, web record and screen record options.


Optional to record and work activities can be changed.

ARCHITECTURE Client-server building, Client server architecture Web based orchestrator.(Cloud Based).
BASE TECHNOLOGY Basics of C#. Microsoft Basics of C#, and Microsoft.
RELIABILITY Very high High Moderate
PRICING The high cost of property

Restricted training available only through Blue Prism.

It has the higher cost of deployment. Effective, pleasant entry-level pricing.
RE – USE A library of Blue Prism business objects exists; these objectives can be reused across multiple methods. Using smart adapters – a product feature in AA, individual reusable automation tables can be generated. Develop modular automation and we can use at the workflow level.

Continue UiPath functionality through system projects.

It can be used for various synthesis services with several workflow modules hence it becoming great on reusability.

PROCESS DESIGNER Used as a Visual process designer and total control Point blank approach. It is Script based. Visual method designer in absence of control.
CERTIFICATION AND EDUCATION There are three types of certifications like

1. delivery provider,

2. capability provider and

3. Service provider.

Recently launched multiple certifications. Free online training and certification programs are available.
OPERATIONAL SCALABILITY Excellent debugging allows you observe the all selected data during runtime.

The speed of execution is very high.

Appreciate capacity for managing large-scale robot deployments.

Capacity to manage high scale robot deployment. While debugging highlights exist in UiPath, they usually break in all type of project.
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