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AWS Glacier Tutorial – The only Amazon web services Glacier course course you need

Amazon Glacier:

Amazon Glacier is a low-cost storage service. It provides secure data archiving and backup facilities. Glacier Design is for durability and reliability of amazon storage service.

  • Amazon S3 uses Amazon Glacier to archive your data.
  • Extremely low cost to archive storage service.
  • Provides high durability storage.
  • Storage for as little as $7.20 per gigabyte per month/less.
  • Allows you retrieve data within 2-4 hours

How to create Amazon Glacier???

Step:1 First you need to sign up for AWS Management Console.


Go to AWS Services Search bar on the top and type in Glacier.

  • On the top right corner choose the AWS Region in which you want to provision Glacier.

Here we have 4 steps to create Amazon Glacier.

Step:1 Create Vault

A vault is a container for collecting archives. When we perform a vault, we have to specify the name and have to select an AWS Region where we have to perform the vault.

  • Enter the Vault Name and click on Next Step.

Step:2 Event Notification.

Amazon Glacier supports a notification mechanism to report when object is completed.

  • Choose ‘Do not enable notification’.

Step: 4

If the region and vault name are correct, then click Submit.

  • Your new vault is listed on the Amazon Glacier Vaults page.

  • Select ‘Not update yet’. It will open the details of Created Vault.

  • Select ‘Delete Vault’ .

  • By selecting this option, you can Delete the vault which you’ve created.


  • Click on Settings.

  • It will open the Data Retrieval Setting. Click on ‘Save’ right after.
  • Here you can select Free Tier only or Max Retrieval Rate or No Retrieval Limit based on your requirement.

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